My 10 favorite waterfalls

I am in love with anything that has to do with water! So it comes naturally that I love waterfalls !

I have seen many many waterfalls in my life. Especially when I live in Switzerland where there is even a valley called the Valley of the 72 waterfalls! 

I will of course not going to bring out all my favorite waterfalls but only just 10 of them. The list is not only based on the beauty of the falls but aswell of the great memories I have from that place!

1. Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Semuc Champey is not an easy place reach to but worth every minute of the bumpy ride in a crowded bus.

This waterfalls is first on my list because I love waterfalls that create many levels of swimming holes or pools. The turquoise pools are surrounded by lush green vegetation and make a beautiful contrast. It’s peaceful and most of the time you are having this place all for yourself.

2. Jim jim falls, Australia

In spite of lack of the water from the waterfall I still think Jim Jim falls earns a second place on my list. Just imagine this place when there is water pouring down! As long as there is not a crocodile swimming down the water! Don’t forget that we are in Australia!

3.  Wallaman’s falls, Australia

Australians tallest waterfall with a plunge of almost 300 meters. Do I need to say more?

4. Sendang tui, Indonesia

A beautiful waterfall on the Lombok island. What you can’t see from the picture is there are garbage floating everywhere! We paid an entrance for the park but all around the park was plastic bottles and bags. It was sad to see.

5. Agua Azul, Mexico

Agua azul means blue water in spanish. Instead of shimmering blue we got grey and murky water because of the heavy rain the days before. However, the many levels of falls were still beautiful!

6. Kuangsi, Laos

Unfortunately when we were backpacking in 2011 I was not into photography so I don’t have much (any) photo from this fall. It was truly beautiful with the blue milky water descending down in many levels.

7. Gunlom waterfalls creek, Australia

You guys know I heart an infinity pool but what is even better is a natural infinity pool with an amazing view. A bit dry by the time we got there but we were enjoying the little water it was left.

8. Saluopa, Indonesia

I remember people and plastic…everywhere! But this waterfall is special because the water was almost white like it was whipped cream smeared on the rocks.

9. Shiraito no taki, Japan

Small small stream of water falling down. Since this waterfalls is in Japan just imagine if they have planted cherry trees around and during the spring the cherry blossom..wow!

10. Mürrenbach falls, Switzerland

What is so special with this one in Lauterbrunnen is how excited we were when we sneak behind barriers to walk  the short way up to the waterfall! Once next to the waterfall, we realised how beautiful and tall it actually is! I appreciate Mürrenbach more than the famous Staubbach fall on the same valley not far away.

And do you guys have any favorite waterfalls?


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  1. Wow! As a waterfall lover too, this post is being bookmarked straight away. I can’t even pick a favourite from your list - they are all absolutely beautiful. The Gumlom Waterfalls Creek is such a beautiful infinity pool - nature’s finest. I also found Indonesia to be full of plastic and rubbish everywhere. It’s such a shame as it truly is a beautiful country. One exception was Sri Gethuk waterfall in Java - that was absolutely beautiful and not a piece of rubbish in sight. You should definitely add that one to your list 🙂

  2. What a wonderful selection of waterfalls, I am definitely envious of your waterfall travels. I am the same as you I am in love with anything that has to do with water, I think it is an Australian in me growing up on the beach. Semuc Champey, Guatemala looks stunning and it reminds me of Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia a place you should definitely add to your Waterfall list. That natural infinity pool with an amazing view in Gumlom waterfalls creek, Australia is definitely going on my list and I am going to see how far it is from my home town , as I would love to go there next to time I am back that way.

  3. Wow one looks more gorgeous than the other. I can’t decide which is my favorite. I guess probably the one from Australia or Indonesia would be my absolute favorite.

  4. I love chasing waterfalls .. You have listed some gorgeous waterfalls here. Bookmarking this page. My fav is definitely the Mexico, Saluopa, Indonesia and the Australia one. ( Wallaman Falls )

  5. The photo of your daughter in front of the waterfall in Switzerland is so precious! I definitely love waterfalls as well. My favorites were in Puerto Rico and Iceland. I’m hoping to stumble upon a few more in Belize when I’m there in January. Your first pick in Guatemala is tempting me to cross the border and venture to it, ha! Happy holidays!

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