The mystical Aare gorge, Switzerland

Have you been to the Swiss mountains? Yes, of course. Have you swim in one of the beautiful Swiss lakes? Yes,many times. Have you visit the museums? I think to one or so. Have you seen the tallest Swiss waterfalls? Yes, beautiful!

So now what? How about strolling alongside some of the many Swiss gorges?

This particular gorge, Aareschlucht in Meirigen, can be admired from a 1.4km long walk path, a pleasant walk along the river, in and out of tunnels, looking down at the milky water below.

The gorge has to two entrances but in my opinion it doesn’t matter from what end you start. From one entrance to another takes about 40 min. The walk is stroller friendly but be aware of  the very few stairs at some parts of the path. You can easily lift up the stroller but have in mind that the walkway is quite small so at the end it is not very convenient when there are much people.

This place is an excellent way to escape the summer heat for a moment as it can get quite chilly deeper in the gorge and in the tunnels. So bring something to put over your shoulders just incase!

If the color of the river is milky shifting between white and grey then the river has a lot of minerals/limestone particles in it. But when the river is blue-green,the water of the river has more argues.

Milky white

I was hoping to walk further but unfortunately the walk was quite short but very mysterious and beautiful!

Have you guys explored some of the many Swiss gorges?

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  1. Denny George Reply

    This was one of my favorite experiences in Switzerland, when we visited a few years back. I found the walk very beautiful, though a bit short. The end of the walk was a bit problematic for me, since I have acrophobia and had to climb up a few steep stairs. I did not dare to walk back the same way either, so had to hike along a roundabout path, up a small hillock and along the highway to reach the start point.

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