The Ogoz island by foot, Switzerland

Each time we have been driving on the highway E27 by the lake Gruyère I have seen a tiny island with an old castle and a small chapel. It’s called Ile d’Ogoz. Someone has told me that you can reach the island by boat. Even though Ile d’ogoz seems cosy I just feel that it is not worth taking a boat to get there.

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The island surrounded by water. Photo credit: Here

Yesterday we drove pass the lake Gruyère and I noticed that the water level of the lake was very low, which I have never thought of before. I then suddenly saw people WALKING ON THE LAKE?!? But no, the people were actually walking on a stripe of land to the island! I understood quickly that it’s only possible because of the low-level of the water. Once at home I made some research and I found out that this happens every winter and spring.

Ile d'ogoz Gruyère

As it looked beautiful and we only live 40km away we went there one morning.

I wouldn’t say it was extraordinary but if you are passing by the neighborhood (like going to the Gruyère castle and the Cailler factory) during this time of year I think it’s a nice little stopover. When we got there around 10am we were almost the only one but people keep coming and it is not at all a hidden gem as I thought.

The island itself is very small. There are a chapel and an old castle. From the castle you have a nice view of the surrounding. There are benches and BBQ spots but I am not sure if there is a WC.

Ile d'ogoz Gruyère

Ile d'ogoz Gruyère

The walk is not difficult nor far but I wouldn’t recommend using a stroller as you can see the path is full of rocks.

The parking and the starting point is  at the address Pont-en-ogoz 3, at the Le Bry village. From the parking you will see a clear path to the island.

Perhaps the island would be more impressive when surrounded by water and getting there by boat? I am however very pleased to have walked to the island!

But by kayaking might be fun though!!





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  1. Looking at the first picture on top I was wondering “Where could this be, it looks really cool!” It’s in SWITZERLAND! I have never heard of Ogoz, thanks for sharing!

  2. Two days ago we were driving on the highway and I remembered your post. Unfortunately, we were too tired to stop there. So maybe next time! Thanks for the helpful tip!

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