The sunset, Australia

Inspired by other blog posts about sunset I can’t help myself from writing one myself. In my case I am just going to write about ONE particular sunset and it is THE sunset you only get to experience once in a lifetime!

We were on a road trip on east coast of Australia in 2014. On that particular day we were driving around without any goal in mind. At the end of the day we ended up in Booti booti national park. What is so special about this park is that you are driving on a road that separate the sea on one side and the lake on the other.

It started to get dark and we were searching a cozy place to park our camper van over the night. I remember yelling to my husband,

“Look! A path down to the lake!”

as I was pointing at a small road that brought us to the lake. We didn’t expect anything but an ordinary lake and an ordinary sunset. 

By the lake we just sat there my husband and I. At that time we were not yet impressed by the sunset…

…. untill the sky seems to slowly be on flame in front of us!

I normally never agree with my husband but when he said that this has to be the most beautiful sunset we ever have seen I could just agree with him!

Ever since that day, we have never ever seen a better sunset!

What do guys think? Have you seen a better sunset?




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  1. You have taken stunning pictures of sunset in Australia. They are really looking like paintings. Your kiss with sunset is perfect romantic film scene. I lived in Melbourne for one year and i agree with you, Australia has most wonderful sunsets. I loved those dramatic shades of red, orange and yellow and Mother Nature really plays magic.

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