Top 50 Things To Do This Summer In The Canton of Valais, Switzerland

The Valais is a canton on the southern part of Switzerland. It is home to the world-famous pyramid-shaped Matterhorn and its car-free village Zermatt, beautiful crystal clear mountain lakes, upper Rhône River Valley vineyards, the country’s largest glaciers and dams and so much more.  If you ever get the chance to spend even if only a few days in this amazing Swiss canton, here is a list of 50 summer activities to choose from!

When we used to live in Lausanne, whenever we wanted to have a hike or have something to do we always headed to the canton of Valais. Over the years, we have explored this Swiss canton very well-known for being the most sunniest Swiss canton!  Although we haven’t been able to see and do everything we wanted, I have put you a list of 50 things you could do this summer in the canton of Valais!

A must! Before everything elseDownload the free PDF overview map of Valais HERE. The PDF show you loads of other activities and interesting things to do in Valais that are not mentioned on my top 50 list! 

Overview map of Valais. Photo credit: Here

City and Villages

There are so many interesting and cosy cities and villages scattered all over the Canton of Valais. I wish I could mention all of them on the list, but I have to narrow the list down so here are our three favorites.

#1 Sion

Sion (or Sitten in German) is the capital of the Canton of Valais, is known as the most sun-blessed town of Switzerland. The old town, which lies between the hills of Valère and Tourbillon, dates back to the Middle Ages. Thanks to its central location, the small town abounding with culture is also an ideal starting point for exploring the surrounding area.

Want to know what to do in Sion? Have a visit at Siontourisme.

Photo credit: Here

#2 Zermatt

Without a doubt, everyone who comes to Switzerland should visit the world-famous car-free village Zermatt. The most famous Swiss mountain peak Toblerone/Matterhorn/Le Cervin might be the main attraction but there are so much more to be discovered in Zermatt. Unfortunately in 2011, when David and I were there with my family from Thailand we never really got to explore Zermatt and its area like it deserve. Now David and I talk about how much we wish to go back there and explore like how we love to do.  

Click Here for things to do and see in Zermatt.

Click Here for beautiful hikes in Zermatt.

Click Here for seven surprising facts about the Matterhorn.

Matterhorn on the background on our traditional family photo with my auntie and uncle back in 2011.

The glacier palace on the top of mountain at the Klein Matterhorn, Switzerland

#3 Martigny

The city itself might not be very pretty, but there are some interesting things to do and see in and around Martigny, especially for family with kids.

Just recently we had an afternoon in Martigny and we managed to squeeze three things to do but there were things that we didn’t manage to visit like #29 The Western city and the #15 Lake Rosel both of them beeing by the gas station Relais de St-Bernand.

Read more about our afternoon in Martigny  3 things to do with kids when you are passing by Martigny, Switzerland

Castles of Valais

If you go to Valais and are driving on the highway through the heart of Valais, you literally can not miss the impressive castles standing strong on top of a hill. They are spectacular! Not only are they impressive and full of history, there are interesting things to do in the castles for all ages!

#4 Château d’Aigle, Aigle

The Aigle castle is beautifully located surrounded by vineyards in the Rhone Valley just minutes away from Lake Geneva. Other than tasting Swiss wine and visiting the castle there are other things to do:

  • Tresure hunt in Aigle castle! More information Here.
  • Castle Aigle Mystery quiz. Aigle Château has come up with an entertaining quiz which enables children to learn all about the rich history of Aigle’s prime monument whilst having fun at the same time. It’s not only the children who benefit ; adults too enjoy solving the mystery quiz. More about it Here.
  • In the Realm of Knights and Princesss. Led by a special guide kids are transported right back into the Middle Ages. Making their way from room to room they learn how to build a spiral staircase, play a memory game based on the family crests of former Château residents and even learn long-forgotten expressions from this bygone era. All these amusing activities are adapted according to the children’s age group. More about it Here.
  • Getting married! It is every little girl’s dream to get married in a castle, and you can make that come true by getting married in the Aigle castle. More information Here.
  • Visit the Wine museum. The Vine and Wine Museum inside Aigle Castle has a collection of historical implements used in the wine-making process but also numerous interactive displays and computer models explaining the making of wine. More information Here.

Photo credit: Here

#5 The castle of Valère and Tourbillon, Sion

The construction of these two castles date back to the 13th century and can be seen on the hills surrounded by beautiful villages and vineyards of Valais. It is a very impressing sight and I can’t keep myself wondering how this place must look like back at the 13th.

