When I have to defend my passion for travel

A bunch of people like to travel but perhaps not many of them love to travel as much as I do. Some don’t even like to travel which is fine by me. We like different things in life, but there are always people out there who doesn’t respect that.


When I come across these people I sometime get comments I don’t appreciate. This doesn’t happen very often but when it does I kind of having a second thought about travelling.

Are they right? Why not spending money on a house? Why not thinking to build a career instead of running around the world every two years! Think about your daughter, shouldn’t she go to ordinary school?

Just for a few second I actually think that they are right. But that last just for a few second!


Here are some of the comments and questions I once got. And the answers I gave back.

Are you travelling so much to escape your boring life?

Bromo Travel Volcano IndonesiaPhoto: Mount Bromo, Indonesia 2014

I travel not to escpae life, but for life not to escape me !”

It sound very cheezy but that is the simple truth. I wouldn’t say I have a boring life living in Switzerland but ofcourse a life as a traveler is so much more fun and way more exiting than to be a stay-at-home mum..that’s for sure!


Why do you think about travelling so much? Enjoy what you have here!

What makes you belive that I am not enjoying this beautiful country Switzerland where the mountains are so high, the lakes are so many, the rivers are so long and the chocolat is so good?

Photo: Niederhorn, Switzerland 2016


 You must be rich to be able to travel so much.

Just stop shopping, eating out, drinking beers, go to cinema every weekend...for about six month. See then how richer you suddently got!


Isn’t time to settle down and buy a house?

I would love to buy a house! But I don’t have enough money to buy a house. But I do have enough money to travel!

I wish though that I could afford both!


Photo: Annapurna, Nepal 2013

 Is it worth the money?

Swim with a whaleshark, find a seahorse, hug a koala , walk on the Salar de Uyuni, climb the highest mountain…for me yes!

Is your new sofa worth the money?

I love to buy experience not things!

How about you travelholic out there, do you ever get nasty comments of your travel lifestyle?


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  1. I love to travel and explore new places. I wish that I could travel more to see the world.

  2. I can’t believe that people would challenge your lifestyle. I think it’s great! I wish I could do it and look forward to doing it. All those experiences are waay better. I like reading about other places and seeing the pictures! Travel on!!

  3. Karyn Locke Reply

    Travel is my way of life right now and I couldn’t imagine not traveling. I get itchy when I’m stuck at home!

  4. Travel shapes us but I encourage you to travel local! There are so many undiscovered things in proximity to you.

  5. I love travelling.I would love to travel every 2 months .New places or old ones I love them all.I am also travelling on saved money not borrowed.It’s wonderful yo travel

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