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What are the Hoodoos?!?

On our road trip in USA in 2014, David and I got to see incredible natural wonders we did not know existed! The Hoodoos were one of the unknown things for us. So what are they…hoodoos? The hoodoos are rocks that are strangely shaped like mushrooms.


David needs a hug!

They are cute right?

These kind of hoodoos we saw are called the Toadstool Hoodoos and can easily be found on highway 89 between Kanab and Page just west of Big Water near Cottonwood Canyon Road. From the small car park starts the easy hike to the Toadstools. The hike is 2.5km/1.5 miles round trip. If only we were not lazy that day we would have walked the Wahweap Hoodos 15km/9miles trail round trip, to see other kind of Hoodoos!

The beautiful surrounding! 

One thing afterwards I really regret is not having visit this place on late afternoon around the sunset because it has to be even more magical with the warm colors! Imagine it!

So next time  (I promise your there will be a next time) we will visit this place by sunset and do the Wahweap trail!

Here is an illustration of how these rock formation got created. I just love mother nature!Picture here

Have you guys seen anything like this in your country? I just recently learn that we have some toadstool here in Switzerland aswell. We just haven’t been able to get there yet….

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  1. I saw these pictures in of the episodes of planet earth. They told it is very hot at these places. Is it so?

  2. That cartoon you posted totally resonated with me and I was thinking wow I’ve seen these before, then your real life photos are incredible. I never knew they existed in real life. I’d love to see them.

  3. That is funky cool! Hoodoos! We have to go see them now. My boys adore trips like this - they’re all about adventuring.

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