For more information click Here.

Photo credit: Here

Cave, gorge and waterfalls

What would a visit to Switzerland be without even have seen at least one of the many many Swiss caves, gorges and waterfalls? Your Swiss experience wouldn’t be completed!

#6 Grotte aux Fees/ The Fairy’s cave in St-Maurice

It is said about the Fairie’s Fountain in the cave is that he who plunges his left hand in its water will have his dreams come true thanks to the fairie’s magic dust. I can’t wait to try it! I know what I would wish for!

Photo credit: Here

Photo credit: Here

For the kids!

There is a treasure hunt for children consists of finding 5 little fairies hidden throughout the cave.

Each child receives a detailed map of the cave and a pencil. When finding a fairy, he/she will have to draw it on the map in the right spot.

If the child finds all 5 fairies, he/she will be able to slip his map into the contest box. At the end of the season there will be a drawing.

For more detailed information about the Fairy’s cave please have a visit at their official homepage Here.


#7 Mine de sel,Bex

Between 200 to 60 million years ago, the present Rhône Valley was a shallow sea.The salt deposits of Bex in the Canton of Vaud are derived from the salt of this sea. A labyrinth of passages and tunnels, over 50 kilometers long, today yields 30,000 tons of salt per year. A small mine train takes visitors into the subterranean world and to the restaurant located in the mountain at a depth of 400 meters.The mines can be explored further on foot. Unusual adventure tours offer treks into the mines and tunnels that date from the 17th century.

For more detailed information of the salt mine in Valais, please visit their official homepage here.

Photo credit: Here


#8 Lac souterrain, St-Leonard

The subterranean lake of St-Leonard along the Rhone valley, between Sion and Sierre in the heart of the Swiss Alps.
With a length of around 300 meters this is the largest natural underground lake in Europe which can be explored by boat.
During a 30 minute boat trip on the crystal clear water, you will enjoy the peace of this amazing place while your guide explains all sorts of fascinating details about the origin and the history of the underground lake.

For more information please have a visit at their official homepage Here.

Photo credit: Here

Photo credit: Here


#9 Trient gorge, Martigny

Canton of Valais has many caves, gorges and waterfalls and if you are in Martigny and have some time to spare, Trient gorge is a small but beautiful and worth a visit!

You can find more information and about our day at the gorge 3 things to do with kids when you are passing by Martigny

The entrance to the beautiful but short walk into the Trient gorge in Martigny, Switzerland.


#10 Gorges du Dailley

Gorges du Dailley is still on our list places-to-visit!  According to some, you will need to walk on 631 wooden steps, through the gorge passes through magnificent pine forests and takes you from Les Granges to Van d’en Bas using features that require a degree of daring, such as footbridges, tunnels and steep flights of steps.  The wooden trails have been renovated in 2015 and should be safe!

For more detailed routes description and maps please click Here

Photo credit : here

#11 Gorge du Durnant

Yet another gorge we haven’t been to! While writing this I am in Bangkok wishing to be back in Switzerland just to have a walk along the gorge du Durnant!

Gorge du Durnant is considered as the ten most beautiful gorges in Europe! The Gorge of Durnand extends about one km, between the buttresses of the Pointe Ronde and the Catogne in Bovernier parish (613m) to the south of Martigny. The Gorges is open to the public since 1877 thanks to a bucolic trail over footbridges and wooden steps above the crashing torrent below. The path climbs 200m via 330 steps. Figure on about 60 minutes, with the possibility of returning via a footpath through the forest.

For more information please click Here. Although the site is only in french there is a list of prices and open hours and all the contact information.

Photo credit: Here

Photo credit : Here

#12 Cambioula hot spring and the Cambioula cave, Val de Hérémence

I found out all about this hot spring in this french blog post. Although this small hot spring in the canton of Valais isn’t very well-known world wide, it must be well-known locally because it was very crowded the day we were there, but it was also on a sunday on the school holiday in July. In spite of the crowds and that it was a bit tricky finding a spot for you to sit, we had a nice time relaxing by the natural pools. There is also a cave that we never entered.

COMING SOON! You can read of how to get there and about our day at the spring The secret Cambioula hot spring and the Euseigne pyramids


#13 Pyramides des Euseigne,Val d’Héremence

If you are going to the #12 Cambioula hot spring and #16 Lac bleu you will not miss the Euseigne pyramids! You will drive through them even! But what I suggest you to do is to take your time and have a small walk to see them up closely, the round walk takes less than 10 minutes!

