La Tine de Conflens, a hidden treasure in Switzerland

The Tine de Conflens is a fairy-like waterfall, out of this world beautiful. If you imagine a place where the tiny fairies lives, this is the place. The Tine de Conflens is unique not only for its beauty but aswell a place where the Venoge and the Veyron river meet and flow together as one.


The waterfalls are in the Canton of Vaud, between Lausanne and Lake Neuchâtel. By car from Lausanne to La Sarraz is about 24km/25min. From Bern is about 100km/hour. The address to put on GPS is Route de Dizy 1. You can park your car by the football field. If for any reason the parking is full, there are two parking by the train station.

If you are coming from the train station it is another 10min to add to your walk, which is not very much.

From the football fields is about an easy 20-30min walk to the waterfalls. Just cross the main road and follow the river for about 30m. When you come to this point, turn left.

And from there just follow the road till you get to a post sign indicate the direction to La Tine de Conflens.

These stairways lead you to a fairyland!

Ohh I can hear the waterfalls! 

Almost there! 

Ohhh there is it! 

Perhaps only a true wanderlust soul can feel it. But every time I discover an amazing place for the first time I shiver and my heart beats faster. Like I have been drinking 10 cup of coffee. I can’t sit down and relax before I have explored every corner. Are you the same?

Photo credit: Darika Phophan

The waterfalls are smaller than I hoped for but the flow depend of what time of the year you are visiting La Tine de Conflens. I bet the waterfalls must be very impressive in spring and in early summer. But then of course even I wouldn’t dare to dip my toes in the water.

Photo credit: Darika Phophan

Photo credit: Darika Phophan

There are many spot for kids to splash and play in the water, depend of the level of the water of course. It seems as by the spring, one can’t even cross to the other side as there are too much water.

But even thought there are play zones for kids, be vigilant because the boulders can be slippery!

Where do you think the fairies are hiding? Behind the waterfall?  


As always, no one dared to jump into the water other than Mirabelle and I. And other kids from other families. Talking about other families. We were there on a saturday around 1pm and it was more people than I expected.

What do you guys think? Something to do on a sunday afternoon?

P.S Don’t forget to bring sausages for grilling!

How about making the day into a waterfall day!

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  1. Your daughter looks like a fairy on the picture! And you are very brave soaking into the water - I believe the temperature wasn´t too high, am I right? 😉

  2. Waterfalls are great! There is something quite magical about places like this and I love that you take your daughter to experience these places

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