Augstmatthorn, a part of the Hardergrat trail, Switzerland

Not very long ago I wrote a post about an amazing hike at the Hardergrat. We gave it a try but realised quickly that it was not possible with our toddler sitting in a backpack on her dad’s back.

You will understand why if you click Here

But then I found out that we could do a small part of the Hardergrat trail and walk down from Augstmatthorn. After studying the map and reading blogs we decided that this could be done.

The very next morning we took the first funicular at 8.10am up to Harder kulm from Harder railway Valley station, at Interlaken Ost. It takes about 10 minutes up!

Harder kulm

There is a restaurant and a fun balcony with a great view of the surrounding area. The trail starts by the restaurant. Just follow the yellow trail sign to Augstmatthorn.

I will divide this hike in 4 parts.

1. Harder kulm to the feet of Suggiture

2. The climb to Suggiture

3. Suggiture to Augstmatthorn

4. Austmatthorn and way back

1. Harder kulm to the feet of Suggiture.

This part of the trail is mostly in the forest. The “boring” part as you will be walking up about 400m elevation with no view. It took us around 80 minutes to reach to “the feet” of Suggiture.

Augstmatthorn hiking Switzerland

Suggiture Augstmatthorn Interlaken Switzerland

When you get out of the forest you will se the Suggiture and you will feel very scared just by looking at it. Don’t worry, it looks scarier than it really is!

By the “feet” of Suggiture was a good picnic spot for us as there were spaces for Mirabelle to run around and shade to sit under.

Thai food Brienzersee AugstmatthornEating Miang Kham, a Thai speciality!

Augstmatthorn Hiking Switzerland

2. The climb to Suggiture

Suggiture Augstmatthorn Harderkulm

Hike in Switzerland Suggiture

Brienzersee Augstmatthorn Switzerland Brienz Interlaken

Augstmatthorn Hiking Switzerland

Augstmatthorn Hiking Switzerland

The trail is steep and very rocky, but very short. It took us about 30 min to take us all up to Suggiture. Now enjoy the view and have a break!

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Suggiture Augstmatthorn Hiking Switzerland

3. Suggiture to Augstmatthorn

This part is what I was looking forward to the most; walking on the ridge of the mountain!

But I have to tell you that I got quite disappointed as the ridge between Suggiture and Augstmatthorn is not as narrow as I thought and the distance between those summit is very short. So we have been walking more in the forest than on the top of the mountain.

Hardergrat Augstmatthorn Suggiture

Suggiture Augstmatthorn Hike Switzerland

That said, it was still beautiful! And if you can and want you can walk all the way to Rothorn where the trail suppose to be very “thin”.

Augstmatthorn Brienzersee Switzerland Swiss lake

Rothorn Brienz Hardergrat Hike Switzerland

4. Augstmatthorn and way back

From here on you either walk back the same way you came or you can walk down to Habkern and take the bus to Interlaken. We decided to take the steep path down to Habkern.

Augstmatthorn hike Switzerland

We stop by for a drink and cake. And a play pause for Mirabelle.

But once we came down to a restaurant Jägerstübli at Lombach on the base of the mountain we realised it was better to hitchhike. And I am glad we did it because not only it was another 1 1/2 hours to Habkern and Mirabelle started to be impatience. Beside that, the couple drove us all the way to Interlaken!


Another option of how to get to Augstmatthorn

Knowing about this restaurant now afterwards it could have been easier to park the car here and walk up to Augstmatthorn. There are two ways up. The same way we walk down. Not recommended as it’s boring! I suggest to take the path up to the “feet” of Suggiture and from there up to Suggiture and then Augstmatthorn.

We parked our car at indoor parking by the Interlaken Ost railway station. As it was on a sunday it cost only 1chf/hour instead of 3chf. And from there we walked about 5 min to the funicular station.

The funicular timetable.

I am still dreaming of doing the Hardergrat trail all the way to Rothorn. One day!




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  1. Hi there! I am interested in doing this hike in early June. What time of year did you do it? Wondering if there will still be snow in June.

    • Hi Katie, we did the hike at the begining of June but it all depend of the weather. If you want to make sure I think its best to call the Interlaken information center before heading out there. Enjoy the hike and the beautiful view!❤️

  2. Hi Dawan,

    This blog is so helpful! I’m wondering, the sign at the beginning of the trail says it takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes to get to Augsmatthorn, but it sounds like you guys did it much faster? How long did it take you in total to get there?

    • Hi Kayla, thank you for reading!
      After discussing with my husband it took us about 2.5-3h from Halder kulm to Augstmatthorn. I hope you will enjoy the hike and the view!❤️

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