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La Chute du Dard, a hidden treasure in Switzerland

La Chute du Dard is a 19m tall beautiful waterfall and is actually the tallest one in the canton de Vaud. It might not impress you at first but you will feel very little when standing next to it.

La chute du dard Switzerland Croy

This beautiful La chute du Dard lays well hidden in the forest not faraway from the small village Croy in the canton of Vaud.  If you come by train or are parking the car by the railway station, the walk to La chute du Dard takes about 10-15min.

Cross the main road, walk through the village and just follow the direct STEP.

Photo credit: Darika Phonphan

The village Croy is very cute. You will pass by a beautiful garden with a water wheel and farm animals.

At the end of the road you can park your car if you want to have a shorter walk to la chute du Dard. From here is about 5 min to the waterfall. You need to put on GPS  Chemin de la Foule 11 Croy, and just drive to the end of the road.

We tooked the “wrong” trail down to the waterfall.

The real trail is this way…

….but instead we walked to the Step and tooked this way.

Which was ok but I wouldn’t recommend taking this trail on the summer because you will be wearing a pair of short and this trail is full of nettles!

You will be walking along the river Nozon that falls and become la chute du Dard, just a few meters away.

Don’t get a intimidated when seeing this warning sign. Just turn righ and continue the trail. But I couldn’t help myself so I had a sneak peak of the waterfall!

La chute du Dard Croy Switzerland

But just around the corner you will have an even better first view of la chute du Dard!

La chute du Dard Croy Switzerland

Just about 20 m further you will have a trail down to the waterfall. Just becareful it can be slippery!

Photo credit: Darika Phonpan

By this time of the year, there is not very much water but ofcourse the fall is still 19m high!

Darika et Kran

It is a great place for a picnic and a BBQ…and for a dip in the cool water on a hot summer day! 

La chute du Dard Croy Switzerland

The pictures really don’t make any justice to this place, you need to go there and see for yourself!


Only a few km from La chute du Dard are other two stunning waterfalls. I highly recommend both of them!


Saut du Day, Day

Please click Here for more information.


La Tine de Conflens, La Sarraz

Please click Here for more information


  1. Blair villanueva Reply

    I love waterfalls especially letting its water falls on to my back, feels like massage water therapy.
    Its relaxing and therapeutic.

  2. These pictures as beautiful and they making me crave to visit this location . We are out of budget these days but will definitely plan out some day:)

  3. I love waterfalls and this one definitely looks worth the visit. Saut du Day, Day looks nice as well and I like how it is a bit different to the typical waterfall.
    I’ve never been to Switzerland, and while I was aware it had really nice landscape I wasn’t aware it had such nice waterfalls as well. Will definitely need to make sure I visit some when I go.

  4. This place is absolutely beautiful! I love to visit any sorts of hidden gems like this.

  5. Switzerland is an ultimate dream destination and La Chute Du Dard looks like hidden gem indeed! Your pictures speak for itself how surreal it is!

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