A camel ride and a night under the stars in the Thar desert, India

Riding on a back of a camel, over some meters high hills of golden sands and sleep under a open sky with million stars in a far away country was one of my dream.

The dream came through in 2014 when we travelled to the golden city Jaisalmer, located in the heart of the Thar desert, in the northern Indian state bordering Pakistan.

From Jaisalmer you can find easily organized camel safari tour, just ask around or ask your hotel. But remember to compare the prices and ask many many questions about the tour. We got ripped off and lied to! It was not about money, it was about getting ripped off the experience we hoped for. They promised us many things but none of them really happen. You will understand later why. Inspite of the many deceptions we managed to enjoy ourself.

The day started with a jeep picking us up AND three other tourist. We were shocked because we negociated and payed a bit more for a private tour. While we paid about 35$ each the other paid 15$. As we didn’t want to make a fuss we didn’t say anything. At the end we had a blast with these guys and girl from South Korea and China.

We jumped each on a back of a camel. The ride ended quite quickly, like 2 km into the dunes.

Is it here where we are staying?

Another chock! We were just by the highway! I have heard so many fun stories about people riding many hours into the Thar desert, so long that your bump starts to hurt. Mine was isn’t numb, I wanted my butt to hurt to!! One of our agreement was that they would take us far far out. Obviously they lied about that to!

Upon arrival we got a short but beautiful welcome dance by a family. And then we were free to roam around the dunes.

Another gang of tourist.

And then ofcourse it was time to enjoy the sunset!

After the sunset we had curry that was made over an open fire.

And then we said good night and slept under the moon but we didn’t saw a single star because of the clouds.

After a very good night sleep we woke up to a wonderful sunrise!

And we had a simple breakfast next to the camels.

What is better than a cup of chai in the morning?

This is how you wash your dishes in the desert.

After the breakfast we rode the 2km back to the jeep that took us back to Jaisalmer.

Overall we did enjoy our mini adventure on the Thar desert but I must say it was a very simple version of what we agreed of.

1. We were suppose to have a private tour with only us.

2. We supposed to ride far into the dunes.

3. We supposed to visit one of the villages in the desert.

4. Around the dunes where we were, it was like where everybody was dumping their garbage!

We didn’t get any of that but we did had a nice time. I guess that’s what count at the end!

How about you guys? Have you ever got ripped off?



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  1. Denny George Reply

    I’m sorry to hear that you were ripped off in Rajasthan. We did a similar tour near the dunes in Jaisalmer a couple of years back, and happily rode the camels till our bums were utterly sore. I really enjoyed the sleeping under the stars experience as well. Your photographs really capture the desert in all its glory.

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