Affenschlucht waterfalls in Winterthur, a hidden treasure in Switzerland

If you love waterfalls or just fancy for a swim in beautiful natural pools, Affenschlucht in Winterthur is a real hidden gem in Switzerland not to miss!

About a year ago when I found a blog post about Affenschlucht waterfalls I was dreaming to have a swim in these natural swimming pools so badly! As we lived in Bern, with over 2h drive to the waterfalls I knew I have to keep dreaming for a while. Now when I finally got to see the place for real, it was worth all the waiting!

How to get there: The waterfalls don’t have an official parking lot but we have seen cars parked right by the main road across the waterfalls. To put on GPS, Weiachstrasse 9, 8413 Neftenbach. It depends from what direction you are coming but you need to drive a few meters further or a stop few meters before the given address!

The parking lot where you see the two cars parking and across the road there are stairs leading you down to Affenschlucht

By bus: It seems as there is bus nr 665 from Winterthur railway station at the platform P. You should get out at Haltenreben and from there walk about 5 minutes to Affenschlucht. Once you step out of the bus you will see a gas station Tamoil, from that gas station turn right and follow the main road.

You will walk pass by a bridge but continue walking further on the main road for about a minute or two and you will see stairs to your left, the stairs will lead you down to the beautiful Affenschlucht!

We were camping just a few km away but we still managed to come too late for having the whole place for ourself! We arrived around 10am and there were already too many people for my taste! But it was on a sunday and it was over 25 degrees already early in the morning so I guess it was our own fault for not coming earlier! Keep that in mind people if you happens to pass by here!

Mind the people, Affenschlucht waterfalls remain incredibly beautiful with many swimming holes and spot enough for everyone to have their own pool!

Affenschlucht waterfalls is one of those places where is more beautiful in real life than on the pictures!

There was no way I wouldn’t jump into that water! It was cold for about 10 seconds then all I could do was enjoying the fresh water! But I have to admit that Mirabelle was whining extra much that morning for anything and everything! Sign.

It was really cool that you can easily get under the waterfalls, the water pouring down on you, plus there were stone benches where you can sit. The water was quite shallow and it was easy to walk around but please be careful as it can be slippery!

Have a nice summer everyone!

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  1. It really is a beautiful place but I think some of the visitors don’t respect it. By the end of summer there’s usually loads of trash there, such a shame!

    • Ohh what a shame? normally in Switzerland people ate good with collecting their trash after them.

  2. there is no toilet - people just shit in the water!!!

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