David - Dad


1980. Born in Lausanne hospital but grew up in the country side in Bercher, the French speaking part of Switzerland. His both parents are swiss german.

Why you should travel with him:

He comes in handy because he speaks fluently French, German, English, Spanish and Portuguese. He is not complicated about where to go, sleep or what to eat. David is a very organized and he has a lot of patience.

Why you shouldn’t travel with him:

He is tall so he takes most of the space whether we are in a car, bus, boat or on a bed! And he has huge feet..size 47! His shoes take more than half of the space in his backpack. And he gets lost very easily…and sick.

Travel experiences:

  • 9 month in South-america

  • 9 month in Finland as an exchange student

  • 6 month South-east Asia

  • 15 month around the world

Dreaming of an adventure :

Discover Africa and sailing in Carribean.

Dawan - Mum


1981, in Bangkok, Thailand but she grew up in Stockholm, Sweden.

Why you should travel with her:

She is adventurous and always ready to discover new places! She loves having a picnic so she finds great picnic spot! And she hates spending money. So more money more travel.

Why you shouldn’t travel with her:

Always taking too much time taking pictures. She can take 1000 pictures of the same spot but from different angles. The worse part, she has a short temper!!

Travel experiences:

  • 1 month interrailed solo in Europe

  • 6 month South-east Asia

  • 15 month round the world

Dreaming of an adventure:

Sailing in Carribean.

Mirabelle - Daughter


2015 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Why you should travel with her:

She is easy going, goes with the flow that kind of type. And she is so cute! Plus she eats almost everything.

Why you shouldn’t travel with her:

She wakes up very early, like 5 am and then she sits on your head till you wake up!

Travel experiences:

  • 1 week in Santorini

  • 2 month in Thailand and visiting many places in Switzerland

Dream destination:

Ice-cream factory!

Goal for Family Earth Trek

We hope that you will keep following us on our family adventures around the world here at FamilyEarthTrek. Our goal with this blog is for you to get some inspiration and information of places you might not even know existed or have always wish to visit. We love to hook up with other travelers so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are passing by Switzerland or perhaps see you somewhere else in the world!

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