Hiking the Jatiluwih rice terraces in Bali, Indonesia

Bali has so many wonderful rice terraces and Jatiluwih is probably the most spectacular of them all! Jatiluwih is an Unesco World Heritage site that can be found on the highland of central Bali.



How to get here: We hired a car from Ubud and Jatiluwih was one of the many stops on our 4 weeks Bali road trip.

People are also riding scooter all the way and if you are up for it, don’t hesitate. It is a long winding road but also very picturesque and there are many interesting stops along the way.

Alternatively, you could join a day-tour. There must be many stands where you can buy a tour near your hotel or you even at your hotel.

Please keep in mind that depending on the time of the season, the rice terraces could be in a harvest season and you might not have this beautiful lush green rice fields that you have imagine. Nevertheless, Jatiluwih is a beautiful place no matter what.



The best way to explore and enjoy these amazing rice fields is to take your time walking on the many walking trails available. There are trails for all levels and no matter which trail you chose, you will have a beautiful walk among the rice paddies.

Down below is a map of trails at Jatiluwih, marked with different colors. They are all well marked but if you feel lost there are always someone on the trail who can indicate you the right way.

The map of walking trails to Jatiluwih rice terrace in Bali.


The white trail

Lenght: 5.5 Km

Time approx: 3-4 hours

Info: You can do this trail also on bicycle and there are some warungs on the trail if you need to eat and drink.

The white trail is the longest and honestly I would skip it if you are short on time and are here only for the wonderful rice terraces views. The white trail is lovely but most of the time you will be walking in the forest.

Tips! But if you chose to do the extra walk, you should start very early in the morning and do the red and the blue trail first to ensure having the best part of Jatiluwih rice terraces for yourself and then do the white trail when people are starting to show up.

The starting point of trail at Jatiluwih rice terraces in Bali, Indonesia.

Unfortunately we were here on the rainy season ( December) and we had rain and dark sky on both day but despite the rain, Jatiluwih was breathtaking beautiful! This Balinese UNESCO world heritage site didn’t disappoint us.

On our walk on the white trail we could see cacoa trees and other exotic fruits trees such as durian trees along the way.

Cacao and Durian trees on our hike at Jatiluwih rice terraces in Bali.

You will pass the hindu temple Pura Luhur Besikalung on your walk on the white trail. But if you don’t want to do the long loop and still want to visit the temple, it is possible with only a short walk from the trail Blue. Have a look at the map, the temple is indicated as nr 25.


The recommended trail

Length: About 3 km

Time: About 2 hours

Info: There are Warungs scattered along the loop trail.

On the map down below we have highlighted in purple the loop trail we recommend. It’s a combination of red, blue and white trails altogether.

There are two entrances, one is the main entrance by nr 6 where we finished our walk. There was a paying both and we were unaware of this as both times we were enterring by nr 16 and didn’t see any paying both and also didn’t pay anything? But paying shouldn’t be a problem as it is normally very affordable, if I am not mistaken it’s 40K rupiah/person.

Anyhow, we recommend you to start from nr 16 and follow the red trail into the rice paddies where you will be joining the blue trail. Follow the blue trail which is a short loop till you eventually return to the same spots.

Nr 21 is a very rustic and simple  warung but has a lovely view of the rice paddies if you fancy for a drink.

On the red trail in Jatiluwih you will be walking on narrows dirt path throughout the paddies while you hear the calming sound of water running down on the rice terraces.

The view of the surrounding was so picturesque! As it was raining on our first day, we came back the next day to do the red trail very early in the morning. We had this wonderful rice terraces to ourself, beside the farmers working on the rice paddies.

Don’t pick the rice, Jatiluwih rice terraces in Bali.


Warung D’Carik

Towards the end of the trail near the main entrance nr6 lies this Warung with the most stunning view of the rice paddies. As we were there very early, the warung was still closed. But according to the reviews and watching the photos on Tripadvisor, they seems to serve delicious food.


Extra! If you can spare a little time, just few km from Jatiluwih is this beautiful Terjun Yeh ho waterfalls!

It’s only a short walk down to the waterfalls from the parking area and if you are lucky as we were, you could have the entire place for ourself.


There you go, we hope you will enjoy your walk at the beautiful Jatiluwih rice terraces in Bali!


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