60 Things To Do This Summer Around Interlaken, Switzerland

Are you coming to Switzerland or just want to explore other part of this beautiful country and have no clue of where to stay and what to do. If you ask me, I would say come to stay around Interlaken and take minimum a weekend to explore around this region. But why Interlaken region?

To be honest, I have never visited Interlaken itself! The only real reason why I think you should stay in or around Interlaken is the location. Interlaken is nestled between two wonderful lakes in the beautiful Berner Oberland and is a really good starting point to many incredible destinations.

There are some things to take in consideration when reading this post:

  • Most of the 60 summer ( some of them can be visited all year round ) activities around Interlaken I am suggesting are more or less with the distance of 1 hour/100 km away by car from Interlaken. But please keep in mind that for some places you will need to add more time for the cable car/funicular ride or walking to the final destination. Switzerland has an excellent public transportation and to some of the destinations it is best to use the public transportation but sometimes using the public transportation can take twice the time or even third the time more than if you would take the car.  
  • We haven’t visited or tested all of the suggested activities but I know that they are highly recommended by others!
  • Some of the activities suggested can be combined with other activities like an example if you are going on a boat on lake Thun which is #5 you could combine it with a swim at the Merligen baden which is #9.

TIPS!  Before you head out there exploring the Interlaken region, please ask your hotel/resort for the Guest card for the Interlaken region! The card offers you many discounts of the entire region! Read more about it Here.

The map of the two lakes Thun and Brienzer and the surrounding area. Photo: Here

Cities to visit

I know that some of you come to Switzerland uniquely for the beautiful Swiss mountains but step down of the mountains for a day or two and visit some of the city around Interlaken region…

Want to learn a bit more about Switzerland ?  50 random facts about Switzerland

#1. Bern, the capital of Switzerland, 45 min/60 km 

From Interlaken it is easiest to come to Bern by public transportation as you don’t need to worry where to park the car and driving in Bern city can be quite a challenge as there are trams, pedestrians and a lot of bicycles to pay attention to.

Photo credit: Here

If you are here only for a few hours I recommend you to spend your valuable time strolling around the old city. 

Here are some suggestion of what you could visit around the old city:

  • The Rosengarten, a beautiful park above the city where there is a restaurant and a great playground for the kids.  PHOTO
  • Bärengraben, a park for brown bears, the city’s symbol. To be found close by the Rosengarten.
  • Climb up the 312 steps at Berner Münster at the Münsterplatz. On a fine day you can have an excellent view of the Bernese alps with the peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau! For price, opening hours and more information about the Berner Münster  here.

  • The Zytglogge is a landmark medieval tower in Bern. Built in the early 13th century, it has served the city as guard tower, prison, clock tower, centre of urban life and civic memorial. Source : Wikipedia
  • If you travel with kids, let them splash around on the fountain in front of the Federal Palace of Switzerland at Bundesplatz. My daughter’s favorite!

The kids favorite, the fountain in front of the Swiss federal palace, Switzerland

If you have a bit more time then I think you should add that time to walk along the river which is one of our favorite things to do and if you dare, you could swim like the locals? Just walk down to the free Marzili baden!

If you happen to be in Bern on a rainy day, don’t worry because the capital of Switzerland has a large array of museums, here is a list of all the museums in Bern.

Read more about Fun things to do by the river Aare in Bern

#2. Interlaken

Cleary, if you are staying in Interlaken one need to take a few hours to see what this world-famous city has to offer.

For more practical information and what to do in Interlaken: Here

Photo credit: Here

 #3. Thun, 30 min/30 km

Thun is a small but cosy and romantic city and is located where the Aare flows out of Lake Thun. although Thun is not big, you would just want to spend all afternoon strolling around and relax on one of the nice coffee shops by the river.

For things to do and see in Thun please click Here.

The old town of Thun. Photo credit: Here

#4. Meiringen, 25 minutes/ 30 km 

You can combine a visit to Meiringen with a visit to the Aareschlucht #13 and Reichenbach falls #54.

