Airport beach, Phuket

Airport beach, Phuket

In december 2016 we were visiting good friends living in Phuket. We came by plane and was about to land when we flew over a long beautiful beach. Down on the beach some people were waving and some others were swimming in the sea like nothing -big -is -flying over their head. I wanted so bad to be the one down there waving up to the plane!

How happy wasn’t I when the very same afternoon my friend proposed us to go to Mai khao beach where we could see planes slowly land into the phuket airport. 


When arrived to the beach my friend pointed out the best spot to have a good glimpse of the planes. If you dare, you can even stand just right under the planes. Just beware of the noices from the engine! Or worse, something falling down?!?

Photo credit: Mai Ronsyn

Mai khao beach PhuketPhoto credit: Mai Ronsyn

If you want to know the arrival time of the next landing plane you can download the app Flightrada24.

Airport beach PhuketAt the Mai khao beach, Phuket. 

It’s rarely fun to wait for something but sitting there by the beach waiting for a plane to land…it was fun!


Update!!! My friend in Phuket told me that since 2017 for the safety and security reason it is now forbidden to stay around the area where the planes land. Please make sure that it’s allowed if you decide to go there! 

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Dawan Schneider
  • Kate
    Posted at 22:11h, 06 February Reply

    Interesting that you could be so close to the planes while they are landing. I wonder if that beach is forbidden now with the new rules.

  • Tamara
    Posted at 08:35h, 13 February Reply

    My husband would love that beach. He used to be obsessed with Flightradar24!

  • Aditi
    Posted at 07:24h, 10 September Reply

    I was planning a girls’ trip with my bestie to Phuket and this was one of the locations I saw and wanted to stay at. Unfortunately, that trip couldn’t happen due to certain issues, but this post reminded me of the time we were planning like crazy for the trip that couldn’t happen. 😀

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