Laguna Miramar - a hidden gem in Chiapas Mexico

Laguna Miramar is a secluded lake surrounded by lush jungle and covered hills in the Lacandon jungle on the border with Guatemala. The fresh water of the lake is crystal clear and warm. There is nobody than you, the blue water lake and the sound of howler monkeys. It is a hidden gem in Mexico. A piece of heaven on earth.

Laguna Miramar is a very well hidden treasure far away from the civilization. You will need to be very adventurous, have very much time and patience to reach this heaven on earth. When we were there in late November 2014, it was raining everyday so this heaven on earth was less heavenly than I was hoping for!

The very long journey to the Laguna Miramar started on a very early morning from San Cristobal with a bus ride for about 1-2 h to the small town Ocosingo. After that we jump on a chicken bus that drove for about 6 hours on an unpaved road through beautiful hills and valleys, to our final destination the village Emiliano Zapata.

( On the way back we took a mini truck to Comitan and then a bus back to San Cristobal which seems like an easier way…not sure though!)

Dont expect to be sitting because the seats are either occupied by someone or something. Standing up or sitting down (if you are lucky) on a mini truck driving on a bumpy road is not for everyone!

We had a quick pit stop in a small village. And I managed to capture this shy and cute little girl spying on us.

We arrived late that evening and slept in one of the few and simple but quite pricey bungalow provided for tourist by the Centro touristico at the village. Ask the truck driver to bring you all the way there!

The Centro touristico don’t have a restaurant neither does the village but there are some few private home serving as restaurant for tourists. Just ask around.

Unfortunately I don’t have any photo of the village or the “home restaurant”.

Picture borrowed from Here

As it was raining a lot, we decided to wait till the rain would stop which never happen so on the third day we rented two pair of rain boots, a horse and a guide to bring us to the lake.

Normally this would be an easy 3 km walk doable without a guide but since it has been raining so much the trails were all muddy and some part we got knee-high mud! The easiest way to get there was on a back of a horse. It was expensive so we only got one for me. Totally worth it!

This was my third time ever on a back of a horse so I was sweating a bit and I was not riding on easy trails! It was all muddy and the horse had to jump around to find the best way to pass through!

More experiences gain: ✔️

I felt sorry for David though because he had blisters from the rain boots!

It was hard but ohhh boy it was sooo fun! I live for this kind of adventures! That say, it was still a pity that we couldn’t hike to the lake on a sunny day and on dry trails!

Finally by the laguna Mirmar, David (as he speak spanish) had a quick chitchat with the “drunken” guardian of the area. And then we started to pitch our rented tent that was giving to us upon arrival.

The image is borrowed from Here 

This is where you can pitch your tent or hang your hammock if you decided to rent a hammock instead. And from the village, we bought enough of supplies to cook for the next three days at the Laguna Miramar.

Our first night, we fell asleep of the sounds of howler monkeys and the jungle…like every night by the Laguna Miramar. 

There was nothing much to do. When it wasn’t raining we went exploring the forest, hunting for bird, animals and plants and we spent a lot of time thinking. Sometimes side by side and some time by ourself.

If you want to explore the lake it is an obligation to rent a boat and a guide which was quite expensive (I think it was 40$) for a half day tour. We did and it was a real pity that the rain was pouring. The guide took us for a small hike with a nice view of the lake. He paddle around the Laguna and showed us beautiful swim spots but that we couldn’t take advantage of because of the rain.

The Laguna Miramar was so clear underwater that you could look yourself in the “mirror”.

In spite of the bad weather, the difficulties to reach, the high prices for a budget travelers like us I would love to go back to Laguna Miramar…but I don’t know though how well  Mirabelle would handle the bon voyage!!!

Have you guys been to any place this remote before? And was it worth it?





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  1. Hi, lovely photos! I’m thinking of going to Miramar in December. Just wondering, did you come across many/any leeches in the jungle?

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