COMING SOON!  You can read all about the walk to the pyramidesThe secret Cambioula hotspring and the Euseigne pyramids

The tunnel of Pyramides des Euseign in the canton of Valais in Switzerland!

#14 Pissevache waterfall,Martigny

When you are driving pass Martigny you will see a tall waterfall and that’s the Pissevache which litterary means “Cow’s piss” in english ! It doesn’t take a lot of detour and time if you decide to have a stop by the 114-metre waterfall! The pissevache waterfall lies only 1km away from the #9 Trient gorge

Lakes of Valais

Switzerland has so many beautiful lakes and the canton of Valais is home to many of them. The largest Swiss dam can be found here and also perhaps Switzerland’s clearest blue lake, lac Bleu in Arolla?

#15 Lac du Rosel, Martigny

Right by the highway and the gas station the St-Bernand is this small turquoise lake that invite us to swim after some hours in the car. So why not jump in before heading further? Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time but we will next time for sure!

#16 Lac Bleu, Arolla

Our family love blue and crystal clear mountain lakes and lac Bleu in Arolla must be the bluest and the clearest…and the coldest? Have a visit and please let me hear all about how cold the water is!

You can find more information and read about our day by the lac Bleu you here Lac Bleu in Arolla is the bluest lake in Switzerland?

#17 Lac Tseuzier, Anzère

The dam Tseuzier is only 22km/40 min away by car from Sion and really worth a visit. You can park your car right by the dam or if you come by transport public, the bus will drop you off aswell on the dam.

The Tseuzier lake  is highly recommended for families not only it has easy access but also the easy walk round the lake which is about 5 km long and should take about 1.5 h. There are many picnic and BBQ spots, and make sure not to miss the magnificent waterfalls by the path on your way.

If you are going with your family, Corina and her twins had a great day by the Tseuzier lake. From her Packed Again family travel blog, you can read all about their day by the lake Here! She gives you excellent tips about the place!

#18 Lac de Moiry, Grimentz

The barrage Moiry is about 50km/1hour from sion by car and you can park right by the dam without having to walk very far to see emerald-tinted Swiss lake. If you however like to walk, the lake marks the starting point for wonderful hikes. There are several options to choose from: Higher trails on both sides about 300m above the lake, or child friend trail and a paved road close to lake level. The child friendly walk round the lake is 11km long and should take about 3 hours to complete.

About the child friendly version hike Here.

By car, you can also drive along the lake to the #45 Moiry glacier

For more practical information Here. 

  Read more about our hike by the Moiry lakeHiking by the Moiry lake and Moiry glacier

#19 Lac de Taney, Vouvry

Lac de Taney is a beautiful Swiss natural mountain lake situated hight above the Rhône Valley, in the canton of Valais on the border to France. This deep-green lake was declared as national natural heritage site in the 1960s and is a real hidden gem that very few tourist knows about! Furthermore, if you are after for a perfect view of lake Geneva and the surrounding, hike up to Grammont! The walk up is steep and you will be in pain, but the stunning bird’s-eye view up there is worth it!

For more pictures and information please read about our day hiking to the Taney lakeHiking to Lac de Taney and Grammont, Switzerland

#20 Lac de Mauvoisin, Haut Val de Bagnes

The Mauvoisin lake is a man-made reservoir in a setting of breathtaking natural Swiss beauty in the canton of Valais. The Mauvoisin dam: at 250 metres, is the second-tallest in Switzerland!

Many years ago, David and I did for the first time a two days long hike with one night in the cabane de Chanrion, to book click HERE. Altought I must add that we had a bad experience staying there. It might be our fault, but we didn’t know that we had to be at the cabin by dinner. We arrive about 8pm and got yelled at and asked several times if we thought that we were the King and the Queen?? Huh?  Then we got stuck in a small room with at least over 30 hikers sharing beds, fine by us but only till we realised that there were 2 other EMPTY rooms they didn’t use. Was it because they didn’t want to clean the rooms?? And we paid I think 80 CHF each.

Anyhow in spite of the bad experience, we really recommend this loop hike round the Mauvoisin lake! The hike started with a steep walk up in the long and dark tunnel from the parking to the lake. Once out of the tunnel we both went “WOW!” ! Switzerland never fails to impress us!

