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Five beautiful and child friendly hikes around mountain lakes in Switzerland

Before my husband and I got our baby girl we loved to go hiking for hours on the mountains. Now when we got our baby our passion for the hiking hasn’t decreased, on the contrary! Now we love to go hiking even more because we think introducing the mountains and the nature to our daughter is one of the best gift we can give as parents. But it’s not always easy to find beautiful mountain hikes suitable for children. We have done a couples of hikes this summer that are easy but most of all very beautiful and fun for both the kids and the parents! 

1.Oenschinensee, Kandersteg 


Oeschinensee is on the top of our list. It has everything to make your familyday very fun! We go back to Oenshinensee every year! Our favorite hike is the blue line, nr 7. It’s the most beautiful hike because you get the first glimpse of the lake from above! Magic! But I don’t recommend this hike for young kids under 10 years old because it’s quite steep and the path on some places is very slippery because of the waterfalls. The easiest, safest and fastest way to the lake is the pink line, nr 1. And you can use a strolley! Another option is to take a shutterbus that brings you all the way to the lake. I think it’s 8chf each.

For more information: http://www.oeschinensee.ch/english-neu/

Another great tip is to pass by the small but beautiful crystal clear lake Blausee just before you arrive to Kandersteg!

Information about Blausee: http://www.blausee.ch/en/

2. First to Bachalpsee, Grindewald



For some reason this is not our favorite hike, perhaps of the crowds when we were there last time…but it’s still a beautiful and an easy hike! It’s quite flat and not much climbing to reach the lake but some kids might find this hike a bit long. Even thought the road seems to be in good condition I still think that this hike is not suitable for a stroller! 

Something extra about this hike is once you reach First by the cable by the restaurant there is a Cliff walk made by Tissot.  Not bad!

More information here: http://www.jungfrau.ch/en/tourism/destinations/grindelwald-first/hiking-trails/walking/Report/showWalkingDetail/first-bachalpsee-first/

3. The two lakes. Hinterstockensee and Oberstockensee , Erlenbach.



This hike is all about going down! (A bit of going up from the lake) You just need to take the cable car from Erlenbach in Simmental up to Stockhorn and from there you will have to walk down to Oberstockensee. From Oberstockensee you will need to walk down some more to reach Hinterstockensee and the cable car.

More information here: https://www.stockhorn.ch/experiences/summer/hiking-and-walking

4. The three lakes. Lago di Ritom, di Cadagno and di Tom, Airolo 


Absolut favorite thanks to the lake Tom (next last and last picture). There are so many hike around here so my husband and I wish to do some without our baby…but the one we did with her is also very nice! You can reach Lake Ritom via the funicular from Piotta. The ride is very spectacular as it is one of the steepest in Europe with a maximum inclination of about 89%. If you wish you can aswell drive your car all the way up to Lake Ritom or even to the lake Cadagno and start your hike from one of these lakes.

More information: http://www.lagoritom.ch/index.php?lang=en

5. Arnensee, Gsteig/Feutersoey

This must be the easiest hike of all the five if you chose to walk around the lake. We thought it was to easy so we did another hike above the lake. It was not much harder so it’s worth hiking up. There are huge fishes in that lake and most of people who were there were fishing. Perhaps something new to try with your kids!

More information here: http://www.huettenzauber.ch/en/huus-am-arnensee/welcome