Hiking in Switzerland

Hiking to Lac de Taney and Grammont, Switzerland

Lac de Taney is a beautiful Swiss natural mountain lake situated hight above the Rhône Valley, in the canton of Valais on the border to France. This deep-green lake was declared as national natural heritage site in the 1960s and is a real hidden gem that very few tourist knows about! Furthermore, if you are after for a perfect view of lake Geneva and the surrounding, hike up to Grammont! You will be in pain, but the stunning bird’s-eye view is worth it!

How to get there

IMPORTANT ! If you have a 4×4 vehicle you can drive up and park your car on the right side just before you arrive to the lake. If I am not mistaken, only the residents are allowed to drive further. Please call to one of the restaurant by lake Taney before if you are planning to drive all the way up.

For us other, we need to park our car by the free of charge the Flon parking lot. To put on GPS, Route du Flon, Vouvry. This is also here where you can take a 4×4 taxi up to the lake, or walk up.

By public transportation, there is Swiss Post-buses going up to le Flon from Vouvry train station. The ride up takes about 30 min. Click here for the timetable.

From le Flon to Lac Taney

As I mention above, you can take a taxi up to the Lac de Taney. Between 1-4 people the price is 40 CHF. Above 5 people, the price is 10 CHF each. The taxi is available everyday from 9am-7pm. Click Here for the number if you have further questions and if you want to reserve. The site is only in French.

I personally recommend taking the taxi if you plan to hike from Lac de Taney to Grammont. The taxi ride is expensive, but totally worth it!

Hiking up

For those brave one who are walking up…I must be honest, it is a steep climb!

Elevation gain:400 m

Time:1 hour

Trail condition: Gravel road or forest path

There are two ways up:  Unfortunately I have zero picture of the two trails, the forest trail and the gravel road. We have been walking up and down on both. While the forest path is the fastest way up, I think I prefer the gravel road. But when walking down, I prefer the forest path over the gravel road as I think the gravel road can be slippery. For you to decide.

Overview map of the hikes from Flon to Lac de Taney and then Lac de Taney to Grammont. Photo credit:Here

Walking up from Le Flon to Lac de Taney in 2011, Switzerland.

We were walking up with all our camping gears to Lac de Taney in 2008, Switzerland.

Tour du lac de Taney

Tour du lac is stroller friendly but only half way because the other half is a forest path. The easy walk around the lake takes about 1-1.5 hour and is suitable for young children.

Our first visit to Lac de Taney in 2008.

Alina and William on our latest visit at Lac de Taney in 2017, Switzerland. 


Lac de Taney doesn’t look very impressive on a cloudy day but come here when the sun shine and the lake will turn into crystal clear shade of green. There are swimming and BBQ spot scattered all around the lake.

Mirabelle 1.5 years old enjoying her walk by Lac de Taney in 2017.

Lac de Taney in 2008

A foggy Lake Taney in 2017


Camping by lac de Taney was absolute our favorite thing to do in summer! We loved it because it felt secluded and wild as we could camp right by the lake surrounded by nature and most of the time there are not very much people there. Imagine how disappointed we were when in 2015 the commune of Vouvry decided to close down the campsite. Apparently, on the summer 2014 when we were on our world tour the campsite got too popular and there were campers who were misbehaving. Sign. 

I think instead of closing the campsite down, they could just allow a certain amount of campers per night…like 10 campers with maximum of 5 tents.

Anyhow, I am hoping by the time we are back from our family world tour, the camping by the lake Taney is open for public again!

Tips! We saw some people camping up on the mountain. Something we plan to do when the weather is perfect!

Camping by Lac de Taney in 2008, Switzerland.

Camping by lac de Taney in 2011, Switzerland.

Camping by lac de Taney in 2011, Switzerland.

Camping by lac de Taney in 2013, Switzerland

Fishing at Lac de Taney, 2013


If you want to try your luck with fishing, you can buy a one-day permit at Café de la Gare in Vouvry. The address is Av. de la Gare 33, 1896 Vouvry and the telephone number is 024/481.11.87. Or if you prefer, you can purchase the one-day fishing permit by clicking Here. The site is only in German and French. If I remember correctly, the fishing permit is 25 CHF.

Our fishing luck by lac de Taney in 2013. One small fish to share between 4 adults! Sharing is caring right?


Now when we can’t camp by the lake anymore and you wish to stay over night there are possibilities to sleep in some of the Restaurant and chalet.  For an example at the Auberge-Refuge La VouivreOr at the Refuge du Grammont.

Photo: Here

Hiking Lac de Taney to Grammont via Col des Crosses

David and I have been hiking from Lac de Taney to Grammont I think in total of 6 times since our first hike there in 2008. Our latest was in summer 2017 with Mirabelle on a backpack. From the Taney village, just follow the yellow sign post to Grammont.

Elevation gain :  About 800 m

Time up : About 2-3 hours

The road up to Col des Crosses is technically simple, a walk on gravel road. The hike is challenging but take your time and you will reach there I promise!:) It is the way down you should worry about…just kidding! Or I am not!

