Cherry blossom trail in Frick, Switzerland

I so sooo love having a picnic under a blooming tree. Especially under a huge Magnolia, cherry or apple tree. That’s one of my favorite thing to do in spring! (No, spring cleaning is not one of them!)

When we lived in Lausanne we had our favorite places to have a picnic under blooming trees. But now after a year living in Bern we still have no clue where to view cherry blossom. I asked around and someone suggested me to take a walk on the Chriesiwäg in Frick in the Canton of Aargau. It is about 40km from Basel, 50km from Zurich and 110km from Bern.

Normally we wouldn’t drive over an hour just to see some cherry trees but something made us go there last friday and we don’t regret the decision!

Since the blooming starts differently depeding of the weather it is important to call before to make sure they are in fully bloom! In 2017, we were there on the first week of April. If you want to be sure that the cherry trees are blooming please click Here or Here.There is a contact number at the bottom of the page. Othervise on this page Here you can check the status of the blooming. 

We parked our car in front of the Frick railway station. It was 0.75 chf an hour, not very expensive. From the ticket office at the railway station we got a map of the 5km round hike.

The wow-moment started almost as soon as we arrived to the starting point of the hike around 1km from the railway station.

It’s easy to find the way as all you need to do is follow the family cherry sign!

The road is in good condition for using a stroller but as we had our daughter in a carrier we were free to explore and walk around the field as we wish and took our time. I suggest you to use one because to fully enjoy this place is to go off the beaten track!

It was heavenly to walk among and between the trees feeling the spring in the air. And the whole field was smelling so sweet of flowers! I might exaggerate but I think the spring got into me !

We were there on a friday between 11am to 4pm and there were not much people around.

Along the 5km there are information panels on the trail about the cherry varieties, the bees and the landscape etc. But unfortunately only in german. There is a picnic, BBQ and WC aswell.

Tips! Incase you like better the fruit itself than the flower then come later on the summer to eat some cherries directly from trees marked in blue...for free!!

I can already imagine us sitting under a cherry tree reaching up for a cherry one after another…mmmm my kind of happiness !

Do you guys have any favorite cherry blossom area you want to share?

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  1. Hi! Thank you for this very informative post! Do you think Frick trail is better for cherry bloom viewing or Nuglar? If you could do only one which one would you choose?

    • Hi Hanh, Frick was better for us because we came on the right moment. Blue sky, sunshine and the trees were in fully bloom. We came a bit too late to Nuglar where most of the flowers had already fallen and it was cold and windy.

      Do Frick this year and Nuglar next year?

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