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The Gantrischsee and the Gantrisch circular walk, Switzerland

The Gantrischsee is a small peaceful mountain lake in the middle of a natural preserve in the canton of Bern, surrounded by Swiss mountains that are begging to be explored. And so we did..

Gantrischsee Switzerland hike with kids

Finally after mistaken the Gantrischsee in the Gantrisch nature park for another lake we got to see the real one at last (that story is for another time)!

The lake is small and cozy, however a little bit disappointing as the water level was very low in october. But we are surely going back there for a BBQ in late spring or summer!

familyearthtrek gantrichsee

There are many other parking and trails around that area that lead to the Gantrischsee but we parked our car at the Rüschegg mitte parking lot, Rüschegg.

From here on it is a simple 20-30 min walk to the lake with less than 100 m elevation gain.

From the parking, follow the trail to the forest and turn right. And continue to follow the forest path till you reach a gravel road.

And then continue to walk up on the gravel road. From here it is a gentle uphill for about 5-10 min. Turn right when you see a cabin. And from there you will see the lake!

Gantrischsee Gantrisch loop hike Switzerland

Gantrischsee Gantrisch loop hike Switzerland

We are teaching our daughter how to chill on the right way!

Lay down, cross your feet and enjoy!

Gantrischsee Gantrisch loop hike Switzerland

From the Gantrischsee you can do the beautiful and quite easy Gantrisch circular hike. I don’t think this hike is suitable for someone under 8 years old, but I might be wrong!

From the Gantrischsee to the Morgetepass is about 400 m elevation gain, which took us about 40 min to reach. After that is more or less only downhill. Normally the loop should take about 3 h to complete.

The problem with Gantrisch loop hike is that it would be very hot in the summer as there is no shade!

Once up at the Morgetepass you will have a beautiful view of the Swiss mountains top…and then a small alpine kiosque where you can buy cheese and other delicacy from the region.

Gantrisch loop hike Switzerland

I guess that these brave mini vendor walked all the way up here! 

Gantrisch loop hike Switzerland

Gantrisch loop hike Switzerland

Just a last few meter of climbing and then from now on there is only way and that is down! Unless you want to hike the extra 100m up to the top of Gantrisch?

For us, the Gantrisch summit look very inviting! We were hoping that Mirabelle would be sleeping so we could tick that off our list…but nope! Instead we hiked down on the right…

Gantrisch loop hike Switzerland

Next part is to hike down to the Leiterepass and then down on other side of the mountain wall.

Gantrisch loop hike Switzerland FamilyearthtrekCan you spot Stockhorn on the background!

By the feet on this wall, there is Obernünenen hütte with an excellent playground for the kids! Mirabelle was having a blast while her parents had something to drink.

From the hütte there is another easy 20 min walk to the parking lot.

Gantrisch Switzerland Familyearthtrek

Gantrisch Switzerland Familyearthtrek

Mirabelle didn’t want to leave! Refusing to walk or being carried.

A last chill before heading home!

Gantrisch Switzerland Familyearthtrek

Have you guys been hiking to any of these summit in the Gantrisch nature park?

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  1. This area is just like paradise! I mean, wow! Stunning. Spectacular. One day I’d love to go here with my family.

  2. That closing photo is just awesome! So well done. I’ve never been hiking in the mountains. But one day I will have to courage to explore places like this.

  3. I haven’t been there but seeing your awesome photos makes me want to pack a bag and go! What a great place to go trekking!

  4. This looks amazing, love getting out into nature and enjoying some peace and quiet

  5. Blair villanueva Reply

    What a gorgeous nature, its breathtaking! I wish to visit this place. Seems good for kids as well.

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