The hike wasn’t very difficult for us, if it might be for some, this is the place to challenge yourself because this two days loop hike is beautiful! We will redo this hike, but this time with our daughter!

If you are interested about the hike we did, please click HERE for more details!

David playing with light in the dark tunnel of Mauvoisin lake in the canton of Valais.

#21 Lac Grande-Dixien, Val d’Hérens

We have never been there ourself so I am asking myself why haven’t we been there yet??? This place looks amazing and seem to be very interesting!

Grande dixence lake is WORLD’S highest gravity dam! The dam is heavier that the great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt and collects melting water from 35 Valaisian glaciers in the region surrounding Zermatt and leading up to Val d’Hérens.

There are guided tours with slide shows and films that take place inside of the dam from mid-June to the end of September, every day, at 11:30, 13:30, 15:00 and 16:30 hours (registration on-site).

Duration: approx. 1 hour 15 minutes

Price: adults CHF 10, students and pensioners CHF 8, children CHF 6,
groups (from 10 people) CHF 8/person.

A cable car carries visitors up from the car park and bus terminus to the top of the Dixence dam, where they can enjoy an impressive panoramic view of the Valais mountains and over the long lake.

Please have a look at Grande Dixence official home page HERE. You will find all the information from how to get there and what are there to do.

Photo credit: Here

Photo credit: Here

Photo credit: Here

#22 Lac de Deborence, Conthey

We visited the Deborence lake in July in 2018 on our European road trip. The drive up to the lake was beautiful and interesting as you will need to drive on a single lane road in a tunnel, so drive slowly!

We did the loop hike round the lake which took us about an hour to complete with our 3 years old daughter walking most of the way. I personally didn’t like the lake itself very much, I found the lakeshore to be muddy and there were a lot of flies and the water didn’t look that very inviting as many other Swiss mountain lakes. However, the walk around the lake was pleasant and the walk in the woods felt like a walk in the enchanted forest, it was beautiful!

PS. It’s a good place for freedom camping with your van or a tent! But if you want to stay overnight in room, there is a hotel and restaurant by the lake. Please click HERE for more information, only in french.

Freedom camping by the lake Deborence in the canton of Valais, Switzerland.

#23 Lac d’Emosson et du Vieux Emosson, Col de la Gueulaz

If you only have a day to visit one of the many Swiss dams in the canton of Valais, if you come with kids, I think you should visit the two Emosson lakes! The lakes are truly beautiful, there is a child friendly trail leading you all the way to see the dinosaur footprints! And just the ride up to the lake by the funicular, panoramic train and finally the minifunic just add more fun to your day!

If you want to see more photos and read more about our day by these two lakes please click here Hiking to the two Emosson lake and the dinosaur footprints, Switzerland

#24 Lac de Salanfe, Evionnaz

Lake Salanfe is surrounded by the Dents-du-Midi range and the Tour Salière and Luisin peaks. A pleasant stroll around it takes less than 2 hours and is well-suited to families. Along the way, a discovery trail gives information on local alpine flora and fauna as well as the area’s geological points of interest.

We did a hike over a  pass to the lake Salanfe which was quite demanding but if you click on lake Salanfe official homepage you can find all the information you need! A very good site so I highly recommend to have a look if you are interested to visit Salanfe lake in the canton of Valais.

A mud SPA by the Salanfe lake in the canton of Valais, Switzerland.

#25 Etang de Duzillet, St.Triphon

This little lake is between Aigle and Martigny and is a great stop for having a dip in the cool water and a picnic under the trees! The lake might not make you go WOW on the first sight, but the lake is not to be overlooked if you have had a long drive and need a pleasant place to take a break!

This lake is famous for scuba diving if you are interested of doing that!

Finally she is sleeping!


Adventure parks/Amusement parks

#26 Swiss vapeur park, Bouveret

Ever since we had Mirabelle I have always wanted to visit the well-known Swiss vapeur park by Geneva lake in Bouveret. I have heard so many good things about this park so I went there with high expectation. Which I shouldn’t have because I got disappointed. I felt that the park is very small, the Swiss miniature were not many and there wasn’t much to do than to ride the trains. But keep in mind parents, we are there for our kids to have fun and my kid did have fun so I guess it was a succesful day!

Click HERE for more information such as prices, open hours and discounts!

