Snowshoeing to the beautiful Zinal glacier, Switzerland

Winter is coming!

Not being a winter person and the winter is approaching I’m slowly panicking just the thought of minus degres!

Not only it is freezing even with layers of clothes and heat patches all over my body, there is not much things to do during winter time…says a person who doesn’t ski! But I do admit that there are days I can totally fall in love with the winter wonderland: the trees are fully covered with snow and the sky is blue! And I do love snowshoeing!

For this coming winter, I asked David to make a list of activities we could do with our one years old daughter Mirabelle. The first thing on the list is snowshoeing to the amazing Zinal glacier in the canton of Valais!

Zinal glacier Snowshoeing

We did this back in 2012 before we had our daughter and I can’t remember excatly where we parked our car and where we started the snow walk as we were with a hiking group and we just went with the flow. I think though that the starting point was at the Zinal village by the Pont de Singline.

It was an easy walk with beautiful surrounding for about  2.5 hours to the glacier. Every moment was a wow-moment because this was the first time for me being deep in a snowed valley.

Zinal glacier snowshoeing

Snowshoeing to Zinal glacier cave Switzerland

You can do this hike every winter and never get bored because the caves will be different every year since the snow will melt and form and shape new caves. If you are a first timer on a pair of snowshoes there are a lot of guided tour but if you already have experiences with snowshoeing and mountains the hike is doable without a guide. Just remember to call the tourist information about the risk of avalanche before you head out.

If you are unlucky, there are no entrance to a cave. When we were there in 2012 we were lucky having two entrances into two caves.


First Zinal glacier cave

Zinal glacier snowshoeing

Zinal glacier snowshoeing

The entrance to one of the first Zinal glacier cave..look how small the person is compare to the gap of the snowwalls.

Zinal glacier snowshoeing

Strolling inside of a thousand and thousand old glacier makes you realised how powerful the mother nature is…and yet so fragile. 

Zinal glacier snowshoeing

Zinal glacier Snowshoeing

I was pretending to be an ice princess living in an ice castle, like in one of the Disney’s movie.


The second Zinal glacier cave

Zinal glacier cave Switzerland

The entrance to the second cave and this is not for people with small-space issue! I was thrilled knowing that the cave can collaps anytime!

I wanted to explore every corner because this unique cave will not be the same for next winter…if you even can enter into one next time.

Zinal glacier cave Snowshoe Switzerland

It was very slippery inside so watch your steps!

Zinal glacier snowshoeing

Tasting old ice!

Zinal glacier cave Snowshoe Switzerland

Now thinking of the unique Zinal glacier cave I kind of looking forward to winter! Finger crossed that we will be exploring the Zinal glacier with Mirabelle this winter!

Zinal glacier Snowshoe Switzerland

Have you guys experience anything like Zinal glacier? 


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  1. Oh wow Snowshoeing the Zinal glacier, Switzerland looks amazing and something I would love to try. I go to Switzerland a bit and I will be there in two weeks time skiing, I am definitely adding this place to my things to do in Switzerland. These pictures look like you should be in an adventure movie 🙂 Glad to hear it is an easy walk with beautiful surrounding for about 2.5 hours to the glacier.

  2. Holy crap that is such an amazing tour. And the weather you guys had was amazing: Kaiserwetter! It makes the pictures so much better as well! :p
    Gonna put this one on my bucketlist, thank you!!!

  3. I’ve never heard of the Zinal glacier or caves. It looks similar to the ones I’ve read about in Iceland. It is much more convenient to go see an ice cave in Switzerland though. The hike out there looks beautiful. I imagine the ice is very old! I understand how you felt like a princess in an ice cave – my daughter would feel the same I’m sure! She loves the movie, Frozen.

  4. OMG Are these real places?!!! The term – out of the world – fits here so well. Trekking here is impossible to me. Hats off to your stamina and energy. This is one new place from Switzerland to me.

  5. This place looks magical. We’re heading to Switzerland soon, not sure we will be able to pull off this hike during our trip but thanks for sharing some lesser known and amazing places which are off the touristy radar.

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