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The stunning Hierve el agua, Mexico

Hierve elagua, I have never heard of it before I luckily came across a gorgeous picture on the Internet. Ever since, this place has been for a very long time high high up on my long “to see in Mexico” list! So of course when we got the chance we went to see it in 2014.

Hierve el agua in spanish means water boils but when we got there the water was of course not boiling…

I don’t know how to describe this stunning place but I think Lonely planet did a very good job so here is how they describe it :

Hierve El Agua, bubbling mineral springs run into natural infinity pools right on a cliff’s edge with spectacular panoramas. Water dribbling over the cliff edge for millennia has created mineral formations that look like huge frozen waterfalls.

With that description makes everybody wants to go there right?

Hierve el agua Mexico

When David and I were at Hierve el agua it was quite crowded but we still managed to capture some photos of this dreamy place without someone else heador arms in them! But to get those pictures David and I got into an argument because every 5 minutes I would be throwing him the camera and shouted:

Now there is no one! Hurry hurry!

If you want to avoid the crowds I have heard that you can stay there over night so you would have the whole place for yourself the late afternoon and the early morning.

The natural infinity pool

Hierve el agua Mexico

There are guided tour for a very short hike to see the stalagmite waterfalls. It’s not really necessary to use a guide but I think it’s good way to support the local people.

Hierve el agua Mexico

To get there, it is easier to arrange day tour with travel companies from hotels or travel companies.

As usually David and I wanted to do things the cheapest way! So we started our day from Oaxaca city around 70km away from Hierve el agua. We took a local bus that dropped us off in the middle of nowhere. We then jumped into a shared taxi that took us to a small town where we took another local bus to Mitla. From there we then took a chicken bus to Hierve el agua but the bus would not leave before it got full so we had to wait one hour.

( Lucky on the way back we took a shared taxi from Mitla all the way back to Oaxaca.)

Read more about Hierve el agua here.

How about you guys? Have you seen anything this beautiful?



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  1. Thanks for sharing about a destination I’ve never heard of. These pools look volcanic. Are they? Also, why weren’t they boiling, as the name suggests? It looks so out-of-this-world.

  2. WOW! I’m just amazed by the location and the natural beauty of it all. The photographs are spectacular, I can’t even imagine how awesome it must be to actually be there. Also commendable how you used local transport to reach the spot and saved money in the process, even if it involved a few changes. And that photo of David by the edge looking up the mountain is just scary and mesmerizing.

  3. Yes, this would be the type of place I’d want to see! This natural infinity pool is gorgeous and I’d want to spend hours in the warm waters! Good job on getting a solo photo; I can imagine it was very busy when you visited!

  4. Not surprised you couldn’t make a word for this breathtaking scenery. I can’t fathom it too. I’m not too surprised since it’s Mexico. The mountains, and water are breathtaking ly captured. If I ever visit Mexico, I’ll add it to my must see list. Thanks for showing us the beauty of Mexico.

  5. OMG I have never ever heard of Hierva el Agua before this but I am in LOVE! I’ve been to Mexico but did not discover this gem in all of my research. I have to plan a return trip just to experience it…the pools look like natural infinity pools and those views…wow. I could stare at them forever!

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