#27 Aquaparc, Bouveret

If you are visiting the Swiss vapeur park then you should perhaps also visit Aquaparc as they are within walking distance from each other. We never took Mirabelle there as I thought she was too young to fully enjoy the park. But once she is a bit older, I am sure she will have so much fun she would want to pack her bags and move into the water park! It looks huge but mostly it looks fun!

Click HERE at Aquaparc’s official homepage for prices, open hours and discounts!

Photo credit: Here


#28 Adventure park, Aigle

The park is open for adult and children start of 4 years old.

After a safety briefing and being fitted with a harness and carabiners, the more adventurous can travel through 2 hectares of forest 15 metres from the ground, moving from tree to tree on mobile rope walkways, wobbly bridges and narrow platforms.

For maximum thrills, budding “Tarzan” can fly through the air on two giant 250m zip lines! Less daring Squirrels have the choice between 11 circuits of different levels of difficulty, with more than 200 obstacles and lots of surprises. Especially designed for mini-adventurers, there are three purple circuits fitted with a continual life line so little ones from the age of 4 can have fun too.

For further information please visit HERE at Park Aventure official homepage!

#29 Parc Labyrinthe, Martigny

Not very long ago we did pass by Martigny and have a stop by the fun Labyrinth park in Martigny!  There are all kind of things to do in the park, not only for the kids but also for the grown-ups. I have seen parents teared up because they were laughing so much, I have to admit…I was one of them! The sumo wrestling was hilarious!

If you are interested of having a fun day in park, please read more about our family day at the Parc Labyrinthe 3 things to do with kids when passing by Martigny, Switzerland

#30 Western City, Martigny

Another Swiss park on our bucket-list! The park has everything to keep your kids entertained: all kind of games, a huge play area with climbing walls and zip lines, Western saloon where you kids can dress up like a cowboy, there is a gold mining area, shooting area, mini golf and they even organise Country soirée..and so much more! Sound so much fun right?

For more information, prices and open hours please visit HERE at Western’s city official homepage, although only in french.

All three photos above are taken from here.

#31 Adventure park, Sion

At the biggest adventure park in Valais, adventurers access to 11 different courses, 176 games (including 40 ziplines), all equipped with an auto-securing system. Three « kid » courses have been specially designed for children aged 4 to 7. As a bonus, Parc Aventure offers a great air slide on the Tyro express, with 7 ziplines in a row, and a sensational free fall, thanks to Quick Jump. For pure adrenaline, Speed tyro, a 15m zipline at a 45-degree angle, is quite convincing ! Situated beside Les Îles Lake in Sion, Park Aventure is easily accessible by walking, cycling, driving, or taking public transportation.

Have a look at their official homepage HERE.

Photo credit : Here


#32 Happyland, Sierre

We haven’t been there ourself but reading from reviews this amusement park has mixed review from very bad to very good. Many bad reviews was almost all the same about how rude the staff were and that the rides are old and worn out. But as many said they really enjoyed there day on the Happyland! If you are interested of having a look yourself, which I think we will also one day, please visit their official homepage HERE.



All three photos above taken from: Here

#33 Bungy Niouc Adventure park

The description from their official webpage:

At the Bungy Niouc Adventure Park we offer a wide range of adventurous activities designed to guarantee an adrenaline rush to the thrill seeker in you.
Whether it be the 190 meter Bungee-Jump, the Giant-Swing, or the Zipline amongst the snow-capped Swiss Alps, the once in a lifetime experience at BUNGY NIOUC is a must-have.

Do you want to try and will you do it? For now, none of our family will!

Have a look at their official webpage HERE.


Special educational trail

There must be over 100 of educational trails in Valais, we have only done the Apricot trail so there are many left for us to do!

If you wish to discover other educational trails in Valais, click HERE.

#34 Valais Vineyard trail

On the top of our bucket list to do in Switzerland when we get back home!

Photo credit: Here

The Valais Vineyard trail exists in three versions – for motorists, cyclists and walkers – which follow slightly different itineraries. The version for hikers (SwitzerlandMobility/Suisse Rando route 36) extends for 66 km over 4 stages, of which this walk from Branson to Saillon is the first. The hike mostly skirts the upper edges of the winemaking villages, revealing sweeping views across the Rhône valley. The sleepy villages along the way are full of charm, culminating in Saillon, recently voted the prettiest village in French-speaking Switzerland. 

