The Emmental cheese trail on a bicycle, Switzerland

The Emmental Valley cheese trails in the canton of Bern are country roads winding through idyllic scenery of covered green hills with charming looking farms and lazy grazing cows. If you are a cheese lover you will surely enjoy this cheese trail.

Our Emmental cheese discovery day on a bicycle started an early morning in Burgdorf, an interesting small city about 25 km from the city of Bern.

As we don’t own any bicycle we reserved ( only german) two ordinary bike with a kid trailer to be picked up next to the Burgdorf train station. The price was 77 CHF with the SSB half fare card.

The velostation by the Burgdorf train station.

When we arrived we found out that we must rent an e-bike bike if we want to use the trailer. For some very kind reason they offered us to replace the bicycles for e-bikes without any extra charge.

To be honest, if we were to pay the ordinary price for the e-bikes which are very expensive, we would have said thanks but no thanks! That said, we are still thanking them for exchanging the ordinary bike to e-bikes because the roads has many many up-hills!

IMPORTANT! Before everything else I highly recommend you to download the app that has a map and a very interesting audio guide on the whole cheese route. When you come to a point of interest your phone will receive a notification when you can listen to the audio guide.

There are two cheese road to follow, the 35 km or the 78 km long road. We took the shortest way.

For the app and more information Here.

Our cheese trail-biking journey started through Burgdorf. As we have been here before I can tell you that this city is really worth a visit!

You will be biking along the Emme river for a couple of km before joining the country road on your way to your Swiss cheese experiences.

I am not a confident biker but David grew up biking on winding Swiss country roads so I felt safe following his lead. Although the road was not very frequented for being a saturday, I was sometimes nervous having cars passing by me.

Other than that it was sooo nice having an e-bike. This was my first time on one and I think I can even climb the mount Everest with a such super bike!:)

The second point of interest took us to theLöwen Heimiswillthat is the oldest guesthouse in the area where they offer cheese events, such as the Fullmoon fondue!

But the best part must be when you arrive to the Emmental Schaukäserei in the small village Affoltern.

Here at the Schaukäserei you can have a guided cheese tour of how they did the cheese before and how they do it now.

If you decide not to join a tour, you can still have a look of the cheese fabrication for free.

There is a store where you will have many choices of delicacy from the region. There is aswell a restaurant and an awesome (cheese) playground for the kids.

At this point you are half way through and from now on it is a fun and lovely country road downhill till you will join a bigger and more busy country road again.

No we didn’t have cheese for lunch! We had grilled chicken!

Just a about 7 km away from Burgdorf you will be biking by a fun playground where Mirabelle enjoyed playing. Really worth a break for the kids!

As it was getting late this was our last stop before we had to return our bikes.

The overall experience was very lovely even though the weather could have been a bit better and the bike rental price was a bit lower. Just remember thought, David said he wasn’t even sure he would have manage to finish without an e-bike.

Just a little facts about Swiss cheese:

For a 85kg whole round cheese your will need 1000 liter of milk. Note that in average a cow gives you this amount in 55 days.

About 40% of the milk goes for making cheese.

There are more than 450 varieties of Swiss cheese!

There are many Emmentaler, Le Gruyere, Raclette de Valais ect in the world. But if you want to eat the real Swiss cheese, they carry the AOP label (Appellation d’Origine Protégée), which means the product is entirely made in its region of origin.

Suprisely, other nations such as Finland, Iceland, Denmark and Cyprus who all surpass Switzerland for per capita cheese consumption.

And you guys, how much cheese do you eat?

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