8 places to visit in Death Valley NP, USA

For anyone who hasn’t been to the US or visited any National parks Death Valley sound..dead right? Some may wonder what one can do in a valley of death?! Read further and you will discover 8 stunning places to visit in this the Death Valley.

Death Valley was the only American national park that I have ever heard of before I eventually made some research about other national parks. I have heard about Death Valley in Hollywood movies where people got lost in the desert, where the mafia buried dead bodies and that this place it’s the hottest place on earth!

It was very hot but bearable as we where there in late October when it was autumn therefore cooler temperature. We only had two nights in the park but for being only two nights we were able to discover amazing places.

Here are 8 places we visited worth visiting

The Mesquite flat sand dunes

This sand dunes took me by surprise by its beauty! At first glance by the car park I was not very impress but further as we went into the dunes the less footprints we saw and we were emerged by the beauty of the dunes and the landscape. Most of the people were staying very close to the car park so we were totally alone and it was great not sharing this special moment with hundreds other visitor.

Three advises. Walk far far out and go for the sunset..and ENJOY!

Death Valley Mesquite flat sand dunes Hike

Death Valley Mesquite flat sand dunes hike

Death Valley Mesquite flat sand dunes

Death Valley Mesquite flat sand dunes familyearthtrek

Death valley mesquite flat sand dunes familyearthtrek

Death Valley Mesquite flat sand dunes Familyearthetrek

Death Valley Mesquite flat sand dunes Familyearthtrek

Sunset Death Valley Mesquite flat sand dunes Familyearthtrek


Zabriskie Point

Another beautiful dunes! Very easy access to the parking lot and a very short walk to the point view. Our initial plan was to hike for the sunrise into the dunes but unfortunately David and I got into an argument ( yes we do argue!) and we went separate ways for a couple of hours so we didn’t enjoy this site as we could have. Now we just tap our head and wonder why we missed an opportunity to explore such a unique place!

Two advises. No matter what happen, take a walk into the dunes and go very early!

Zabriskie point
Death Valley Familyearthtrek Zabriskie point 

The racetrack – mysterious moving rocks

This place was hard to get to as normally you will need a FWD to get there. But we tried our luck with Jucy, our rented car. We took our time and many times we thought we were going to get flat tires but we made it! It was an experience and the scenery was beautiful.

Still today nobody really knows why or how the small rock moves but I must say that the rocks are so much smaller than I expected! Most of them were as big as a hand fist while I  thought at first they were boulders big as a car..haha! Nevertheless, it was cool to see these mysterious moving rocks!

The racetrack Death Valley Familyearthtrek

The racetrack Death Valley Familyearthtrek

Death Valley The racetrack familyearthtrek


Artist drive

This is a short scenic drive along colorful volcano deposit colored by various mineral pigments.

Artist drive Death valley national park

Artist drive death valley   

Dante’s view

A viewpoint of Death Valley where we had our homemade dinner watching the sunset. I don’t recommend a car with trailer as driving up is very steep! Easy access because you have the view directly from your car at the car park but stepping out of the car is definitely recommended!

Ubehebe Crater

We drove pass by this on our way back from the Racetrack. Personally we were not impressed by this crater because we have done hikes on massive volcanos few month earlier in Indonesia. It’s still worth walking around the rim. It should take around half to an hour.

Badwater basin

Badwater basin is the lowest point of North America with an elevation of 86 m below sea level! Easy access, just a few meter from the car park. And very hot!

Devil’s golf course

There is no Death Valley without the devil right? And who says that the devil doesn’t like to play golf? Easy access as it’s just in front of the car park.

Don’t miss Death Valley if you are nearby…it’s totally not dead here!

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  1. The sunset at Mesquite flat sand dunes looks amazing! Good to know to go as out as possible to avoid the hundreds of visitors. Plus I am loving the way the sky turns into a bright burnt orange and pink color. The racetrack sounds very interesting with the rock movements – good to know you should access it with a 4WD, but you were lucky that you managed to visit with your rental. Badwater basin looks pretty cool and to be so low! It actually kinda looks like salt!

  2. Wow, stunning photos and great information. I never realized exactly how beautiful Death Valley is! This is bucket list material and its definitely been added to mine! Thanks!

  3. I can’t believe I live so close and still haven’t visited! I love sand dunes, we have some on our way from SoCal to AZ, the Imperial Sand Dunes. Though when we visited in the summer, the sand was so hot, our shoes were starting to melt! I plan on taking my daughter to the national parks soon (she’s 6 now) and this just may be the one we start with!

  4. Those photos are just stunning. My parents visited Death Valley a few years ago and still talk about it. I’d love to go experience it myself. The landscape is breathtaking and so unique.

  5. I’ve heard of death valley, and I remember someone saying how barren and deserted it looked (well it is), yet how beautiful it is and I completely agree. It must be crowded in the winter months, but there’s no way I can imagine myself hiking through there in the scorching summer heat. I’ve been wanting to go here for quite some time, thanks for this informative post!

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