3 things to do with kids when you are passing by Martigny, Switzerland

If you and your family are passing by Martigny in the canton of Valais and only have a few hours to spend, what are there to do for the whole family? I would suggest you to have a walk through the Trient gorge on a trail along the water below, picnicking by the 114-metre-high Pissevache waterfall and have childishly fun at the Labyrinthe Adventure park.

Cascades de la Pissevache and the gorge du Trient are those two sites in Martigny I have always wanted to visit but never really got the chance to stop by. So last saturday when we drove the 125 km from Bern to Martigny to check out some camper vans (unfortunately not what we were looking for) we took the opportunity to have a closer look at the gorge and the waterfall and then ending our day with laughters at the Labyrinthe Adventure park.

#1 The Trient gorge

The 200m deep Trient gorge was formed over thousands of years by the River Trient as it descends to the Rhone River on the valley floor, which flows north to Lake Geneva. The Trient River is mostly fed by melt water from the Trient Glacier, about 3100m high up on the Mont Blanc Massif. The short 20 min walk at the Trient gorge is easy and safe, one need just to be careful because the wooden walkways can be slippery when wet.

Price : Adulte 8 chf, kids 6-16 years old 6 chf, Family 2 kids  + 2 adultes 25 chf. The entrance fee is to be paid in the Flower boutique by the parking! To be honest, I think 8 chf is a bit to expensive for this very short walk at the Trient gorge! We really like the Aare gorge in Meirligen much better!

Opening hour : Tuesday from 2pm - 8 pm , Wednesday - Friday 9am-12pm then reopening 2pm.6pm, Saturday the same except they are closing at 5pm.
More information about the Trient gorge Here. Only in French.

Read about our experience at the Aare gorges in Meirigen The mystical Aare gorge

#2 La Pissevache

I remember my first time driving on the highway passing by Martigny when David said “La Pissevache“, which literally means Cow’s piss, while pointing at the beautiful and tall waterfall. Ever since that day, I have always wanted to have a closer look at this waterfall.

The 114-metre high waterfall Pissevache which is also called la cascade de Salanfe, lies only about 1 km away from the Trient gorge and you can park your car across the Restaurant La cascade Pissevache. The trailhead is right next to the restaurant. There is a small picnic spot where you can also have a BBQ. The visit doesn’t take more than 10 min.

Both the Trient gorge and the Pissevache waterfall was nice to see but I wouldn’t drive or travel more than half an hour uniquely to see them because they are not extraordinary as I was hoping for and I am not sure the gorge is worth the 8 chf of the entrance fee. But if you are strictly passing by, they are two great stops for the kids to stretch their little legs. That being said, being impressed or not, I am very glad that I finally got to see those two natural sites! And while we might not enjoy them as much some of you would surely love them!

#3 Labyrinthe Adventure

If the Pissevache and the gorge du Trient are not worth driving very far for, Labyrithe Adventure surely is! This is my second time here and I have been waiting with patience for Mirabelle to finally hit that age (2,5 yo) when she can really enjoy all the amenities of the park. 

We stayed for about 3 hours here and we could have stayed even longer if only they weren’t closing! There are really many things to do for everyone, young as old! We saw not only families but also group of adults enjoying the games and the playground. 

The opening hours:  Mid Mars - November, from 10am - 6 pm

The entrance fee :  17 chf no matter age,  although kids under 100m tall are free!

How to get there : To put on GPS, Route des îles Vieilles 30 - 1902 Evionnaz. The park lies about 4.5 km from the St-Maurice exit direction Martigny.

When to go:  The both time we have been here are on a weekend and to be honest, it has never felt crowded and we have never waited on a long line for any of the games.

More further information Here. Only in French.

For the really small one

There are things to do for the really small one all over the park, but this one next to the restaurant is the biggest and is in the shade of the sun and rain. 

The other cool stuff

I can’t find any information of how many games and attractions there are but I guess it must be more than 100 cool stuff scattered all over the park, included this 30-meter high tower with giant slides below.

The 30 meter hight tower with giant slides at the Labyrinthe park in Martigny, Switzerland.

Tubing fun at the Labyrinthe park in Martigny, Switzerland

A room full of interesting board games and games in wood at the Labyrinthe park, Martigny.

Have a sumo fight, anyone?

David is testing his muscles at the Labyrinthe park, Martigny.


The maze

With its 3 km course, the Labyrinthe Aventure is the world’s largest maze. Upon arrival at the park you will be given a card on which you will perforate the corresponding symbol. There are 10 hidden symbols in the Maze to be found.

Warning ! Please bring a sun hat because it can really get hot in there while finding your way in the giant maze!

Photo credit: Here

The picnic spots

What I really like about Labyrinthe park is that you can find these colorful chairs and tables all over the park where the parents can just sit and relax while the older kids can let loose. While there is a restaurant by the entrance, I suggest you to bring your own picnic and snack. Don’t worry, it is allowed!


We really enjoyed our day in Martigny and I hope you and your family will too!


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  1. Passing through Martigny is really wonderful and beautiful due to lovely waterfalls and open-air activities for all ages. Those colorful play area of Labyrinth park are very delightful for small ones and even big ones can try out building their muscles. Walk around Aare Gorge must be beautiful. You always present hidden treasures of Switzerland very beautifully and I love them a lot. Before reading your articles, I was only knowing Zurich, Interlaken, Bern, Basel and Geneva in Switzerland but now I much more of it. Now I have to plan for my second visit to Switzerland.

  2. I have never heard of Martigny in Switzerland but I absolutely love the Trient Gorge, it looks incredible! It’s not just something to do with kids, I think it’s an amazing place to visit even for adults. It looks something like this gorge I visited in Slovenia, I cannot remember the name of. Also, the waterfall looks pretty awesome. Switzerland is full of such hidden gems, isn’t it?

  3. What a fabulous play space. I would pick this area to visit just because of that but the views - amazing! I also love the gorge hike - my kids would love it. Is the net to help prevent rocks from landing on you?

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