An easy family walk by the beautiful Lago di Tovel in Trentino, Italy

If you are around Trentino area and you fancy for an easy stroll around a beautiful Italian mountain lake, come to Lago di Tovel in the Adamello-Brenta Nature Park where you will be awestruck by the beauty and the color of the lake.

On Mirabelle’s third birthday we were visiting with good friends not far from Trento in northern Italy. Without knowing my love for mountain lakes, they had this excellent idea of showing us one of their favorite lake not far from their home. We drove deep into the Val di Non, passing by hundreds of hundreds of apple orchards, far beyond of what the eyes can see! I have never seen so many apples in my whole life! This is why I love to travel because no matter how much I have seen, I always discover something that amaze me. I am surely coming back around this area for spring, those who knows us by now should know how much we love spring blossoms hikes and with this amount of apple trees, it would be so beautiful!

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Before you arrive to the lake, you will have to pay an entrance fee for 4.5 euro and drive for another 1 km to the parking lot. By the parking, you have toilettes for those in need. From the parking the walk is just a few minutes away to the beautiful lago di Tovel. I didn’t know what to expect because we has seen a whole bunch of mountain lakes before, but lago di Tovel didn’t disappoint us at all. The contrary, it migh even be our most beautiful mountain lake! This blue Italian mountain lake is incredible beautiful and I believe that no matter how many times you come here you will get awestruck by its beauty and of how shimmering blue the lake is.

In spite of being a cloudy day, the lake Tovel is blue as a clear sky!

The walk around lago di Tovel takes about an hour to complete and is mostly flat without any technically difficulties. Although, one half of the path is not suitable for strollers!

The most beautiful and most popular part of the lake for a picnic and a swim is by this wonderful stretch of beach with fine white pebbles.

We were happy to be here on a low season, on a monday in the begining of September, because sharing this heaven-on-earth-place with hundreds of other people would break the magical feeling we had…

Family Ometto on the background by the lake Tovel, Italy.

We found our beautiful spot by the lake Tovel.

Just look how inviting that shimmering blue and green water is! The water was fresh but I wouldn’t say it was ice-cold! As a mountain lake lover, we have swum in colder lakes! If only I had my swimsuit with me I would have been the first one dipping into the lake….I swear!?

In spite of high fever, Mirabelle tried her best to enjoy her birthday by the beautiful lake Tovel, sometimes she shown us a smile but most of the time it was the contrary…

Mirabelle might not remember her third birthday, but we parents will for sure!

A birthday is not a birthday without a cake!

Along the trail you will have intresting information boards about the lake and the nature around.

For instance, the lake Tovel was created by a landslide that took place in the year 1300 and the lake has been feed by two rivers ever since.

Both photos from: Here

Lago di Tovel wasn’t well-known for its beautiful blue color but rather for the red! In fact, during the summer month a large part of the lake used to turn into red due to the high concentration of an alga, the “glenodinium sanguineum”. Although this special algue is still present in the lake they are not enough to turn lago di Tovel into blood red. The last time we could see the lake turn red was in summer 1964.

If you wish to sleep by the lake, there is Chale Tovel.

Something extra!

There is a waterfall near the lake which you can see from the path. However we didn’t have time to visit but for those who does please send me a photo!

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  1. Lago di Tovel takes me right back to the Caribbean with its crystal clear waters and serenity. This hidden gem is definitely a place that I’m adding on to my upcoming Italy itinerary! I always make it a point to visit national parks/nature reserve in each country I go to and it looks like this one would not disappoint. How exciting that you were able to share this beautiful vista with your family!

  2. The lake at Lago di Tovel seems so tranquil and clear. The surroundings make this place so beautiful and mesmerizing. Lago di Tovel definitely seems a must visit in Trentino. I am surely going to include it on my itinerary when I travel to Italy.

  3. Wow, Never knew there was such a beautiful lake there. We’re planing for a trip in the region and will probably ping you for more details closer to our dates of travel. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Oh wow! This is just a paradise on earth indeed! I’d love to visit here. Good that you went during the low-season and you had the entire place for yourselves!
    I was just reading about bioluminiscent beaches and how algae does it and now look at this!!! The lake having a makeover with red algae. So stunning!!! I’m planning a trip to Italy, so I’m gonna check which part of Italy is this place in.

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