A Family walk at the Campuhan Ridge Trail in Ubud, Indonesia

Unfortunately Ubud doesn’t have many long walking trails unless you are walking on the rice terraces and even there, they aren’t a proper trails. Sometime the trail ends up by a muddy field or a river etc. And you have to go back and try to find a better path. It’s like a rice terraces maze!

But in Ubud, there is Campuhan ridge trail, a popular walking trail not far from the Ubud city center. The trail is straightforward, all you need to do is walk and follow the path! You can’t get lost or confused!

The Campuhan walking trail in Ubud

FROM: The south end of the trail, from Ibah Restaurant. There is a steep pavement road leading you down to the trailhead right by the bridge. But before, you can park your scooter half way down on your left.

HOW LONG:   At least 1.5 km one way. We walked until Raditya Cafe and turn back the same way we came. A total of 4 KM and the walk took us almost 2 hours in a very slow pace.

CHILD FRIENDLY WALK: Yes, even suitable for a stroller depending on the stroller you have. If you have a small and light weighted stroller, it would be doable. Just keep in mind that there are very few stairs…

From here on the trailhead of Campuhan ridge walk in Ubud, just follow the road.

People would recommend you to either come very early in the morning for the sunrise or very late on the afternoon for the sunset. In Bali, the sun is scorching hot already by 8 am and there was no way we would hit the trail earlier! So we went there for a sunset walk, started around at 4.30 pm in May.

The first meters of the Campuhan ridge trail we walked alongside the beautiful Gunung Lebah Temple.

A tips! At the end of the temple, there is a dirt path leading you down to the river. We saw people swimming.

From here on, it’s about another 5 minutes very easy walk uphill till you reach the “ridge”. But before, you will pass to your right, a station where you can have a go on these famous “Bali swing”. As we were there during the Covid-period it was closed, not because it mattered for us anyway.

In our opnion, around 4-5 pm is a perfect time to have a walk at Campuhan ridge trail as the sun was shining on the right spots creating beautiful shades of green! As we walked back the same way later around 6pm it was already too dark to have this beautiful color of green.

During this strange time of Covid, there wasn’t much people on the Campuhan ridge trail, but more than we were expecting. People were walking their dogs, jogging, having a picnic, flying a drone and some even tried to fly a kite which got stuck on one of the palm trees.

A tips! Do not fly a kite here.

Imagine Campuhan ridge trail on an “ordinary” time, how crowded it would be. So we were somehow grateful that we got to have this popular walking trail in Ubud with so much less people.

It doesn’t take long before you reach to the northern trailhead, or in our case to the end of the “ridge” walk. From now on, you will walk in a village with hotels, villas and restaurants alongside the road. There are plenty of beautiful and cosy warungs to choose from if you decide to have a drink or a bite of food.


Perhaps you even want to take a swim during or after your Campuhan ridge walk?

There are resorts that have day-passes for a few rupiah. We had a look at Amora Ubud Boutique and Villas where you pay 150K. The price includes a towel, the access to their infinity pool and you can use this 150K for drinks and food. Not bad after a “long” hike!

Amora swimming pool on the Campuhan ridge walk. Photo credit: Here

There is this kids friendly restaurant Alam de Ubud that we have wanted to try. They have colorful beanbags, swings, beautiful view of the rice terraces and a swimming pool! Unfortunately my mistake, I though Alam de Ubud would lay much further on the road when in fact, we walked pass by it twice without even realizing it.

Well, there is always a second time!

Ubud de Alam on Campuhan ridge walk. Photo credit: Here

Or, you can also make a longer walk to the Jungle fish where you will be rewarded with a big and a beautiful pool! For a Regular day-pass you pay 350K, with 200K worth of food and drinks. Or upgrade it for a Day bed for 500K with 300K worth of food and drinks.

From the northern trailhead is another 2.5 KM to Jungle fish. If you are too lazy to walk all the way back to your scooter, you could order a GRAB back?

The Jungle fish on your Campuhan ridge walk in Ubud. Photo credit: Here

The sun was gently setting on the horizon and the shade of green now slowly turning into shade of gold. So beautiful but unfortunately not very peaceful because once you enter to the village, there will be scooters passing you with the speed of light.

As it was getting dark soon, we decided to turn around by this cosy Raditya cafe, unfortunately we never got the chance to stop somewhere for a cold coconut.

The cozy Raditya Cafe on the our walk at the Campuhan ridge walking trail in Ubud.

Next time we will park our scooter around here and walk further north, the part of the trail we missed and return the same way to our scooter.

The local women harvesting rice on our Campuhan ridge walk in Ubud.

Have a nice walk everyone!❤️


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  1. When in Bali, I missed walking this trail due to lack of time. But I am surely doing it next time. Thanks for sharing this, as I always wondered what’s on the other hand. I would like to walk longer to Jungle Fish and chill at their pool. Coming to the walk, I must say, the scenery is so picturesque, very similar to the walk I had to do every time I had to reach Firefly Ecolodge in Ubud.

  2. We also love to go on long walks or treks when we travel. I’m glad you were able to find a nice family-friendly walk, although the rice terrace maze sounds fun too! The day pass at the pool is also a brilliant idea. It would be so refreshing after a long day on your feet. Also, that last picture of your daughter is adorable!

  3. It’s good to know that it’s a child-friendly walk and suitable for a stroller. My daughter usually enjoys our short walk but usually refuses to walk when we’re about to head back. Thus, we’d prefer it if we can bring a stroller which can use when she’s tired.

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