Les chutes de la Broye, a hidden treasure in Switzerland

Les chutes de la Broye is another stunning hidden waterfalls in Switzerland. But can we really find this exotic looking waterfall in Switzerland? Because for a while I had a feeling of being somewhere else faraway….

Lately David and I have been so tired because of a overscheduled month. Instead of going hiking on the Swiss mountains we try to rather make an easy walk. I have always love waterfalls and ever since we have discovered hidden waterfalls in Switzerland one after another I am now eager to discover some more!

Les chutes de la Broye, also known as Les chutes de Chavannettes in canton of Freiburg, is only 25km away from Vevey and 80km from Bern.

For the GPS, just put Chemin des Chutes in Rue. You can park by the end of the road and then walk down on the forest path behind the bench.

It is only 5mins walk down to the waterfalls!

At the first glance I was quite disappointed because there were not much water as I was hoping for. Usually when it has been raining or in the spring the stone wall is covered with water.


But after we had our lunch Mirabelle and I went on an expedition. Ok, there was not much water pouring down but at least Mirabelle was able to run around because a lady told us that when there are much water, you will not be able to explore like we did.

Kids are having fun! What a great childhood to be able to run freely in the nature. There were so much for the kids to do around.

All this water will end up in the lake Neuchâtel.

And no the water was not cold..just at first! Even David jumped it!

Just don’t stay still for to long unless you want to have a free fish spa!

What do you guys think? Not bad right?

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  1. What a lovely little spot! I love how you travel with your child. My husband and I are too selfish for that! We want to actually enjoy your vacation! Lol

  2. anne demierre Reply

    Hello, beautiful pictures from my country 😉 juste a precision : les chutes de la Broye aren’t in Canton de Vaud but in Canton de Fribourg … I love this place, It’s quiet magical.

    • Ohh thank you Anne! I have changed it into canton of Freiburg! Enjoy beautiful Switzerland!

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