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Cherry blossom trail in Nuglar and St.Pantaleon, Switzerland

When the winter is finally over and the spring has arrive, take a  walk in a cherry plantation with hundreds of cherry trees in blossom in the small villages of Nuglar and St.Pantaleon.

Two weeks after our beautiful spring walk on the cherry blossom trail in Frick ( you can read all about it Here) we were longing for some more cherry blossom and headed to Nuglar and St.Pantaleon, about 40 km away from Frick. For those who come from far away, you could try to visit the cherry plantations in Frick and in Nuglar on the same day.

Cherry blossom trail in Frick, Switzerland

Nuglar and St.Pantaleon are two small and cozy villages right next to each other and are only 25km away from Basel, 80km from Zürich and 85km from Bern. We where there on a Sunday so we were able to park our car outside a school at Ausserdorfstrasse 47 in Nuglar. However, you can also use parking spaces at the church in St. Pantaleon and at the municipal administration in Nuglar.

The parking by the school in Nuglar.

For those who come by public transportation, I think there is an easy connection with bus postal nr 67 from Liestal and Dornach. Click here for the timetable.

TIPS! Download the free PDF of a map and useful information Here. Unfortunately the PDF is only available in german but it is still worth to have a look at it.

We did a circular walk through Nuglar and St.Pantaleon that takes about 2 hours to complete. We started the hike by walking down on the steep Kirchweg. Once down the road, we followed an almost invisible forest path into the forest and out to the village of St.Pathelon. The circular walk we did wasn’t entirely stroller friendly and there is a little walk uphill in the forest so I wouldn’t recommend this trail if you are with a stroller.

The second and the easiest option is to walk straight into the cherry plantation at St.Pantaleonstrasse and roam freely as your heart desire. However, I suggest you to walk as far up the hill as possible to get a better view of the beautiful cherry plantation and the surrounding.

We came a bit late that year (2017), it was in the middle of April and the flowers were already falling and the leafs were growing. Just a week or two weeks earlier and it would have been perfect! Every year the blooming is different depending of the weather so if you want to make sure that the cherry trees are perfectly in bloom, you can call Here. The contact information is on the bottom of the page, unfortunately only in german.

Cherry trees in Nuglar, Switzerland.

The roads that go between the cherry trees in Nuglar- St. Pantaleon are stroller friendly and there so many cozy spots where you can have a picnic under a cherry blossom tree.

Have a nice walk among the cherry trees in blossom everyone!

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  1. When one thinks of cherry blossoms, the first thing that comes to mind is Japan. When one thinks of Switzerland, the first thing that comes to mind is the snowy alps. Really nice to see another side of the Swiss countryside and I would love to be able to check these out as Switzerland is really high up on my bucket list!

  2. Cherry blossoms are always a sight to behold. It transforms the landscape and makes the photographs come out so beautiful. We happened to stumble across some cherry blossoms, recently back in India, and it was way too amazing.

  3. Cherry blossoms are the most beautiful sights in whole landscape. They signify the onset of spring and happiness. I was not knowing that cherry blossoms in Switzerland are so beautiful. The roads going to Nuglar and St. Pantaleon are stroller friendly and we can also sit under the trees for picnic, then it must be perfect for family outings and picnics. Not very far from Zurich and Bern, I can plan for these hidden attractions whenever visit to Zurich. You have taken beautiful photos of cherry blossoms with green grassy slopes.

  4. Parnashree Devi Reply

    You have literally transported me to the dream world. How I wish to be here right away. Someday I would like to take a walk on this unbelievably stunning roads along with the cherry blossoms trees. It looks like a painting. Thank you so much for introducing me to small villages of Nuglar and St.Pantaleon. And your pictures are breathtaking.

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