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Lac Bleu in Arolla is the bluest lake in Switzerland?

Always in search of crystal clear Swiss mountain lakes, when I found out about Lac Bleu in Arolla I knew immediately that I have to dip my toes in that blue water! And so did I not very long ago…

Blausee is a small lake in Kandersteg well-known to have a very clear and blue water. The lake is obviously very popular among tourists as the lake has an easy access where you can park the car right outside and don’t require much walk. The Lac Bleu in Arolla is also quite crowded during summer months but however not as much as you will need to at least walk for 40 min on a steep hill to reach the beautiful Lac Bleu. All worth it, trust me!

How to get there: The incredible blue lake of Arolla can be found high up in the Val d’Hérens in the canton of Valais. From Sion is about 50min/37 km. To put on the GPS, La Gouille, 1984 Evolène.

You can park the car by the small pond at La Gouille.

By bus:There are Post buses available from Sion that drop you right by La Gouille. It should take you between 1-1.40 hours depending of which departure from Sion you are chosing. Here is the Link to the timetable.

The hike: The trailhead starts right by the parking and you can’t get lost! Lac Bleu in Arolla can be reached in about 40 min walk from La Gouille. The forest trail is technically not difficult but is steep and can be a bit slippery when walking down.

I was a bit out of shape after several month of break from any kid of physically activities, walking those hills with Mirabelle on my back felt like I would collapse on the hill.

As it was school holiday, there was a line of families with small kids walking up. Seeing little girls and boys as little as Mirabelle walking up made me motivated not to give up!? And also motivated to make Mirabelle walk more often!!

When you arrive to this beautiful small stone houses you should know that you are just a few meters away from the Lac Bleu! There is a Buvette “Chez Léon” where you can find drinks and snacks but unfortunately for us who didn’t brought anything else than a few apricots, the buvette was closed.

When finally there, the amazing blue color of the lake grabbed my attention right away….and then I saw the crowds! There were so much people (mostly kids running around) and although I wish they were all gone I think they deserve to  enjoy the blue lake as much as we did…

The intense blue comes from the combination of algae and glacial clays and the crystal clear blue water gave me a huge desire to jump right in if the water wasn’t that deadly cold! Beside that, I hate getting that much attention because as soon as a very brave person would dip themself into the lake everyone would clap their hands!?

So there you have it, Lac Bleu in Arolla, perhaps the bluest Swiss lake of them all?

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  1. Wonderful! The images are very beautiful and eye-catching. I hope I would travel to this place once a day and turn my visuals into reality.

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