What type of vacation picture are you?

Some people love to take pictures on vacation and some don’t. But those who do, they usually take the same style of pictures. Have you noticed? Take a look at your photo album. What style are your pictures?

As some of you, I love to look through my friends holiday photo album on Facebook for some inspiration but I have to admit that sometime it’s annoys the hell out of me! Why?

For an example when someone has been to China and only uploaded pictures of her/himself in a so-called selfie…that makes me so frustrated!

Or when someone shows only pictures of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Three meals per day for everyday in her/his two weeks vacation in Spain…sign!

In spite of everything, these pictures are better than no picture at all! And if I have to be honest, I’m not better myself but when I upload my photos on Facebook I try to at least upload different types of photos!


Here are a couple of photo styles you can find in my holiday album!

# Food with a view-picture

Jodhpur India

Food is one of the reasons why we travel! There must be at least couple of local food pictures with or without a nice view! (even if spaghetti with tomatoes sauce is not what people expect to have in India)

Talk to the back-picture

Bryce canyon USA

My favorite! A landscape picture with someone from behind. Good for camera-shy people who doesn’t want to pose for a photo! 90% of my photos of David are talk to the back-picture.

 # Crossedfeet-picture


Another favorite! When David doesn’t want to cooperate or play a photographer I just stick out my legs just to show that at least I was there!


Hampi India

Jumping pictures were my favorites but I don’t jump anymore because I discovered the talk to the back or carefree pictures are much nicer..lol.



Lake Tseuzier Switzerland

While talk to the back-picture is for shy people this style is for someone who actually want to be in the picture but are trying their best just to look careless as much as possible like:

Oh, you are taking a picture of me? I didn’t notice!



Hampi India

You just need to upload some of these landscapes pictures to show that you don’t need to be in all the photos! 


The picture of the incredible waterfalls….and yourself in the centre of the picture blocking the view! Very rare that I take selfie but I have nothing against family groupfies!



Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

Just an ordinary family photo! Us being behind/in front/next to/up/under something with a big smile!



San Fransisco USA

Must have some architecture pictures in the album!



Snorkeling Indonesia

Awwwee! My biggest hobby of all time is to snorkel and scuba diving so it comes naturally that I love taking pictures of these sweet creatures!



Hampi India

I love animals but I like less to take pictures of them for some reason. But I do have some amazing photos of wild animals.

#What I wear today-picture

I have zero outfit-picture. No matter how pretty I feel that particular day I never take a photo of me for that reason. But I do have a bunch of them of Mirabelle, for family members to see.



Nepal Annapurna hike

I love to get close up with people but unfortunately I don’t take them a lot because sometimes it is scary to walk up to a stranger and ask if you can take a shot of their face.


So please next time you are uploading pictures for your friends to see, can you include more pictures than just food? 


Family Earth Trek


  1. I love to take photos but I never upload ones of myself. I am a bit camera shy so I keep those for me and my family. I go crazy with the animal and nature photos though.

  2. I take a lot of landscape and architecture photos when I travel. I also tend to take pictures of my feet in different locations. I don’t know why but I started doing it as a teenager and now it’s kind of cool to have a whole bunch of similar photos like that taken in all the places I’ve been.

  3. Lol, I am both the myself picture and the carefree picture. Occasionally, I take landscape pictures.

  4. I take most of these types of pictures. Not necessarily on a vacation just on a good old regular basis. I have not taken a jump shot except one of my son and a puddle. I have never taken an underwater picture.

  5. I have no idea how many photos I take in a year, let alone in a month. I know for sure my camera roll on my phone is ALWAYS full and needs to be ‘decluttered’ so to speak. I love all your pics!

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