I wouldn’t say there are much happening in Meiringen, but I could stay an entire week exploring Meiringen area but if you have only a day there are tons of things to fill your one-day excursion from Interlaken. If you are a big fan of Sherlock Holmes Meiringen is the place for you! Here you can visit the Sherlock Holmes museum and visit the place where he sadly lost his life. 

More practical information Here.

To do on and around the lakes and the river Aare

Cleary, if you come to Interlaken region you have to spend a good amount of time around lakes and river. My first time visiting Switzerland, I was blown-away by all the beautiful lakes! Lake Thun and lake Brienz was and still are some of my favorite larger Swiss lakes. 

Read about our favorite Swiss lake  A Child friendy hike to the three mountain lakes, Ritom, Tom and Cadagno.

#5. Take a boat ride on the lake

A boat ride on the lake is a very pleasant way to discover the area and it can easily be combined with a visit to other attractions around. We once hopped on the boat from Thun and jumped off in Faulensee and had a very easy and nice walk along the lake to the small town Spiez. And from Spiez we catched a train back to Thun.

For more information, timetable and price click Here.

A map of the stops. Photo: Here

On one side you will have a stunning view of Swiss highest mountain tops and on the other side a beautiful view of idyllic lakeshore villages.

If you are not convinced of why you should take a boat tour on lake Thun please have a look at Hana’s blog post 6 Reasons to take a cruise on lake Thun.


#6. Catch a fish (or two)

Why not try to catch a big fish on Brienzersee? For 65 chf you will have fishing gear, fishing permit for that day and an expert accompanying you. On a traditional fishing boat you will be taken straight out on the lake, find a perfect fishing spot, take out the fishing rod and while you wait for the bait to do its work you just relax and enjoy the beautiful surrounding that Interlaken area has to offer!

For more information and contact number please click Here.

Photo: Here

#7. Scuba diving

You might not think of scuba diving when you think of Switzerland, but lake Thun is one of Switzerland’s most popular diving destinations! On lake Thun you can see the sulphur springs or dive deep down along the Beatenbuch. Exploring the lake Thun by scuba diving is still on my bucket list!  More about it here and here. Unfortunately the sites are only in German.

#8. Sailing

Do you want to learn how to sail? Why not try it on the lake Thun? 

All contact information Here.

Learn how to sail on the lake Thun. Photo credit: Here

#9. Swimming 

All around the two lakes, you can find free spots which invite you to take a swim and cool off. But if you are willing to pay a bit, there are some Wellnes and Spas along the shore. 

But our favorite swimming spot must be the Merligen baden (not to mistaken with MEIRINGEN) If you are taking a boat ride on the lake Thun, you can jump off in Merligen (study the map provided above) and then jump into this small but beautiful infinity pool. Come very early if you want the pool all for yourself! 

Opening hour: Everyday  09.30am - 7pm  BUT  between 6 July - 12 August 9.30 am - 9pm
Season opening: 19. Mai 2018
Season close: 14. September 2018

More information Here. Only in german.

Jump on a boat on the lake Thun and hop off in Merligen. Next to the station lies this infinity pool.


#10. Jump off a bridge

This is not for everyone, but for all my brave readers, why don’t you joint in with the locals and jump off one of the bridge into the river in Thun? I should have done it on my first years in Switzerland when I was like 15 years younger because now I don’t have the courage.


#11. Tubing from Thun to Bern

Tubing on the river Aare is my highest recommendation to do when visiting this region. You can rent a plastic boat from Thun and float all the way to Bern city where someone is picking the boat up. This is not like river rafting, tubing on this part of the river Aare is so relaxing. It takes about three hours to reach Bern but take your time to stop on beautiful spots along the river for a swim and BBQ!

More information Here and we rented our boat from Here.

From left, Juliet, myself and Ying tubing from Thun to Bern.


#12. Surf on the river

You don’t need fly all the way Australia to do some surfing! Do like the locals do, they attach a rope on the Obere Schleuse bridge in Thun….

Don’t know what to do in Switzerland? How about go surfing?


