Hiking at The Zion Narrows, one of our favorite hike!

To be honest the hike at the Narrows isn’t our favorite hike at the Zion national park, the Angels landing is but I can assure you that the Narrows is aswell very awesome!

The day before our hike we went to the visitor center to make sure that there was not a Flash Flood Warning. People have died in the narrows because of a flash flood caused by a storms kilometers far away! It might not be raining where you are but it might somewhere else.

Once we got the green light, this is optional, we rented each a pair of canyoning shoes (18$/pair) to help preventing an ankle injury and Neoprene socks (7$/pair) to keep our feet warm. In spite of the price I was very happy to be walking in the shoes as there was no way you could see what was on the bottom of the river. I remember a few times my feet got stuck between rocks and I was so grateful to have my funny looking shoes on.

Our “walking on the moon” shoes.

Map here: Zion Guru

We started our 16km (ten miles) trip hike at the Temple of Sinawalast stop of the free Zion canyon shuttleand turned back when we reached the Big falls, the campsite. We were there in late september (2014) and it was crowded but the further you get into the narrows fewer people it will be because most of them will turn around by the Wall street

As you can see at the map above there are several hikes and you can even go further and for some of them you will need a permit.

It was harder than I expected walking upstream some parts knee to waist hight water, on loose rocks and slippery boulders. Sometime there are potholes but of course you don’t see them until you plunge into one. At some stretch it was a challenge to choose the “right” way to pass. One tips are to look of the people who are walking in front of you…some will fall into a pothole or slip..well then you will know where not to walk. Another tips is to use a stick! I am still laughing thinking of this guy who put his stuff on his head and walked straight forward and then suddenly we saw only his head.

Hike the narrows Zion national park

Hike The Narrows Zion National park
This hike was pure fun and not just an ordinary walk on the mountain that we are so familiar with. And of course the big reason why this slot canyon walk is very popular is the beauty of this place! Everyone should try to hike as far as you can even if it’s not very far because behind every corner you will have a wow-moment!

Just remember that none of my photography makes the Narrows any justice! 

When to go:

The Narrows is normally closed between mid March-late May depending of the level of the water and runoff. The best season to go is between summer and autumn, june-november. If you dare you can do it during winter season, but if you doing it you probably already know about the freezing water.

Hike the Narrows Zion National park

Hike the Narrows Zion National park


More great information about hiking the Narrows click Here and Here


Let’s keep walking people!


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  1. Carol Colborn Reply

    We went to Zion National Park about 5 years ago. I could only make it to the Gateway to the Narrows. And so now I see how many wow moments I missed! I love your photos. You captured the majesty of Zion. As for me, no guts no glory!

  2. Abigail Sinsona Reply

    The Zion Narrows is epic and breathtaking. The tall stone formations rising above you is so majestic. And I have to agree with you there - it is important to always check for weather advisory before you go. It can be dangerous. Anything that happens around us is displaced somewhere, so just because there isn’t rain where you are, it does not mean that there isn’t on another side!

  3. If you’re going to visit one National Park in Utah, Zion is the way to go! I’ve never been able to hike the Narrows - there was a flash flood warning in effect when we tried, so we ended up hiking Angels Landing instead. Bit of a change, that’s for sure. I had no idea that you could rent the shoes and socks there! Definitely need to try again!

  4. Ahhh this is on my husbands bucket list and quite honestly, it never really intrigued me. But your photos are stunning so I might have to give in and give it a shot! Those rocks are gorgeous!

  5. That looks like a brilliant hike . It made me remember while in Nz where there was this pool of water not very deep but too cold tat I felt like my feet was freezing and I ended up walking back !… hope you had a great time ??

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