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Lac Lioson in Les Mosses, Switzerland

This small but beautiful emerald-green Swiss mountain lake Lioson is also known as “pearl of the Alpine lakes“. The lake Lioson is indeed like a small shining pearl in the sun.

We have been so busy hunting for Wild mushrooms that we totally forgot about the mountains. But last Wednesday when the sun was somehow shining we drove the 100km/1.5h from Bern to Les Mosses in the canton of Vaud. The drive was long on a curvy mountain road but it was totally worth it!

To put on GPS is Chemin du Lioson 30, drive all the way to the end of the road where you can park your car and there is where the trails begin. There are several trails that lead up to the lake but we took the easiest one. 30 min ascent with about 250 m elevation gain.

It was beautiful with all the fall colors from the faded leaf.

The trail is technically very easy. However, I wouldn’t recommend using a stroller. It might be steep for some but I totally belive that any 4 years old would manage all the way up to the lake…perhaps with a little bit of whining and perhaps not in 30 min but very doable! Our two years old walked nearly half the way! Before we knew it, we arrived to the lake.

The lake Lioson is bigger than I thought but enough small for someone so tiny as Mirabelle to manage walking around it.

There are beautiful picnic and BBQ spots dotted all around the lake.

Our initial plan was to hike up to the pic Chaussy but seeing Mirabelle having fun running around we decided to relax.

And no I didn’t jump in the lake…not even dipped my toes…if anyone is wondering! I wanted though, if only it wasn’t for the cold wind..(cough).

At the beginning of the lake Lioson there is a cosy chalet and restaurant where you can find a mini farm with chicken,piglets,rabbits, goats and ponies. Unfortunately at the end of the season, we only saw chickens.

Haha Mirabelle thought we were having an ice-cream! For only 6 chf with some slices of bread we got this delicious pumpkin soup!

We highly recommend any family with young kids to make a hike to this gorgeous lake Lioson. The effort might be big for the little one but the reward is even bigger.

Something extra, the lake Lioson is popular for ice diving during the winter if anyone are into that. Or if you like to fish, you can buy the fishing license for 20chf/day in the restaurant.

Have you guys any favorite mountain lakes around this area? Please let us know!

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