#13. Aareschlucht in Meirigen, 27 min/30 km

Aareschlucht in Meirigen, can be admired from a 1.4km long walk path, a pleasant walk along the river, in and out of tunnels, looking down at the milky water below.

Read about our experience on the Aareschlucht The mystical Aare gorge

The Aare gorge near Meirligen, Switzerland.


#14. Go biking

Biking is a very fun way to discover the surrounding area around Interlaken. Many years ago, David and I rented each a bike by the railway station in Thun and bike the westside of the lake Thun to Interlaken and then took the train back to Thun.

If you don’t feel like biking alone there are many interesting guided tours.

Here are two examples:  3 hours tour - Exploring the villages and lakes around Interlaken and the 6 hours - Lauterbrunnen tour.

More about these tours Here.

Read about our experience on The Emmental cheese trail on a bicycle

Biking from Thun to Interlaken in 2006, Switzerland

And for those more adventurous, you can bike the 30 km along the river from Thun to Bern, or the other way around. We did Bern direction Thun once but only managed to Münsingen, only half way through.

One of the many beautiful picnic spots by the river Aare, Switzerland

A hidden swimming spot by the river Aare.

#15 St. Beatus cave, 10 min/ 8 km

St. Beatus cave can be found not very far from Interlaken, it is a great stop even though you are not interested of visiting the cave. For free you can have a walk up to the beautiful restaurant. And for the kids there is an awesome playground with a dragon slide, and if you want there is also a place to BBQ.

For more information Here.

If you come with kids, have a look at Adinajustina’s blog post about when she visited the St. Beatus cave with her family.


#16. Grabenmühle in Sigriswill, 26 min/20 km

To do with the Sigriswill suspension bridge #22 

Grabenmühle is a small and western inspired trout farm hidden in the woods of Sigriswill. Here you can try your luck of getting rich by gold panning on the gold mine or test your fishing skills on the small pond. At Grabenmühle you can find farm animals and alpacas. On the restaurant menu you can choose dishes made from trouts of the farm.

For more information Here, unfortunately only in German.

A plate of local fish and home-made sauce at Grabenmühle, Switzerland

Visit one of the many Swiss castles

If you are fascinated of old castles and their history, there are some good amount of beautiful castles dotted all around lake Thun. 

#17. Thun castle, 30 min/30 km

If you are visiting Thun than you must have noticed the beautiful Thun castle above the town. I have never been there myself but the castle does look impressive!

More information Here

Photo: Here

#18. Oberhofen castle, 30 min/ 20 km

If you are doing the Sigriswill bridge walk down to Oberhofen which lies by the lake Thun or taking a cruise on the lake as suggested above, the Oberhofen castle is worth to have a look. Unfortunately, it was closed when we passed by. 

More practical info: Here

Photo: Here

#19. Hünegg Castle in Hilterfingen, 29 min/22 km

The renaissance castle at the right-hand shores of Lake Thun was built around 1862 and features the original fittings and furnishings of the castle owners. The castle can be reached by ship or bus from Thun or Interlaken West. More information Here.

Photo: Here


#20. The Gruyère castle, 1.5h/123 km

Absolutely to do with the Cailler’s chocolate factory #55

This is the furthest destination of all the activities but belive me it is worth it! The Gruyère castle lays in the a picture-perfect medieval town on a small hill. The castle, which dates back to the 13th century, is today a museum depicting 800 years of regional architecture, history and culture.

  • Other than the castle you have the museum of H. R. Gige that showcases the fantastical art of the Oscar-winner and «Alien» creator.
  • The Tibet museum (opened in 2009) with over 300 Buddhist sculptures, pictures and ritual works from various Himalayan regions
  • Gruyère is the best place for your first dose of Swiss cheese Fondue or Raclette. For dessert, try the Meringues with Gruyère double cream!

For practical information : Here and Here

Photo credit : Here

Photo credit: Here

#21. Spiez Castle, 20 min/18 km

The Spiez castle is 1000 years old church surrounded by magnificent vineyards and stands directly on the shores of Lake Thun. I  suggest you to take a boat ride and hop off on Faulensee and have an easy stroll by the lake to Spiez.  

