Saut du Day, a hidden treasure in Switzerland

Not far from Lausanne lies this gorgeous waterfalls Saut du Day in Vallorbe. I was not expecting much but much we got. Saut du day looks like and feels like one of the many exotic waterfalls somewhere on the other side of the planet. It is a hidden treasure in Switzerland.

Not long ago my sister-in-law showed me a photo of a beautiful waterfalls Saut du Day, not far from where they live near Orbe, in the canton of Vaud. We took the opportunity to visit it when we had a RDV with a friend in Lausanne later that day.

From Bern it is about 95km/1 hour drive and from Lausanne it is 50km/40min drive.

We parked our car at road Sur la torche, next to Le Day train station.

Photo here

From the parking you have to follow the sign and cross the main road towards Gorge de l’Orbe. It is an easy 20-30 min walk down to the waterfall but not a stroller friendly as it is a forest path. You will pass by a military base and be careful not to miss the entry to the forest because it’s hidden for those who is not looking.

Just follow the path down to this point, from where you can already hear the waterfalls. I am not sure where the right path leads you but we turned left and crossed the bridge.

And here take left for a closer look at the waterfalls and the drops. Not to be missed!

I love swimholes! This reminds me of Australia!

When we arrived there were not a single soul around.

“I love the feeling of discovering a magical place for the first time without anyone around except us!”

We had our lunch and a quick dip in the water before people started to show up. It was some but very few.

David and I had this agreement that whenever we get a chance to jump into  water, no matter how cold it can be, we will do it. So far I have kept our promise but David chicken out!

What is so great with this place is the mini beach for kids to splash around safely. A recommendation is to wear beach shoes because of the pebbles. And perhaps sausages to grill!

To have a nice overlook of the waterfalls from the other side you will need to walk through the dark but short tunnel, right underneath the waterfalls. Use something to light up the path as it can get slippery.

A lady told us that there is a lovely and beautiful walk along the river. Something for us to try next time! But for this time we were just happy to enjoy this new-found exotic looking waterfalls not very far from David’s brothers home.

What do you guys think? Would you like to spend your day here ?


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  1. Thank you for the help. Your details about getting there were really helpful. The place is indeed magnificent.

  2. Hi there, thanks for this nice review. Is there a BBQ pit or did you take a disposable one? Tks

    • Hi Bob, unfortunately I can’t remember! I think there was a pit! I am so sorry I can’t help you on that. Enjoy and have fun!

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