Jucy, the car that comes with everything!

You guys who have been travelling in Australia or New Zealand must surely have seen a lot of this ugly green-violet car on what it is written Jucy. Perhaps you have even rented one yourself?

When we were in Australia we did not drive a Jucy. I thought that these Jucy cars were hideous and nerdy and I totally ignored if the car was very practical or not. I remember laughing inside of me each time a Jucy car drove by. Everybody seems to be driving a Jucy and I was happy to be different in spite that our RV Camperman was not much prettier!

In Australia

A few month later we were travelling to the USA. My husband was responsable for finding a rental car and imagine how my hearth sank  when he said we were renting a…Jucy! I thought he wanted to mess with me! After comparing, Jucy was the cheapest and the best option for a two month road trip. Just the thought of sitting in that green car made me felt less cool!

The same day we got Jucy I was on a bad mood. My husband was driving the first part and as soon as we got out of the big city crowd I was the one behind the driving wheel.

It was love at the first drive!

Ever since, my husband never got the chance to sit behind the wheels again…ok execpt in the big cities. 

Jucy was so nice to drive and we got the newest model so everything was hyper modern and cool! Note that I got my first driving licence at 33 years old (better late than never), just two days before our trip so I have only been driving one car.

The first night we parked Jucy in front of a Walmart that was open 24/24 just outside Las Vegas. You could fold down the seats that became a sleeping place for two people. Or you could just take the stairs to the Penthouse. Penthouse is my favorite but I only dared to sleep there only when we are by the nature or in a camping ground.

Sleeping in the car

Beside that Jucy was nice to drive and the beds were soft we had a stove, a sink and a fridge at the back of the car. The fridge saved our life as we could stock our fresh food and water. It was so delicious drinking almost ice cold water when it was +30 outside!

And when we got bored with each other we had movie nights in the car with the DVD player that was provided.

Another good thing with Jucy is that we had a lot of storage under the seats to put our bags and clothes so it was easy to keep the car tidy.

Some cooking going on.

Even for a tall guy this car had enough space for both of us.

The best part with Jucy is that we could drive almost everywhere, with some precautions in mind because after all Jucy is not a FWD!

Can you find Jucy?

The jucy cars were nerdy in Australia but in the USA where nobody never drives them I felt quite special! People were very curious about the car. We had to demonstrate Jucy to people everyday and I was so proud when the americans were saying:

Amaaazing!  Awwwesome!  Cool! 

 I wished the car was mine!

I love Jucy but for 60$ + 100 miles/day is quite expensive. We passed our miles limit with over 1000 miles but luckily we did not have to pay for some kind reason!❤

I just checked the website and you can actually now BUY a Jucy! And change the colors of the car!

For more info: Here

So what do you guys say? Is Jucy awesooome..or not? Have you a better option? 




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  1. I’ve never seen or heard of this type of car before. It does look a bit strange from the outside though. I’m glad you grew to love it after trying it out for the first time! As the saying goes “don’t knock it til you’ve tried it” 🙂

    I’d love to try one of these out for a road trip! Looks like it could be a lot of fun.

  2. I have never seen a Jucy before. But like you said. you were in the U.S.A. And I am in the US so I never thought of them or have seen them. I do think all the amenities are kind of cool. I wonder how much it does cost to buy one here. I can see that for camping vacations.

  3. I does look weird and kinda nervy but if it does the job I don’t mind. We don’t have them here though.

  4. Jucy seems to be a good car but have never seen it here in US. ANd yes I could spot jucy in that pik !!

  5. This car is great - I love low stress vehicles with well thought out layouts and functions. I want to be able to go anywhere when I travel and this car looks like it can do that.

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