For more practical information: Here

Photo credit : Here

Bridges and viewing platforms

#22. The Sigriswill bridge suspension bridge

Not very long ago in 2018 we had a wonderful but a very foggy walk on the Sigriswill bridge and we then continue on an easy walk down to Oberhofen by the lake Thun. The walk takes about 1.5 hour to complete (not stroller friendly route). On a day visit, you could for example take the boat from Interlaken and then hop off in Oberhofen, take the bus nr 25 to the end station of Sigriswill. From there is about 3 minutes walk to the bridge.

Or visit the GrabenMühle #16 , it’s only a 5-10 minutes walk from the bridge.

More about the bridge and the walk Here.

Our first crossing on the Sigriswill suspension bridge in February in 2018. 

The Sigriswill suspensing bridge on a clear day!

Photo: Here

#23. Stockhorn’s viewing platform in Erlenbach, 27 min/ 30 km

From the Stockhorn’s viewing platform you will have an amazing view of the surrounding area of Thun and the Lake Thun. From here, there are wonderful hikes!

The Stockhorn mountain train run every 30 minutes; the ride from Erlenbach in the Simmen Valley via Chrindi to the Stockhorn Mountain Station takes only 20 minutes.

For more practical information : Here

Photo credit. Here

The viewing platform in Stockhorn, Switzerland. Photo credit : Here

#24. Harder Kulm’s viewing platform in Interlaken

From here you can hike to Augstmatthorn #40

If Interlaken had a King, he would live on the Harder Kulm…that’s what they say! It is easy to reach this platform with a funicular from Interlaken-Ost. Once up, you will have a beautiful look down upon Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau!

For more practical information: Here

Photo credit: Here

#25. The First cliff walk in First Grindelwald,30 min/ 22 km

To do with a walk to Bachalpsee #31

The First cliff walk by Tissot is easily reached with a cable car from Grindelwald. The First cliff walk might seem scary but hold on tight and you won’t fall down…

For practical information. Here

Photo credit :Here

#26. The suspension Trift bridge in Gadmen, 40 min/ 43 km

Would you like to experience something unique? How about walking on a suspension bridge that is 170 meter long and 100 meter hight above a beautiful river? While crossing the Trift bridge  you can admire the Trift glacier that is sadly slowly melting away.

Read more about it Hiking to the suspension Trift bridge


#27. The suspension Hostalde bridge Frutigen, 36 km/35 min

To do when visiting the Enstligenalps falls #52

Between Adelboden and Frutigen, you can take a walk on the Hostalde Hangebrucke. The 150-metre structure was built by a local family who now run a log cabin cafe serving delicious platters of local cheese, cold meats and bread. You can find the family run café on the east side of the bridge. It is highly encouraged to have a drink or food there, or leave a contribution in the collection box. More practical information Here 

The suspension Hostalde bridge in Adelboden-Frutigen, Switzerland. Photo credit: Here

Beautiful lakes around

#28. Blausee in Kandersteg, 35 min/38 km 

To do when visiting the Oeschinensee #29

Although I have been many many times in Kandersteg I have never seen with my own eyes this world-famous beautiful Blausee in Kandersteg. Something to tick off my bucket list this summer!

For more practical information: Here

Photo credit : Here

#29. Oeschinensee in Kandersteg, 40 min/ 40 km

Oeschinensee is definitely not to miss when around Interlaken region! The lake is one of our favorite mountain lake because it is easy to reach and there are so many things to do around the lake! If you are visiting the Blausee mention above, don’t miss Oeschinensee! 

For practical information : Here

Read more about beautiful Swiss lakes  5 beautiful and child friendly hikes around mountain lakes

#30. Oberstockensee and Hinterstockensee in Erlenbach, 27 min/ 30 km

You don’t need a lot of climbing if you want to see the two beautiful Oberstockensee and Hinterstockensee. Right by the cable car to the middle station Chrindi you can walk down to Hinterstockensee withing a few minutes.

