Engstligenalp waterfalls, the coolest waterfalls in Switzerland?

People who lives in Switzerland or has been to Switzerland knows that this country has at least thousand of waterfalls. It’s hard to tell which of them is the most special one as each waterfalls has it’s own charm.

But today, we hiked to the coolest waterfall in Switzerland! Engstligenalp waterfalls in Adelboden, the second highest waterfalls in Switzerland. 600 meter high with two gorgeous drops.

We found this waterfalls so cool because of the easy access to the waterfalls. From the car park and the cable car station, there is an easy ten minutes walk to the bottom of the waterfalls. From there you either hike or take the cable car up to Engstligenalp and walk down. Or you could just stay down here…but you would miss the best parts.

As the cable car station was still close for the season we hiked up and down. It took us around 90 min up and an hour down with about 600 meter elevation each way.

There were still snow on some part of the path. Don’t panic, there is always a way!

We were already very impressed when we saw the lower falls and didn’t expect anything more. But as we walked up to Engstligenalp we came to what seems to be the upper falls, that we didn’t know existed. All three of us were like:

WOW, WOW, woow!

We could have stay there all day…but with a toddler with ants in the pants it’s impossible even with this view!


To get to this point you will need to walk. Walking down about 20 min from Engstligenalp or walking up from the bottom of a waterfalls is about 90 min. Don’t miss it as I belive this is the best part.


Another cool thing about Engstligen falls is the amount of water pouring down! Please remember that the water flow depends of the season your visit. We were there late spring, at the end of Mai when the snow melts. But when we came back later in June is was even more beautiful of all the spring wildflowers all around! 

Another VERY cool thing about this particular waterfalls is that you can get very close to the falls.

I hate seeing a waterfalls faraway where you can’t feel the water drops, the wind and hear the thunder of the falls.

And again more cool thing about this place are the different levels of the falls you get to see. The streams from Engstligenalp to the upper falls and then splash down to the lower falls and last into the Engstligen river.

When we went to Engstligen falls again later in late June is was even more spectacular as the wildflowers were blooming everywhere around the waterfalls.

An extra cool thing is that beside the awesome waterfall itself you have a beautiful view of the valley.

AND at the plateau, the Engstligenalp is very extraordinary aswell! This is where all the water comes from.

Momstotzurich has great information of this place in her post. Please click Here.

What do you guys say, can this be the coolest waterfalls in Switzerland?

 Do you want more waterfalls? Please click Here for  My ten favorite waterfalls. I should really add Engstligen falls on that list!


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  1. Ah my beautiful Switzerland. I live in this country now since around 2 years and I confirm gladly all the impressions that you share here. It’s truly beautiful everywhere here.
    About the Engstligen Waterfalls I have heard already but did not make it so far to visit by myself. But what can I say, based on these impressions you gave me here now with these wonderful photos, I will have to see them as soon as possible. It looks just fantastic and I see myself already hiking there next spring. I also love to see how close you can get to them to really “touch” and feel the waterfall.

  2. Wow! That is one massive waterfall. I like how you took a picture with someone in front of it so we can actually see how huge it is. Switzerland seems like it has so many incredibly places to see and things to do, the Engstligen falls being one of them. I really need to visit this country!

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