I love Swiss mountain lakes, lakes and dams. Just a few days ago my favorite Swiss dam were Mauvoisin and Cadagno but since yesterday I belive I have to add Gelmersee on the top of my list.

There are about 190 dams in Switzerland and so far I have visited around 15 of them. I am still not sure if Gelmersee is the most beautiful one I have visit so far but atleast I am sure that the lake is gorgeous! And getting up to the lake is an adventure itself!

Unless you want to walk up, there is the steepest funicular in Europe with a gradient of maximum 106%. It’s highly recommended to reserve in advance and for more practical information click Here. We booked our train up for 9:24am and for 2:48pm down. Which was enough for a walk around the lake and a swim in the lake.

Gelmerbahn Gelmersee Switzerland Steepest Funicular

Another tip is to try to be the first one on the line to get the best place to sit, at the bottom of the funicular! But if you are scare of hight you can sit on the end of the funicular.

Once up you are up, there is a walk around the lake which is 4km long and should take around 2.5h to complete. We saw a lot of kids from between 6-10 years old doing the hike. Some part might be dangerous but it’s up to you to decide if your child is capable of it. I myself belive that some as young as 6 years old can manage the trail if she/he has already some hiking experiences. The scariest part of the trail is the left side of the lake, when enter the lake from funicular. 

Here are some examples of condition of the trail.

When I say left side of the lake I mean the left when you walk from the funicular.

Starting from the left side, the trail is rocky and very right on the edge.

The trail of left side of the lake.

The trail of the left side.

Gelmersee Hike Switzerland


The trail at the end of the lake. A trail with big boulders and rocks.

Here is perhaps the scariest part? 

Gelmersee Hike Switzerland

It does look scarier than it is! 


The trail of the right side of the lake. A lot of vegetation and far away from the edge of the cliff.

The right side

There are beautiful places to have a picnic and a swim all around the lake. Our favorite place was by the boulders and the beautiful rock wall on the left side of the lake. It takes about 10 minutes walk from the funicular to this particular picnic spot. Along the way, don’t forget to pick some delicious blueberries if you are on the right season!

Gelmersee Bern Hike Switzerland

Gelmersee Swisslake Thaimum Hike Switzerland

Yes the water was cold, but I belive that if you jump into one you will walk out looking atleast 2 years younger! 

Gelmersee Hike Swisslake Switzerland

Gelmersee Hike Switzerland Parenthood

What is so special with this lake are the boulders. We find that Gelmersee is a mix of Hampi ( you can read about it Here) our favorite place in India and Yosemite NP. What makes this place so beautiful is aswell what make this place dangerous. In 2016, the trail was close due to the falling rocks.

There is a trail going up beyond the waterfall to Gelmerhutte. Perhaps another time!

The water is so blue that one can think they have put some coloring in the water! Sometime it even looks like a tropical sea.

Gelmersee Hike Swisslake Switzerland

So what are you favorite Swiss dam? Or any dam in the world?

I almost forgot, if you have time the Grimselsee is just another 12km away. About 20 minutes by car. You can even see it from Gelmersee.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS. I’m so blown away by the beauty of this place and your photos. I’ve had this on my bucketlist for the longest time but I think this was the push I needed to move it up to the top! I love that you included information on the condition of the trails as well. So, so helpful!!

  2. 190 dams in Switzerland!? I had no idea! Your photos are absolutely stunning and it is a reminder that I need to do more travelling in Europe (I’ve only been to Iceland and Paris so far boo…)

    I have to admit though, some of the shots of the lakes reminds me of the rockies in Canada! Have you been to Banff/Lake Louise?

    • Yes if you live in Canada or in northern USA I guess you will have beautiful mountain lakes to! Even more cool because most of the places are remoted while Switzerland is “crowded”.

    • I hope you guys will get there one day! But at the end, wherever you go the most important thing is that you are together and out in the nature!❤️

  3. I am blown away by these images, this is utterly gorgeous! Thanks for the fantastic tips Dawan. The funicular does looks pretty scary to me 106 degrees!! wow…how was the experience of the funicular?

    • To be honest, the funicular went quite slow! I mean, if they allow a toddler under 2 years old sit on the lap then it’s ok right? Its Switzerland after all!😂

  4. I am truly blown away by how beautiful these are – I’ve always associated dams with much less scenic views for some reason. I have a terrible fear of heights, but I think I would be willing (maybe) to push that aside if the hikes were in such lovely spots.

    • Perhaps you think of Hoover dam which is not pretty atall!😂 And belive me the funicular goes very slow and if you are scared you can sit at the end.❤️


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