For more information and maps of all the hikes : Here

For more practical information: Here


#31. Bachalpsee in Grindelwald, 30 min/ 22 km 

To reach this small damn you will need to take a cable car from Grindelwald up to the Station First. Don’t miss the First cliff walk #. From the First station there is about 1.5 - 2 hours walk to the lake.


#32. Brienzersee

Sometimes the best things to enjoy things so beautiful as the Brienzersee is doing nothing than just to look! You can enjoy the lake from small and cosy villages dotted around the Brienzersee. You can also find picnic, BBQ and swimming spots all around!  Or as the lake Thun, you could take the boat ride, from the little village Bönigen and have a stop at Itseltwald before cruising all the way to Brienz. 


#33. Gelmersee in Guttanen, 48 min/ 50 km

If you are around Interlaken region, Gelmersee is another typical man-made Swiss lake that takes everyone’s breath away on the first sight! Funniest part must be sitting on Europe’s steepest funicular up to the lake!

Read more about our family hike to at Gelmersee  Gelmersee and Europe’s steepest funicular


#34. Lake Lungern, 35 min/ 30 km

Lake Lungern which the water is said to be of drinking quality! There is a nice path for walking or cycling on the gentle circular route around the lake. Bikes can be hired from the station in Lungern. However, I only recommend walking on one side of the lake as the other side you will have zero view of the lake because the forest  will block the view. The village is small but adorable and worth having a look.


Mountain tops

#35. Niederhorn, 16 min/ 12 km

Niederhorn is a popular mountain station and if you have time and money (because let’s be honest, cable car/funicular rides are not cheap in Switzerland), I think you should visit Niederhorn!

What to do and see here, please click Here.

Read about our winter hike in NiederhornWinter Wonderland: Niederhorn


#36. Niesen from Mülenen, 24 min/ 25 km

Niesen is also called as the Pyramid because of its perfect pyramid shape. I have never been up there myself but hopefully very soon! Here are some of the highlights of Niesen:

  • The Niesen offers great hiking path
  • There is Niesen Village - a fun playground for the kids
  • A  360° viewing plattform
  • A restaurant with a glass pavilion and a sun terrace with view of the alps.
  • The restaurant offers special full-moon dinners.

For more information Here.

Photo credit: Here

#37. Jungfraujoch

On the top of Europe! For more than 100 years the Jungfrau railway has been making its journey to Europe’s highest-altitude railway station at 3454 metres a.s.l. The travel duration to the summit from either Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen takes about 2 hours. More information Here.

Fun to know:

  • Europe’s highest-altitude post office with its own area code (3801).
  • Aletsch glacier – at 23 kilometres the longest Alpine glacier

Photo credit: Here

#38. Schilthorn

To do when passing by the Staubbach fall #50 and the Mürrenbach fall #51 since the cable station is on the Lauterbrunnen valley.

If you love James Bond you must have seen Schilthorn, at least from the TV screen because the panoramic revolving restaurant at the summit, Piz Gloria, was featured in the 1969 James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. You can have James Bond brunch and visit the Bond World, an interactive exhibition that transports you to the world of James Bond! But if you are not interested in Jame Bond, there are other things for you to do!

More information Here.

Photo credit: Here

#39. Schynige Platte

The train leaves from Interlaken Ost to Wilderswil, and then cog railway to Schynige Platte. The ride from Wilderswill to Schynige Platte takes about an hour. At Schynige Platte you have other than a gorgeous view:

  • A restaurant with large sun terrace next to mountain station.
  • A daylong hike to Faulhorn–Grindelwald/First. Or a leisurely panorama circular hiking trails from 30 min to 2.5 hours.
  • Daily musical entertainment of Alphorn blowers.
  • Nature cinema
  • Small railway exhibition in the mountain hotel Schynige Platte.

More about Schynige Platte Here.

