A sea of Narcissus in Les Pléiades, Switzerland

Everybody love a field full of wildflowers. Imagine a field full of wild white Narcissus, thousands of them spread all over on green hills with mountains behind as decor. You think that I am dreaming. If I am dreaming please don’t wake me up!

Ever since I heard of the Wild Narcissus hikes around Montreaux, Blonay and Vevey area I was waiting with patience for the wild narcissus season to begin.

They are in fully bloom between mid-may and last until mid-june. The narcissus flowering is dependent on height and sunshine as well as the weather conditions. Click here where you can get all the information of all the six narcisses hikes and you can enter your planned date to be informed if the narcissus are in bloom for that particular hike you want to do.

A few weeks ago as the narcissus were in fully bloom at the Les Avants I was so excited to take our first hike on mountain slopes covered with white flowers also known as white daffodil. All I can say is that I was heartbroken as the flowers were not as dense and beautiful as I have imagined.

But I didn’t want to give up the thought of laying on a bed of thousands of narcissus! So when the narcissus forecast for Les Pléiades (and the weather ) seems good we decided to have a look.

And I am so happy for our decision as the place was so beautiful! 

The white flowers everywhere all along the walk.

I wanted to lay there and just breath!

It’s not a stroller friendly but it is very short walk, 4km with not much to climb. You can take the train either from Vevey or Blonay to Les Pléiades. We parked our car at the parking Motalles in Lally and then walk up 20 min to the Les Pléiades. It’s a loop hike so you will end up at the parking lot.

At the parking aux Mortalles, Lally.

Walk toward direction Les Pléiades. Or you can start the other direction, which I think would be easier!

You can pick the white flowers but only a handfull without the leaf and the root.

So what do you think, has you seen anything as beautiful and unique in Switzerland ? I myself find this field covered of narcissus amazing!


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  1. That is ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING! Those shots of your daughter lying in the flowers or with her head popping up are perfection. This all looks like a painting. I love it!

  2. I’m totally awestruck! I would love to visit Switzerland one day. Thanks for the beautiful photos!

  3. From a distance it looks like a dusting of snow. What a beautiful experience. I’m sure you’ll be framing some of these soon!

  4. How beautiful!! Seriously, this is definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. I’ve now added Switzerland to my bucket list!

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