Our misfortunes on our travels

We all have heard stories about people’s problem they encountered during their travels. Most of the stories are about getting sick, rain on the vacation, car accident or lost item. I wish I could say that none of these things never has ever happen to us but unfortunately we have our own misfortune stories to share.

Getting sick

Yes, getting sick is not uncommon and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t got sick during a long travel.

Apart that David is vomiting almost in every country we have visited the worse time for him was in Nepal and India! David caught the famous the tourista that lasted for over two month, from Nepal all the way to India!

Varanasi India

The story that has to be told is the story when David got badly sick on the ghat in Varanasi. The same day we ought to catch our train from Varanasi to Mumbai David suddenly felt nauseous while walking with our backpack by the river Ganges, hurrying to take the train. David said that he has to lay down and so he did. He was complaining of stomach cramps and he was in agony of pain.

Here it comes again

And it did, right in a plastic bag. I managed to ask a tourist helping us carrying Davids bag to the nearest hotel. We were spending another week in Varanasi. Lucky that we had time to waste.

Getting sick while travelingI was not really vomiting. I was making fun of David. Lucky we were staying at a friend’s house in Katmandu.

And I myself who rarely get sick neither at home or on a trip got a very high fever and very sore throat for over a week in Vietnam in 2011 and in Nepal in 2014. I thought I was going to die!


Having an accident is something we all try to avoid no matter where we, at home or out travelling. But we had a few.

A scooter accident in India

We were cruising around feeling the wind on the hair when a dog came out of nowhere chasing after us. David lost the control and I was thrown off and glide about 10 meters away.

Lucky I wore jeans that day, which I normally do when we are on scooter.

Scooter accident India

A car crash

We were on a tourist bus going to Huatulco in Mexico when we suddenly heard a crash and the window opposite side of me shattered into pieces. Apparently a truck crash onto the bus and drove away. The lady who sat beside that window got injured of the glass splitters.

Lucky that I have chosen to sit on the other side!

Bus accident Mexico

  Overcrowded boat

We were on a small remote island in Indonesia and the resort offer all the guest a free boat transfer to another island to catch the ferry going to the mainland. Of course in Asia a transportation is never full enough. We were about 30 people plus heavy bags for a boat for maximum 10 people. Lucky we were not far out when the boat started to swing high up from side to side without any control.

Lucky that the boat got stuck on the corals so that we didn’t went further out in the deep-sea. 

Boat accident Togean island Indonesia

Lost items

We all have lost or forgotten something somewhere right? Keys, pens, umbrella..the car?

  A camera

David was responsable for our Canon. For ten days David had it hanging on his neck when we trekked to Annapurna base camp. The day after we got back to the civilisation still very exhausted we realise that the Canon is gone. Where can it be?

Lucky we used two camera so all the photos were not lost.

Our photos!

 Our backpacks

We were once again on a remote island in Indonesia. The same morning we were leaving there were two boat coming. One was going to the mainland and the second one going to another island. We put our bags down among the others while eating our breakfast and the first boat left. But then when it was our turn to leave an hour later our bags were gone! I knew straight away that the other boat took ours by mistake. So we had to charter a long tail boat to catch the other boat going direction mainland. 2 hours later we even arrived almost as the same time. Our bags where back in our possession but now with the same long tail boat we have to go all the way back plus another 2 hours to the island we had in mind.

And lucky we made it just in time before it started to rain!

5 hours on a long tail boat one better find something to do.


David was wearing a moneybelt when we flew from Indonesia to Australia. In that belt we had a lot of cash and our passport. When we got of the plane and out to the terminal hall someone was poking our back. Is this yours that person ask us. Yes, it is our moneybelt!!! Thank you! THANK YOU! David didn’t even notice that he had dropped it!

Lucky that there are honest people!

Getting lost

We all now and then get lost somewhere, it is totally normal. Sometimes I even get lost on purpose, that is the best way to discover things you don’t expect.

 Lost in Bangkok

David got lost in Bangkok once when my family and I were praying in a small temple near the china town. David wanted to take a walk. Don’t go far and don’t be to long, I told him. He came back almost 2 hours later in a taxi. I got lost, he said. And we were all sooo worried as he didn’t have any money or phone on him.

Lucky that the taxi driver understood Davids explanation about the temple. 


Car problem

Typical problem when you are out travelling…especially in Asia. Once…or rather twice our hired camper van let us down.

Lucky that there is Couchsurfing so we were happy to be sleeping on a real bed.

Another rented car in Australia and this time a FWD. We thought yeah at last a FWD so we could drive out of “the beaten track”. But of course we got stuck in the sand. We were quite nervous not knowing if anyone would pass by because after all we were middle of nowhere.

Lucky that an hour after THE RANGERS passed by...oh how I love them.

Thinking about these incidents we were quite lucky at the end. It could have been worse, a lot worse! There were many many time we thought we are not going to get back home safe and sound. But we did!


And you guys, do you have any stories to share?




Family Earth Trek


  1. That sounds like a season of the amazing race!!! Glad everything turned out okay!

  2. Wow. I am amazed that you two continue to travel with all of these mishaps. Please be careful!

  3. Blair villanueva Reply

    After reading your travel misfortunes, all I could think now is ‘travel insurance.’
    Everyone should have it.

  4. Wow! I feel like I’ve just been taken on a journey with the misfortunes you’ve had to endure. please definitely get travel insurance and be watchful of your surroundings. whenever I go on holiday I’m so paranoid of losing anything. especially money. at times it can’t be helped but! its not a luxury I can afford.

    safe travels.

    • Thank Miranda! We always have an insurance whether we travel or not…its the law in Switzerland!?

  5. Luckily, haven’t fallen seriously sick during travels. My worst experience was when the airways misplaced my luggage and I had to make do with my one piece of clothing and the over sized t shirt given by the airways for almost 3 days, when I had gone to Newealand. I was so happy to find my luggage waiting for me in Queenstown on the my 3rd day in Newzealand. So the tip is here is always keep an extra set of .clothes in your hand lugagge

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