Photo credit: Here

#40. Augstmatthorn

If you want to have the post card perfect view of the lake Brienz from Augstmatthorn, you will need ascent of about 500 m of elevation gain. To reach Augstmatthorn, you will/could pass by the stunning Harder Kulm plattform #

Read about our hike to Augstmatthorn  Augstmatthorn, a part of the Hardergrat trail


#41. Rothorn in Brienz, 20 min/ 20 km

From Rothorn, you will have amazing trails leading you to the ridge of the mountain top. A very special and perhaps very dangerous hike I have always wanted to try is the Hardergrat trail that goes all the way to Augstmatthorn and then down to Interlaken.  

TIPS! As we all know it is expensive in Switzerland, but if you come  here on your birthday you can a ride on the steam train up to Rothorn for free!  Click here for more detailed information.

Read more about  Hardergrat, the most dangerous hike in Switzerland?

The beginning of the Hardergrat trail from Rothorn in Brienz, Switzerland. A hike to try when around Interlaken region.

# 42 Gantrisch nature park, 62 km/ 1 hour

Located between the cities of Bern, Fribourg and Thun, the Gantrisch is a diverse nature park covering 402km2. This nature park is more appreciated by the local than the tourist, but if you like pure nature and hidden gems with less crowd, Gantrisch nature park should be on your list.

Read more about Gäggersteg in the Gantrisch Nature Park

Read about The Gantrischsee and the Gantrisch circular walk

Gäggersteg hike at The Gantrisch nature park, Switzerland

The Gantrisch circular walk, Switzerland

(Extreme) Sports

#43 Canyoning

 I love waterfalls and gorges and I often feel so frustrated that I can’t get close enough to them and if you know exactly how I feel than I suggest you to get into a pair of wetsuit and then climb, slide and jump of waterfalls! Canyoning is a thrilling way to discover the hidden gorges and waterfalls and really get close to them! Switzerland is an excellent country to try this sport. Although I have to admit, I haven’t try it myself but David is still talking about his awesome day when he went canyoning. There are trails from easy family orientated trips to advanced high-intensity adventures! Click here for more information.

The both photos below are from this blog post I found, have a read of the writer’s day of canyoning!


#44. Paragliding

Paragliding is still on my bucket list but if I ever get the chance to do so, Interlaken must be one of the best places in Switzerland to try the paragliding! Imagine jumping off a cliff and fly like a bird with an incredible view of the Swiss alps and the lakes! More about it Here.


#45. Trotti-biking

Trotti-biking might not be as extreme as the other sports mentioned here but if you let your hand off the brake, the sensation must be like flying on a paragliding! Curve down through lovely alpine scenery passing by grazing cows and typical Swiss chalets.There are from several places you can try trotti-biking. From Niederhorn please read more about it Here or at Grindelwald HereThe Mini-Trottibikes are suitable for the little visitors from 125 cm (49.2 inches) in height.

Photo: Here

#46. Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata is a very thrilling way to experience some of the most spectacular scenic views in Switzerland. Via Ferrata, uses an accessible mountain pathway with metal rung ladders fixed cables systems, and bridges for your safety.
Experienced guides will give you full instructions and coach you through.

Ohh how I wish David and I tried Via Ferrata before we had Mirabelle! But it’s never too late to try, so as soon as we find a baby-sitter we are on our way! Around Interlaken region, you have many choices of Via Ferrata trails anything from beginner to advance. The one in Mürren is a very popular!

More about it HereHere and Here.

And yes, children are welcome! It is hard to belive, but many of the trails are suitable for kids!

Via ferrata in Mürren in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland. Photo credit:Here

Photo credit: Here

Photo credit: Here


#47. Adventure Park Interlaken

The adventure park in Interlaken is a forest adventure of wooden bridges, Tarzan swings and zip lines. Adventure Park is open for beginners and adrenaline seekers, whether individuals, a group of friends or the whole family. More than 120 different challenges from ground level up to 20 meters in height await you. You will be equipped with everything you need and given safety instructions for a fun-filled day with unforgettable memories. Allow 2.5 to 3 hours for this all-weather activity. Challenge your body and mind!

