General Thai massage course at Wat Po in Thailand

In 2013 when I was visiting my family I had some time over so I decided to join a week long Thai massage course at WatPo Thai traditional massage school. Just note that the school is not located in the Wat Po temple.

Here are some basic informations:

Course starting6 days a week from Monday to saturday for Watpo School and Chetawan TM School

Course duration5 days (30 hours) or Pre-arrangement

Class hours9.00 am. – 4.00 pm. Monday-Saturday

Course fees : 9,500 Bahts ( about 300$)

Method of payment: Cash , credit card ( Visa and master card) or Money Transfer

Required documents to bring on your first day3 pictures of you by 2 inches size and a copy of your photo passport.

If you want to enrol you can do it by emailing:

The school offers short courses and professional courses. There are many massage course to choose from. For instance there are foot massage, oil massage and even infant and child massage

I remember that the inscription was hassle-free. Like many things in Thailand Thai people pay less than a tourist to an entrance cetera and here is no different. I am originl from Thailand but I don’t speak well thai, I asked for a reduced price but I wanted to take my course in the foreigner group. Lucky they accepted my wish without any problem.

The Thai massage course begins

The course starts every morning with a little prayer before all the hurtful rubbing.

In my group we were about 10 students with a good mix of ages and nationalities.

Students practice in pair after demonstration with teacher’s closed supervision. Your massage buddy and you will take turn. The massage has to be done steps by steps. Starts with the feet and ends with the head. About 102 steps, one by one, eight hours for five days.

Before joining the massage class I have never liked getting a Thai massage as I think Thai massage is more like a torture than a relaxation. I knew it was going to be a physical challenge but I still wanted to have the certificate done.

After the first day at the massage class I was all bruised, I didn’t know what I hated the most. To give the massage or to get the massage. It was exhausting and my thumbs were so numb from giving the massage. And when my massage buddy was giving me the massage I was often biting the pillow of pain!  It was torture! I can’t say how many twist and turns it took me but I eventually got used to the pain…just a little bit.

In spite of the seriousness of the school the teacher were all very easy-going. Joking and laughing around with the students. It made the course more fun.

On the last day = the test day, each student will be able to give a complete massage within a time frame without peeking into the manual-text book or asking your neighbour. Don’t worry and belive me, you will pass!

Yippie the certificate!

I really recommend this school! Everybody can do it! Unfortunally I have not done any practice since the course so now after four years I have completely forgotten all the steps.

Next time if I get another occasion I would like to take a foot massage course.

When it cames to accommodation there are a lot of hotel nearby to choose from. I was sleeping at Arom d hostel just down the road not far from the school.

I was sleeping in a clean and cozy women’s dorm for four persons. Normally a bed cost 800bht/ night but since I was there on a low season I got my bed for 400bth and I was the only one there for four nights. I highly recommend this hostel.

The view from the rooftop of Arom D hostel. 

Do anyone of you like to learn Thai massage? Or do you even like Thai massage? 

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  1. Haven’t had this type of massage before but it sounds very different of any other I’ve heard of

  2. Blair villanueva Reply

    Wow lucky you! I also widh to learn Thai massage for my family. And if I mastered the skills then can open my own massage spa business.

  3. Thanks for sharing this brings up such fond memories of getting a massage every day when I was in Thailand

  4. Ooooo now this sounds like one epic course to take if massage is your trade!!! Nothing better than advancing your education

  5. That’s pretty interesting, instead of a course, I would love to get massages every day. Hope that was fun!!

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