Our favorite Swiss swimming spot : Crestasee in Flims

It’s not hard to find awesome swimming spots in Switzerland with over a thousands of beautiful lakes and not to forget about all the rivers and swimming pools scattered all over the country. What is hard is to find THE favorite swimming spot, the perfect one, the one and the only. And you know what? I think we might have found ours!

Our favorite swimming spot in Switzerland is by the tiny but incredible beautiful crystal-clear Crestasee that lies between Trin and Flims in the canton of Graubünden.

A few kilometres from Crestasee you can find another gorgeous and perhaps the more visited and well-known lake, Caumasee. I won’t get into much details, but we didn’t like Caumasee! Don’t get me wrong, Caumasee is a beautiful lake and it’s a fun lake but we found Crestasee to be much more our kind of place…a place where we feel we are the only one with the nature! #NOwearenotahippie#NOwearenotcheesy

How to get to Crestasee by bus:

From Chur, take the yellow Post bus nr 81 direction Laax/Flims or Falera. The bus ride should take about 30 minutes and step of at the bus station Felsbach-Crestasee. From the bus station is about 20 minutes walk. Although I am not sure if the path down is stroller friendly.

Coming by car:

There are parking spaces from nr 3-5 and no matter where you park your car you will have to walk at least 15-20 minutes.

We parked our car by the parking space nr 4 and we had an easy walk about 15 minutes in the forest.

The trail is stroller friendly all the way to the lake but it might be tricky only the first part of perhaps 20 metres but its doable.

Just follow the trail and for about 15 minutes you will find yourself near the lake and I suggest you to take the right path up.

You will immediately see a restaurant and a sign telling you to pay the entrance at the kiosk by the lake. I know it might annoys some people but I think Crestasee is really worth every penny! After all it’s our Swiss perfect and favorite swimming spot! We were at Cresta lake two days, the first day a guy was collecting money from people around the lake and you will get a armband once you have paid. The second day we were by the lake very early and left early so we kind of “forget” to pay at the kiosk….*cough.

If you want to have a swim on our favorite spot it is important that you come early in the morning not only because you will have the whole lake for yourself but also because the morning sun will shine perfectly and beautifully on the right places! Already on the early afternoon the sun will shine on the other side of the lake. But sun or no sun, THE swimming spot will be gorgeous!

The beautiful swimming spot is on the right side of the lake if you have the kiosk on your back and the lake on your left. Don’t take the main trail but follow the forest trail right by the clear water.

Along the Crestasee you will pass by many places where you can jump into the crystal-clear water. But don’t jump in quite yet because not very further away you will see…

….THIS!! Our favorite Swiss swimming spot! Do I need to say anymore?

According to the thermometer, it’s 22 degrees in the water today!

If you wish there are boats and SUP rentals by the kiosk, so expect to see many of them on the lake. But we were by Cresta lake just before 10am and we saw none other than ducks on the lake!

I wish to come back and wild camp here (on your own risk!) because we saw a couple who has been camping on the swimming spot next to our favorite spot.

From here on it takes about 15 minutes to complete the walk round the lake. This other side of the lake is muddy and wet so when you come keep in mind not to wear your favorite pair of shoes!

Tips! By the tip of the lake, have a break on the throne of stone over the shimmering green lake .

So our favorite Swiss swimming spot is by the Crestasee…where is yours?

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  1. Nice little lake and thanks for posting. But for us the noises from the nearby road/highway made us leave pretty soon after we arrived in pursue of more quiet lakes.

    • Ahh I hope you found your perfect lake, if you want you can share it with us😉

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