More about it Adventure Park Interlaken.

Me on an adventure park, although not the one in Interlaken.

#48. The First Flyer in First Grindelwald, 30 min/ 22 km

The First Flyer, a gigantic zip line, that gives you the feeling of flying down the hill over 800 meters with a maximum speed of 84km/h. Enjoy and try not to close your eyes because the ride cost 29chf and will be over in the matter of some seconds!

More information Here.

Photo: Here

#49 Golf

When you think of Switzerland you don’t really think of playing golf. But for those who love golf, don’t hesitate to come to Interlaken region because there are three  beautiful golf courses to choose from.

  • Golf club Interlaken - Unterseen. For more detailed information Here.
  • Golf Club Thunersee. For more detailed information Here (Only in German)
  • Golf club Grindelwald Aspi. For more information Here.

Photo credit : Here

 Swiss Waterfalls

#50. Staubbach fall in Lauterbrunnen, 20 min/ 13 km

If you come Interlaken region, you can’t miss Staubbach fall in Lauterbrunnen! Staubbach fall is Swiss third tallest waterfall and is one of the highest free-falling waterfalls in Europe. During the summer, you can walk on narrow and slippery but fun path that leads to behind the waterfall.

More practical information Here.

I have circled Mirabelle and myself just to show you how tall the Staubbach fall really is!

#51. Mürrenbach falls in Lauterbrunnen, 25 min/20 km

Mürrenbach falls is to be found far back in the Lauterbrunnen Valley so it doesn’t get noticed by much people. And what many people don’t know is that Mürrenbach falls is actually the tallest singular vertical waterfall in Switzerland at 417m. Many don’t know either that you CAN get close up with the waterfall, you just need to ignore the fences and jump over it and climb for about 5 minutes. Although, do it on you own risk!


#52. Engstligenalps falls in Adelboden, 50 min/50 km

Engstligenalps falls in Adelboden Switzerland’s second longest waterfalls and is absolute our favorite Swiss waterfall! We didn’t expect it to be so powerful and we didn’t expect that one can get really near to the falls! If you come here around at the end of June, you will have a bed of wildflowers all around.

Do you want to know how to reach the  Engstligenalps falls  Engstligenalps fall, the coolest waterfalls of Switzerland? 


#53. Giessbach fall in Brienzersee, 22 min/ 22 km

The Giessbach falls has 14 drops, over a length of 500 meters and tumbles down to Lake Brienz. Historica Grand Hotel Giessbach is located at the foot of this many levels of waterfalls. The waterfalls are accessible easily by car or by Europe’s oldest funicular. For practical information Here.


#54. Reichenbach falls in Meirigen, 25 minutes/ 30 km

Visit the stunning Reichenbach falls, where Sherlock Holmes lost his life in the battle against Professor Moriarty.

For prices and opening hours for Reichenbach falls click Here. More information of what to do around Meirigen Here.

The Reichenbach falls where Sherlock Holmes lost his life. Photo credit: Here

Swiss Chocolat

#55. Cailler’s chocolate factory in Broc, 1.5h/ 120 km

To combine with the Gruyère castle in Gruyère #20

If you are a chocolate lover then you can’t leave Switzerland without having visited one of the many chocolate factories! La maison de Cailler is one of the best where you can have a fun experience of the chocolate world! Not quite as extraordinary as the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory but it is fun nevertheless.

All practical information: Here


#55. Kambly in Trubschachen, 1h/67 km

Another fun chocolat and biscuit factory not to miss when around this part of the country! At the Kambly factory you can discover the secrets of the art of fine biscuit making and explore the world of Kambly. Here you can taste of over 100 varieties of biscuits! Totally worth it!

For practical information: Here

Tips! If you like biking, you could do the Kambly experience on a 30km bike tour! Something I am looking forward to this summer!

For more information here.

Read about our experience on The Emmental cheese trail on a bicycle

Photo credit: Here

 Something extra 

#56 Wild crocus, 67 km/ 1h10 

If you happens to be around Interlaken region in early spring, in on the hills of Rämmisgummen in Eggiwil commune, you can have a picnic surrounded by thousands of wild crocuses.