One particularly popular section is the 6km route between Sierre and Salgesch. It’s a 2.5 hours walk through an open air museum with eighty trailside markers tell about life in the vineyards and point out interesting facts about the scenic landscape and its inhabitants. 

More about this particular section Here

Further information Here

We did an amazing walk throught the Lavaux vineyard in the canton of Vaud one autumn day when the vine leaves were golden, have a look. Hiking the Lavaux vineyards in colourful autumn, Switzerland

#35 Apricot trail, Saxon

Not only are they growing grapes, apples and pears in the canton of Valais but they are also growing apricots! I did this Apricot trail in Saxon with Mirabelle on a daughter and mother spring hike perfect timing for the apricot blossom. However during the summer, you can do the easy hike to see and taste the fruits itself!

You can find more information and read about our hike at the apricot trail here Hiking the Apricot blossoms trail in Saxon, Switzerland

#36 The Saffron educational trail, Mund

The Saffron Educational Trail begins at the village centre (Mund Village post office bus stop). From there, the trail sets out on a tranquil and circular route running through saffron fields and meadows, and with an impressive view of the Rhone Valley. In the course of the hike, there are currently six stations with plaques providing information about Mund saffron cultivation in German and French. Visitors will learn why this wonderful product can only be picked and processed by hand, as well finding out about its worst enemies. The plaques convey bite-sized information about the history, origin, culinary properties, cultivation and processing of saffron, as well as about botany and the Mund tradition. The Saffron Educational Trail is an entertaining hiking opportunity which is ideally suited for family outings. Part of the trail is wheelchair-accessible.

You can find more information HERE.

Photo credit: Here

Thermal bath

Valais is famous for its many thermal baths scattered all over the canton. The hot water bubbles from the depths of the Valais mountains, inviting a relaxing soak. The Valais thermal baths have been offering relaxation, repose and healing for many decades. The thermal water relaxes muscles, stimulates the circulation, and its mineral content alleviates chronic joint pain. There is nothing more relaxing for body and soul than an indulgent soak in an outdoor thermal bath – with views of the gorgeous Valais mountains in the distance.

#37 Ovronnaz Thermal bath

The warm and mineral-rich water of Ovronnaz provides you relaxation and well-being. Inside a thermal pool waits for you as well as a jacuzzi, a children’s pool and three break rooms. Outside you can swim in two thermal pools or rest on the terrace with lounge chairs. They are a small bar and a playground too.The entrance to the thermal baths is free for children under 6 years and babies are welcome.

For more information of Ovronnaz thermal bath on their official website HERE.

Photo credit: Here

#38 Saillon thermal baths

At the heart of the Valais vineyards, the Bains de Saillon thermal zone has something for everyone:
- 3 thermal pools at 32°C - 34°C1 semi-Olympic pool at 28°C
- The Thermal River (Rivière Thermale)
- The Mayens of well-being (Mayens du Bien-Être - sauna village and Turkish baths)
 - The Carpe Diem SPA
- Fitness and aerobics room
- Children’s zone with a giant toboggan, water slide and paddling pool (in summer)
If you are interested of the Bains de Saillon, please visit their official homepage HERE.

Photo credit: Here

#39 Val d’Illiez thermes parc

The thermal and leisure park at Val d’Illiez opened its doors in 2009. The new infrastructures and high-level services a site covering over 110,000m2 comprise: a thermal center for fun and play, indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, steam bath, whirlpool, massages and beauty treatments, as well as a medical center. The Val d’Illiez Thermal Spa is fed by three natural springs whose waters gush out of the earth at a temperature between 20-32°C.

For more information please visit their official homepage HERE.

Hiking at the Bisses of Valais

Bisses are the historic irrigation channels of the Valais. A bisse is an open ditches delivering priceless water from mountain streams – often by daring routes – to arid pastures and fields, vineyards and orchards. Many bisses are still in use today and so are carefully maintained. Numerous trails accompany these historic watercourses, inviting visitors to varied hikes on historic trails.

More information about ALL the bisses Here

#40 Bisse du Rho, Cran Montana

Built in the fourteenth century and entirely piped in the middle of the twentieth century, this bisse was once called the Bisse d’Amont (up river).  There are explanatory educational panels explaining the social organisation and the irrigation rules along the trail.

Total length : 5 km.

Altitude : Between 1750 and 1450 metres.

Route time : Approximately 3 hours without the return trip. 

