Whitehaven beach, the most beautiful beach on earth?

If you get the question what is the most beautiful beach on earth what would you answer? There are so many stunning beaches in the world but if I ever have to choose one particular beach I think I have to answer The Whitehaven beach in Australia. Ok, it might not be the most beautiful beach on earth but without any doubt Whitehaven beach is truly beautiful!

You can find this stunning Whitehaven beach on the Whitsunday island in North Queensland, Australia.

Whitehaven beach australia

To get there you will need a boat and I still regret that we went on a day tour on a speed boat. If only we weren’t worried about our rented camping car we would have camp nights and nights on that beautiful beach, because yes it’s allowed!

I came a cross a post of a couple who has been camping there and you can’t imagine what they found! I cried of jealousy when I read it! It’s amazing!

At the end, a day tour is still better than nothing because look at that beach!

The sand was so ultra-fine that it felt like walking on mud. Imagine walking on wet flour-like consistency…that is how it feels when walking on Whitehaven beach!

Whitehaven beach australia

The downside with Whitehaven beach is that you should wear these ugly wetsuit or stinger suit for protection against the jellyfish! The jellyfish season is between November and May. But it’s highly recommended to wear a wetsuit all year round.

Whitehaven beach australia

Whitehaven beach australiaThe picture of me was taken on another beach in Australia.

So people tell me, what beach is yours the most beautiful beach on earth?



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  1. I fell in love with Whitehaven beach. It is truly one of the most spectacular beaches in Australia. I took a day tour too and snorkeled a bit when I was at the beach. I also walked along the stretch, truly amazing.

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