Read more about it  A sea of wild crocuses in Rämisgummen



#57. Obsee in Lungern, 33km/30 min

If you prefer to camp than camping by the lake Lungern is a good option. Although we didn’t have any good sleep for two nights, the camping site was great!

For practical information about the camp site: Here


#58. Aaregg camping, 20min/22 km

I have never camp here myself but by looking at their photo I think Aaregg camping is on my list for this summer! 

For their homepage: Here

Photo credit: Here

#59. Camping au lac in Ringgenberg, 10 min/ 5 km

We have been camping here once but unfortunately we booked our spot too late to have one of the spot just few meters away from the lake. We were just a raw behind and couldn’t see much of the lake. However, it was a good camping place and I can recommend it!

For their website: Here

Photos credit:Here

 Where to sleep?

#60 Swisshut B&B

Swisshut B&B hosted us as guest but all the opinions are sincerely our own.

As a very low-budget traveler as we are, we had a hard time finding affordable, cosy and clean place to stay on a good location around Interlaken region. It Is not a surprise as the Interlaken area is ranked to be one of the most touristic and expensive places in Switzerland!

But luckily by chance, I found Swisshut, a small but very affordable and cosy Swiss chalet on the top of the Sigriswill hill, between Thun and Interlaken. Not only is Swisshut affordable and cosy, the chalet comes with a splendid view of the lake Thun. Another reason to stay here is that you are far away from all the crowds but yet not far from all the happening!

For more information  Swisshut B&B

The rate

On the low season between September-June, the rate per guest is Chf 50/night while on the highseason it is chf 60/night, included breakfast with a complete local ingredients. I couldn’t find a better price for an authentic Swiss chalet around Interlaken area.

The Rooms

Swisshut has four bed rooms with at least three beds on each room. Only one room has a shower and a sink. Please note that you have to share the toilets and the shower with other Swisshut guests. If you can’t stand the thought of sharing the bathroom, Swisshut is not the place for you. Two of the rooms have a shared balcony with the amazing view of the lake Thun.

I have read a bad reviews of Swisshut saying that the wooden walls are thin and when you walk the wooden floor make noises. Yes they do, but remember that this is an authentic small wooden Swiss chalet. Another complain was, because of the insurance policy, it is not allowed to use the Swisshut kitchen. 

The breakfast with local delicacy is served downstairs on the living room. Nardi, our host had prepared for us everything we need and so much more! When the weather is good enought, you can have your breakfast outside on the veranda. 

What are there to do?

Sigriswill lies between Thun and Interlaken and are not far from many of the activities suggested on the list. The main road that goes by the lake is only 5 minute away by car.

Just about 10-15 min of walk downhill, once you cross the main road, you will reach  the Chinese Hotel and Restaurant Panaroma. We had lunch there and the chinese food they served was good. But Mirabelle prefered the playground with the most amazing view!

Add nother minute from the restaurant, you have the Sigriswill suspension bridge #22 and another 10 minutes you will come to Grabenmühle #16


Special discount

Upon arrival Nardi will give you each a Panorama Card for great discounts around Thunersee area. For example, free travel on buses and postbuses in the entire region and attractive reductions on your excursions as 30% off to the Beatus cave or 50% at Sigriswill suspension bridge. Clich Here for the  list of the reductions.

Family package DEAL!

I have negotiated with Nardi and I got a deal for families because I know how expensive it can be to travel as family.  All children under 3 stay for free in any case! But for a family of 4 or less, when booking mention Family package and you can stay 3 nights pay for 2 nights from now on to June and then September onwards. This mean if you are 4, you would normally pay 600 chf for 3 nights but with this deal you pay only 400chf! You save 200 chf!


 I want to remind you guys  that this is a not a complete list of Things To Do On Summer Around Interlaken region but it is already a very good list to begin with! I hope you will enjoy your holiday exploring Interlaken region and please let me know if I should add anything else on the list!


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