My Thailand bucket list 

Yaay, our tickets are booked for two month vacation in Thailand this coming winter! Every time we go to Thailand we don’t really visit the country much because we just hang around with my thaifamily or we just use Thailand as a quick pit-stop to travel around asia. We have been to Chiang mai, Koh Chang, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui ten years ago and some other places near Bangkok with the family. This time we decide to get to know Thailand a bit better! I have been doing some research and I have discovered places I wish I knew existed before we had our baby girl Mirabelle. But this is aswell the reason why we chose to travel IN Thailand because there I can bring my mum along as a babysitter while David and I hike somewhere in the jungle or go scuba diving…ot whatever we like to!😂 

Other than to eat like a king and soak up the sun by the beach here is my bucket list of the places I wish to visit and of the things I hope to do when we are in Thailand this winter!

1. Khao Sok national parc

Oh how I wish I knew about this place when we were in Thailand two years ago before we had Mirabelle. This national parc seems to have so much to offer! There are several days hiking tour in the jungle looking for the biggest flower on earth. Or go kayaking with a view of the limestone cliffs looking like those in the Avatars movie. And you can chose to spend your night in the parc on one of the floating hotel by the Cheow Lan lake. I want to be there now!



Rafflesia, the biggest flower on earth can be found in Khao sok NP. Photo:

2. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one of our passion we have in common. We have dive in many beautiful places around the world but never in Thailand. Some people we have meet say that the water around Thailand are great for diving especilly at Andaman sea around Similan island. Now we want to see it with our own eyes!


3. Camping at Similan islands


I love beautiful beaches and I love camping so why not go camping on one of the most beautiful beach in Thailand on The Similan islands! I have read that the camping site is very shabby and not very romantic and the tent they are providing is not very good…hmmm I have to rethink about this one!😂

Here is a great article with alot of information about camping on the Similand island:

4. Erawan waterfalls

I know that there are alot of waterfalls in Thailand but this one is pretty impressiv! And by looking at these fishes it seems as you will get a fish spa for free!


5. Lotus lake in Udon thani

One word: BEAUTIFUL!


6. Eat body parts in Kanchaburi

What do you think of having a cup of tea with a cut off head made of bread? Would you dare to eat it? I would like to visit this café own by an artist Kittiwat Unarrom.


7. Cinema

How I have miss to go to the cinema! And this time I will have a movie maraton watching a movie one after another no matter how bad the movies are! Imagine a movie ticket in Switzerland cost around 20€/20$ while in Thailand it cost 5€/5$! 

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