Hiking to Grammont from Lac de Taney in 2017
In 2017 a goat insisted joining us on our picnick.

Once you arrive on the ridge, either you continue to ascent on the right hill to summit of Grammont with another 150 m of elevation gain/ 1h OR take a well deserved pause on the ridge on the left. We love having picnic by the ridge on the left before hiking up another hour to the summit. Our most memorable meal we had was in 2013 when we had a cheese fondue with some friends. The less impressive meal on the ridge was our grilled sausages in 2011..lol! 

Our grilled cervela on the ridge of Grammont in 2011, Switzerland.

Take your time to look around, from up here you have a 360° view of the lake Geneva, Saint-Gingolphe, le Grand Combin, le Massif du Mont-Blanc, Le Moleson, Les Diablerets, Les Rochers-de- Naye, la Dent de Jaman and much more. If you have a binocular this is a great place to use it!

We just love the view of the lake Geneva and the surrounding area from this side of the lake on the top of the mountain.

From here on is the last major ascent of about 150 m for about 1 hour. So close but still so far but trust me it is worth it!

The last climb to Grammont, Switzerland.

In 2013, we had an evening hike (with a cheese fondue for dinner on the ridge) to Grammont perfect timing for the sunset. It was gorgeous! As soon as the sun disappeared on the horizon we rush down before it got too dark. We had each headlights of course, but we were lucky because the trail was lit by the full moon. It was magical!

With Juliet, Ying and David. Sunset on the top of Grammont in 2013, Switzerland.

William on the top of Grammont in 2017

Have fun by the lake Taney and try to enjoy your hike to Grammont!:)


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  1. Lac de Taney and Grammont looks amazing for hiking, the scenery are surreal. Sad that the camping is banned in the area, hope they start it again. So sweet to share this with your little one and I can see why you guys have hiked here so many times.

    • Hi Dawan, I love your blog! Very interesting and inspiring! Thanks for share all your experiences. I am traveling to Geneva in late September with my husband and my 12 month old baby, and I am currently looking for a pretty but doable hike with a carrier baby backpack in Valais. I was looking for info on this particular hike (Le Grammont) and that’s how I came across your post. It seems it’s a hike you have done several times so perhaps you can advise if you think it can be done with a baby on a backpack… Do you have to climb through any rocks or in the steepest part? If we don’t take the taxi up to the lake, how much do you think is the hike round trip back to the parking lot in the Flon? Are there any other hikes in Valais that are very pretty in terms of landscapes (mountain views, lakes, valleys) but feasible for our condition? We love hiking and we don’t mind if it’s long, but obviously we can’t really do all hikes with a baby! I would be immensely grateful if you can give me any tips! Thanks so much in advance

      • Hi Mariana,
        We did it with our daughter on a backpack so yes it can be done…but it all depend of your fitness level! I wouldn’t suggest walking all the way from Flon to Grammont, I personally think it is too long. The trail from the lake to Grammont is technically not difficult but steep! And the last part (but also the most beautiful) might be hard for some as its very steep and rocky! But go slow and you will get there! If you don’t want to do the last part, don’t worry as the view before that is awesome aswell (the spot we like to have our picnic)

        Another favorite hike of ours in Autumn “near” Geneva is the Lavaux vineyards! You can search it “familyearthtrek Lavaux vineyard”. It is really beautiful and at the end of the hike you guys can relax with a glass of wine while your toddler is playing on a playground😊

        I have done a blog post of things to do in Valais, you could try to find something there.

        I hope I was able to help you! You can also find us on facebook if you have further questions or just want to follow us on our worldwide adventures!😊 Enjoy Switzerland!

  2. Looks like an absolutely stunning walk! We would love camping by Lac de Taney, what a great place to wake up the following morning. You didn’t carry your fishing rods all the way there though did you?

  3. Holy smokes! This place looks STUNNING! It makes sense that they only allow locals to drive all the way- what a great way to maintain the integrity of the location. Thanks for the tip about the stroller- as a new mom I don’t know that I would have thought that through! Would love to take our little guy!

  4. Lac de Taney is gorgeous. Camping, Hiking, Fishing and such a beautiful lake-Lac de Taney. You introduced a completely new destination to me. Thank you.
    I think it is a gem of a location and unexplored too. The pristine water the landscapes look super inviting. For the trail, I would prefer the gravel route.

  5. Everyone travels for different reasons. Some people live to explore the great outdoors and see the Earth’s natural wonders. Others spend hours shuffling through the world’s most prestigious museums, poring over art and artifacts. Then, there are those who live for a good time, traveling from city to city to experience global celebrations unlike those they might see at home. I am a traveler and like to travel to explore the great outdoors. Switzerland is my dreamland obviously I want to go there but I can’t manage my time. After reading your post I think this time really travel to Switzerland. I hope I enjoy there and having fun.

    • Ohh Jon, I hope you will get to Switzerland! And once you are here I am sure you will have a great time!❤️??

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