Why I am afraid to travel long-term with our daughter!

Travelling long-term round the world is something many family dream to do but not all of them dare to get out there and they seems to have the same fears: They have fear of stepping out of their comfort zone and they have fear for the unknown. But the biggest fear has to be the fear of having economy problems, not finding somewhere to live and not finding a job when getting back home. And for some, travelling with kids can make the decision even harder to make.

Although I understand why some are having these fears, I myself never had any!

I could exchange my soul for unlimited time to travel anywhere in the world!

In early 2015 when we got home from our RTW-trip I was already a few months pregnant. Even though we were expecting a baby I knew in my wandering-heart that in a few years we will be packing our backpack and leave again!

And now almost three years later we are actually leaving soon again! Without revealing too much we have set a departure date! It’s very exciting and both David and I are very happy. The decision to leave came naturally without any questions asked.

hiking with kids Lago di Tom SwitzerlandOn one of our many hikes in Switzerland. Read about the Child friend hike to the three mountain lakes Here.

But slowly, for the first time, I am starting to have fears and doubts of leaving. Are we making the right decision?

The reason why I want to do this trip so bad is the same reason for why I am afraid of doing it. The reason is my daughter Mirabelle! 

This time this trip is dedicated to her. It’s for her we are leaving. We want to give ourself and our time to be with her everyday, showing her the nature, wildlife and amazing places…anything and everything the earth has to offer. Teach her and just love her endlessly everyday with our full attention.

But I am starting to have doubts! I am asking and telling myself: 

Are we being selfish? Perhaps this is more what we want and not what she needs??

Is it really fair to take her away from her home because children need stability!

We are putting her in danger by always travelling around!

She will be so bored of sitting long hours on planes, car and buses!

What if she will have problems adapting when she starts school when we get home?

She need to socialize with other kids other than with her parents!!

She will not remember anything when we get back!

Camping with kids Lungernsee switzerlandOur first camping with her when she was 1 years old.

The doubts always come and go. And here are my answers to my own doubts and questions:

Are we being selfish and do this trip more for us and not for her? Yes one part we are doing it for us because we love to travel and we have seen what good it can do to a person. But at the same time, we are travelling with her for her because we belive that this trip will create a solid base of who she will become later.

It can be dangerous! An accident can happen everywhere even in Switzerland. Just by crossing the street! We will not be travelling like we use to..like jumping on a half functional chicken bus and ride for 10 hours.

She will be so lonely! This is the part I am worried about the most but during our trip we will find other travel families for a playdate, going to the local playgrounds and arranging our days suitable for her. And the world is her playground! What is better than that?

She needs stability! At her age I belive we parents are her best stability in life! And we will be there for her 100% of the time!

What happens to her when she comes back to the society? She might have difficulties adapting in a school class later but perhaps she will NOT! It’s not a guarantee for ANY kids whether they will fit in a class room or not. 

She will not remember anything! She might not remember much OR anything from the trip. But I belive strongly that this trip will build her fundamental values in life and she will always in her. Beside, WE PARENTS WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER!

santorini travel with kids greeceA week in Santorini for her first birthday.

 As parents we don’t always know what is best for our children but we always do what we think is the best! Time can only tell if we are making the best choice but deep in my heart I know we are….

….but are we really? (And there are the doubts again!)




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  1. I’m sure you are doing the right thing. You can only make your choices. You’ll never know what the alternative would have been like anyway so enjoy it! 🙂

    • Thanks! I really hope so and that she wont hate us later! The worse fear is when we come back and she has to adapt the school and “ordinary” life. I am afraid that she will feel so different. But I guess we have to try and its not like we are going to lock her in the jungle for years!?

  2. I think you just have to follow your heart and everything will be alright for sure :)! But I totally get that it is much more stressful to be travelling with a baby, there will be some time of adaptation :).

    • I am not worrying actuall about the travel itself as we are already travellinh a lot with her and we are handle it fine. I am just worried about that there will no “home” for her to come back to..we will be constantly moving around. But as u said we are following our heart and our heart sayss DON’T get afraid!

  3. I think the time you will get to spend as a family will be a gift and while there will of course be moments of stress there will be lots of wonderful, magical moments too! Sounds very exciting!

    • And also “home” is wherever you are together! We don’t really view home so much as a place, but a feeling that comes when our family is together. 🙂

      • We dont really worry about travelling with a kid itself as we do it quite often. It more about her…how she will take and how she will feel. But you are totally right about “home”. Being “home” is when we are together…❤️.

  4. I definitely think you should travel! I don’t think there is a kid who would regret that kind of experience. I know a family that recently had a chance to leave Switzerland and spend 6 months in Hawaii, and they have three kids aged 7, 5, and 2, and the middle son has Down Syndrome. If there was ever a reason not to go away, they have all the reasons! But they went anyway and there were challenges but they had an amazing adventure. We have friends who took their kids and travelled in South America for a year. Friends who went with their kids for a couple months to New Zealand. If you ask a Swiss, they will not think you are crazy. This is the best time to take your child to travel! We are already applying to the school to take our child out for 3 weeks so we can have a two month adventure. But we might not be approved. Do it now 😉

    • We have been travelling a lot with our little one ex two month in Thailand but this time there is no “home” to come to…but as someone said “home” is when we are together. But actually I have meet a guy who has been travelling with his parents in the 70-80s and he hardly travel with his own kids because he wants to spare them the pain! So there are kids who were traumatised by travelling. But we will go ofcourse…its normal to be worry for such a trip when your child is involve. I hope you guys will get your two month vacation as family! Where are u going?

  5. “The world is her playground” I like that. While I understand your doubts, here’s what I think: it’s your last opportunity to travel before school starts. While your daughter may not make long-term memories at that age, she’ll certainly embrace the adventures. If you’re excited, she’ll be excited!
    Have you talked to her about it?

    • Hi, yes we have been talking with her about it because we have a huge world map hanging on the wall!? Yes we hear that comment a lot “but she wont remember anythibg”…well lets stay home than but anyhow she wont remember anything of that either so why not go right? And the map puzzle I found it at a Brokenhaus for 3chf I think.

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