Location :  Plan Mayen above Crans-Montana, the Zeuzier Dam to the right of the Rhône, from where you can continue on the Bisse d’Ayent or the Bisse de Sion.

Difficulty : The trail is spectacular and, although quite safe, passes by vertiginous cliffs and is not suitable for those suffering from a fear of heights.

Best period : From June to September.

This bisse partially contains water from late April to late September.

All the information were taken from HERE.

#41 Bisse du Torrent Neuf, Savièse

 Also known as the Bisse du Torrent Neuf and built at the beginning of the fifteenth century, this bisse has been restored and offers a spectacular walk past sheer rock faces. 

Total length : Approximately 8 km without the return trip.

Altitude : Between 1100 and 1300 metres.

Route time : 2 to 3 hours without the return trip

Location :  Savièse, to the right of the Rhône, above Sion.

Difficulty : A very beautiful walk but absolutely not recommended for those suffering from a fear of heights. Children should be carefully watched at all times.  Walkers should be aware that the stretch of bisse from the St Marguerite Chapel towards the point where the bisse takes water is closed from the beginning of November for security reasons

Ordinance Survey map 1 : 50’000  no. 273T Montana.

Best period : June to October.

All the information were taken from HERE.

Photo credit: Here

Photo credit: Here

#42 Bisse de Vex

Built in the early fifteenth century, this bisse is also called the Grand Bisse de Vex. There is water along its entire length and it has been completely restored. The stretch between Veysonnaz and the Mayens de Riddes is suitable for push-chairs and those with reduced mobility. 

Total length : 11 km.

Altitude : Between 1500 and 1350 metres.

Route time : Approximately 3 hours, without the return trip.

Location :  Planchouet, Veysonnaz, Mayens de Sion, to the left of the Rhône.

Difficulty : There are no particular difficulties. 

Ordinance Survey map 1 : 50’000  no. 273T Montana.

Best period : May to October.

This bisse contains water from mid-May to mid-October.

All the information were take from HERE.


Photo credit: Here

Photo credit: Here

#43 Bisse du Levron

Built around 1460, this bisse contains water along its entire length which is unusual for a bisse at such altitude.

Total length : Approximately 18 km as far as Verbier for the return trip.

Altitude : Between 2400 and 1900 metres.

Route time : 3 to 4 hours (if you go as far as Verbier on foot).

Location :  Verbier - Mont Fort, in the Val de Bagnes. 

Difficulty : No particular difficulty, the trail takes in the heights of Verbier to the Levron gulf.

Ordinance Survey map 1 : 50’000  no. 273T Montana.

Best period : June to September.

This bisse contains water from early June to late October.

All the information were taken from HERE.

Photo credit : Here


Everybody knows that wherever there are high mountains range there are problably a glacier and it’s not a suprise that Switzerland has many beautiful glaciers!

#44  The Aletsch glacier

If you have to choose one  glacier hike to do in Valais I think you should come to the Aletsch glacier!

Hiking around Aletsch glacier was one of our first hikes together and that was very long time ago (I think it was in 2009) as you can see on the quality of the few images we have!:)

There are over 300 km of trails to be done here so there are trails for all ages and physically conditions! Please have a visit at their official webpage HERE, a really good site!

Having pasta at lunch with an incredible view of the glacier Aletsch, Switzerland

#45 The Moiry glacier

We hiked to Moiry Glacier when we did a loop hike at the #18 Moiry lake. The glacier might not be as spectacular as the Aletsch glacier but what we like about here is the surrounding and the Moiry lake. You can park you car by the feet of the glacier and have a short walk to the 5 km long glacier.

Please have a look at #18 Lake Moiry for more information.

Gastronomie of Valais

If this is your first time in Switzerland, you must try the typical world-famous Swiss food like Swiss cheese fondu and raclette, but if you are also looking for something a bit different here are some Swiss dishes you should try while in the canton of Valais!

#46 Le plateu Valaisan

Dried meat is a product synonymous with the Valais and an essential ingredient of the famous “assiette valaisanne”, a plate of rye bread , dry meat and cheese, and onion and cucumber pickles, everything made from the canton of Valais! This is our usual picnic lunch during our hikes in Switzerland.

Photo credit: Here

#47 Croûte de fromage Valaisanne

Croûte de fromage is something David do often at home because he loves cheese and it’s something every “dummies in the kitchen” can prepare. The ingredients are basics like some slices of bread, a lot of cheese over and an egg. If you want, pour some good white wine over and sprinkle some black pepper and hop in the oven till the cheee melt! Serve with pickles!


