Traveling with kids: Funny traveling stories!

Traveling with kids is exhausting and those who says otherwise is either a super human or lying! But in spite of those difficult traveling moments with kids, there are aswell many fun moments that give us parents many laughter to remember and remind us why we do love to travel with our kids.

Here are some funny kids travels stories that some parents have kindly shared with us.

Starting with our own funny traveling story:

When we had lunch in a restaurant on our vacation in Santorini, Mirabelle who was around 1yo, was on the table because it was easiest for everyone as they didn’t have a baby chair. The fish and the fries tasted like rubber and I guess Mirabelle, who normally eats everything, felt the same because while she was shaking her head of disapproval, she was throwing the fish and the potatoes one by one over her shoulder as there was nobody else’s business. Luckily there were only us and a family next to our table, who were laughing at her.


Last year, when we visited Italy my about 2.5 yo son was beginning to understand things and with few previous trips by flights he knew that we would be flying high in the sky, like, umm.. Birds.

So, once we had boarded the flight, he suddenly asked the air hostess -

That just like birds fly but they also lay eggs, does this aeroplane also lay eggs, lol.

We, other passengers around and the air hostess, all laughed so much.

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While on the toilet on the airplane, my daughter who was 6 years old asked if the poop will land on people’s head if we flushed!.


When your kiddie headset is still too big, gotta put ’em free (clean) socks to good use. Got a couple of weird stares but the flight attendants were impressed. Entertainment is life and silence is golden in this situation.


When your kids are so tired from travel, they fall asleep on a bench, face down. He slept like this for over an hour.


We were in Rome last week and my daughter who is three, fell asleep in my husbands arms as we walked back to our hotel for an afternoon nap. About 2 or 3 blocks from our hotel I heard a splash in the sidewalk. She was so deeply asleep that she peed all down his pants! This was a short 5 day trip and we had packed really light so they were the only pair of pants he had brought. He spent all of nap time in the bathroom with a blow dryer trying to get them dried out for dinner!

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Coming back to Geneva after Sydney in early January after 3 weeks in warm temperatures, our 2yo looked at the sky and declared “Still winter?”…


We were off to a friend’s wedding in Hawaii but before our trip even started we were stuck with an overnight delay. The delay meant that my 4mo daughter had a poo explosion while we were checking into a hotel rather than just after takeoff. She was in the baby carrier so it went up her back all over the baby carrier plus up her front onto my shirt. I’m just grateful I was able to clean it up in a hotel room rather than a plane bathroom & that it managed to dry for the next day. It was very stressful at the time but we laugh about it now & use it as a cautionary tale for those traveling internationally with young ones.

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Going through Eurostar security, they insisted on putting my 1 year old daughters cuddly toy rabbit through the scanning thing. She wasn’t going to give up her bunny and clung on to it so tight that they literally couldn’t prise it out of her hands, they gave up in the end!


We are living in Switzerland for a year and traveling around a lot. Our 4 years old is not always into it. Here is a blog post of her unenthusiastic pictures: Our finicky four year-old traveler


When we were flying back from Portugal our son fell asleep on his dad. During turbulence they made us put him in his own seat. He was three. He stayed asleep…and peed all over the seat. We moved him to clean it up…he promptly vomited everywhere. We felt bad but also kind of felt that it would have all been on his dad if they’d only let him stay where he was so didn’t feel too bad.

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Anjana tells us about the story of how her son began to chew!

As a mom I always read and experiment with new recipes for my son. He enjoyed different foods, but he was just too lazy to chew. When he was 1.5 years old and still not chewing properly - I was getting worried as we never could make travel plans because we always thought that “How will we feed him when we travel?”

Fed of being cooped up, we planned a trip to the beach - to Goa - a beautiful place in India. And we booked a hotel with a kitchen so that we could get things pureed and porridges made for our son. Some more couple friends were supposed to join us on this trip.

Even the best-laid plans go awry - and that is exactly what happened!! My hubby had last-minute urgent work so he didn’t travel with us and me and my son decided to wing it cause I knew our friends would join up!

When we reached the hotel there was a misunderstanding and we didn’t have the booking - so last-minute we had to go to some beach shacks - which were ok but without any room service.

I began to fret that how will I get pureed food for my son - and hubby is also not around to help. So I left him with my friends, who had arrived and went to a nearby restaurant to get something liquid/pureed for my son.

So in the end when I came back with a bowl of pureed fruit my friend’s husband (they don’t have kids yet) had fed him a Paratha - kind of like stuffed Indian flatbread. He didn’t know my son couldn’t chew!!! I had forgotten to instruct him!!

Before this, my son always choked and threw all non pureed food out of his mouth. Me - a mom of two years couldn’t get my son to chew and that guy with no “parental experience” got him eating!

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I love to walk when visiting new places but my little son like it a lot less. I need to bribe him and motivate him. That is how we manage to travel as a family. My husband took this photo in a boutique hotel in Spain while we both were negotiating. In spite of everything, I love family traveling as it has lots of emotional dramas and memories which we carry. After seeing this photo, my son now laughs and tell me that from next time onwards he would cry more loudly - To get a bigger gift, LOL!

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And here is a story told by Davidwho doesn’t have kids

While on vacation in Fort Myers Beach last week there was a kid on the table next to me who snatch some french fries from my hamburger plate! They made some funny faces and I smiled back but inside of me I was boiling!

Do you guys have some funny traveling-with-kids stories to share with us?

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  1. I’ve just completed my first weekend break with my kid and yes, it really really different when compared to earlier.
    I’m laughing so much right now reading all these experiences.
    Can’t wait to travel everywhere with my little gal!

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