I am dreaming of a Swedish summer

While many people are dreaming of a long stretch of white sand, the sea crystal clear and eating rice with spicy curry. I am dreaming of pine forest, lakes and eating potatoes with pickled herring.

I am dreaming of Sweden! Or more correctly I am dreaming of a Swedish summer!

I have not been back to Sweden since summer 2006. That is over 10 years ago. Every summer I keep telling David that this summer we are packing our backpack for a Swedish summer. But of course somewhere else has always seems more exiting so Swedish summer has always becoming “next summer”!

So no, this summer we are not going but next summer WE ARE GOING! 

I miss Swedish summer so much!

Warning! This post is quite personal and I think only a Swede can truly understand what this post is all about.

Photo: Here Stockholm

I miss Stockholm where I used to live. I miss HallundaAlby and Tumba where I grew up. I can’t wait to bike around Botkyrka kommun and swim and grill some korv med bröd by Albysjön listning to The Latin Kings showing my Swiss husband and daughter my secret places and where I use to play as kid. Perhaps go and fish some gädda in EkeröI even want to show them ICA, Konsum and Pressbyrån. And Skärholmens centrum where I use to shop as a teenager and aswell where I got caught stealing perfumes!

I want to stroll hand in hand with my family in Stockholm where my girlfriends and I use to make noises at every Vattenfestival. Or walking by Patricia in Slussen where I use to get drunk. Being childish at Gröna Lund. I miss the Spökhuset where I almost beat up one  of the ghost.

I want to jump onto a boat and get lost in Stockholms skärgård and eat rökta räkor, våfflor and Piggelin. And eat a tunnbrödsrulle at Sibylla but perhaps not at the Stockholms skärgård.

Photo: Stockholms skärgård

Photo: Tunnbröd! Mmmmm

I want to make a road trip from Malmö to Kiruna. I want to swim naked in one of the thousands lakes and make smultron på strå for my daughter to eat and a maskros krans for her to wear. And pick kantareller for dinner.

Photo: Smultron!

I want to sleep in a peaceful sommarstuga by a lake and dance around the midsommarstången while learning my daughter to sing  Sommartider by Gyllne tiderIf we have time we could take a Silja Line or Viking line to Soumilandet!

And not to forget, eat semlor and have kräftskiva wearing silly hats and drink snaps!


Ohh how I miss Swedish summer

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  1. I have zero idea what any of those Swedish words mean, but I’m sure they’re delicious! I’ve only been to Malmo from Copenhagen, and that was in winter. It would be great to visit Sweden in summer, it looks quite pretty, and warm too. Thank you for the travel inspiration!

  2. I would love to pay a visit to Scandinavia because of the lovely natural landscapes and amazing culture. However, it seems as though it’s really cold and quite a budget breaker. Nevertheless, it’s high up on my bucket list, and I’d love to visit in the near future! 🙂

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