Photo credit: Here

#48 Le Choléra ( Valais leek pie)

This name is most likely coming from the cholera epidemics of the early 19th century; unwilling to leave the house, they used what they had on hand like potatoes, cheese, ham, packing everything it into a pie and baking it. I guess it’s the same story for the world-famous Italian dish: the Pizza!

We have never tried Le Choléra before but it does look tasty!

If you want to try to do one at home, HERE is a good recipe!

Photo credit : Here

#49 The wine

Valais is the largest wine region in Switzerland, and is responsible for almost half of the nation’s total wine production. Located in the mountainous south-western corner of this small country, the main vineyard area of Valais runs east-north-east for 50km from Martigny to just beyond Sierre.

There are approximately 125 appellations found within the Valais. There are five wines that are considered the Valais Grand Crus: Fully, Conthey, Vetrox, Saint-Leonard, and Salgesch. Even though these are not well-known outside of Switzerland, their distinction gives rise to the idea of Valais becoming a more internationally successful region to look out for.

We don’t drink a lot of alcohol (only to get very drunk) so we can’t recommend a good wine from Valais, or any wine of any part of Switzerland!:(

Here are some fun read about wine Valais ⇒ Here and Here 

Where to stay?

Unless you have family and friends at whom you can stay for a few days, you will need to base yourself somewhere in the heart of Valais if you want to visit and do some or all of these places and activities.

#50 TCS Camping Sion

We have been parking our van for a couple of nights in this child friendly camp site in Sion. It is the perfect location to explore places mention above. The campsite has pitches with shade, pitches without shade and pitches with some shade. It is possible to rent tents, hikers’ cabins and bungalows. The campsite has a playground and a swimming pool and a sports ground. What we like about the campsite is that you have two lakes within the walking distance. To the furthest lake and the nicest lake,  des domaine des îles, you need to ask a key at the reception to open a gate to pass. By this public lake, there are playgrounds, restaurants and SUP renting! Come here even though you are not staying at the camping because it is for everyone!

Another thing we like about the TCS camping in Sion was the everyday activities by the playground, there were always kid’s corner of DIY where they paint, cut and create different things.

For further information visit HERE, only in German, French and Italian

Domaine des îles, the a beautiful lake that you can have access from the TCS Sion camping site, Switzerland.


So there you go, a list of 50 things you can do this summer in the canton of Valais! If you are still deciding, perhaps you would like to have a look on our list of 60 things you can do this summer in the canton of Bern instead? ⇒ 60 Things To Do This Summer Around Interlaken










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  1. We spent a few weeks in Switzerland. But sadly never made it to the Valais region. We definitely had Zermatt on our radar and wanted to see the Matterhorn. But I do love that view of the houses on the hills in Sion. Seeing the castles of Valais, Valere and Tourbillion would be something we would find interesting. Visiting the Fairy’s cave would be a good way to ensure my wishes come true. And that wish would probably be to have time to explore more of this great region. Especially in summer when we could enjoy the waterfalls and lakes! Even if they are probably too cold to swim in. Such a great comprehensive view. Will PIN this one for sure.

  2. Great list!! I have always loved Switzerland so much and I honestly think that it has to the heaven on earth. That was a great long list and it had all the best places in Switzerland mentioned. I have been to Switzerland once a few years ago and stayed there for a whole month, exploring nature and yet one month wasn’t enough time to explore the country. It would be a shame to pick one out of all the destinations you have mentioned but if I had to pick one thing that I loved about Switz’s nature, I would definitely choose the picturesque vineyards.

  3. Hi Dawan,

    Your great compilation of the things to do in Valais has inspired us to spend 2-3 weeks in Valais this summer. Can you please recommend a couple of nice villages in the region where we can spend one week each and use it as base for exploring the spots in this list ? Some days we will need to work from home, so looking for places where our 7 year old can step out and play around. Please do let us know in case you know any nice places to stay.

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Govind, I am always happy to get a message from a reader and that we are able to help. But unfortunately, we are not able to help you one this one. I guess Zion would be a great start for your first. There is another awesome Swiss family blogger based in Valais and they do very cool stuff in Valais. Please contact them
      and tell her that I send you🙏😊

      You can find them in both facebook, instagram and their blog as « Packedagain ».

      Have a nice summer in Valais.

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