The magical light festival in Murten, Switzerland.

Imagine a small but beautiful medieval town full of colors and sounds lighting up the darkness on the every corner you go. It is so magical that you feel being in a land of some child’s magical imagination. Welcome to the magical light festival in Murten!

At first I was not very interested of the light festival in Murten because I thought it would be a tiny lights here and there, but since my husband work in Murten I thought why not, we could meet him after his work. The train from Bumpliz north to Murten was about a 40min ride.

When Mirabelle and I got off the train in Murten we got a warmly welcoming with colorful lights leading us all the way to the grand entrance to the old town of Murten where the magical land of lights is being hold. The entrance fee is 5chf for everyone over 16 years. More practical information about the light festival in Murten Here

To be honest, by the entrance I was already very impressed! 

By the ticket counter you will receive a map with explanations of the light festival. As you can see, the entire old city of Murten has been transform into the magical light festival! The festival goes all the way down to the lake. It is so much bigger than I expected!

This is the third year the Murten’s light festival is being held. In 2106 when the first festival was organized they estimated between 30.000 - 50.000 visitor but ended up having more than 80.000 people coming to see the light show. A huge success! And I can understand why. Walking on the street in the old town that is lighting up by magical lights and sound makes me wish to stay in this out-of-this-world ambiance forever.

The big blue, an incredible light show of an underwater creature at Murten’s light festival.

Le grand bleu was a mesmerizing light show of an underwater creature what I assume is a whale? Mirabelle was hypnotized under the spell of the creature floating graciously on the air. This reminds me of why I love to scuba diving so much.

There are so much more than what I am showing you guys. Wherever you go there is always something interesting to see. The ambiance was very different from all the festival I have ever been to before. The light festival in Murten was kind of spooky in a good kind of way, if you like to be spooked.

The 3D light show. Standing there and looking into the lights I felt like we were being sucked into another world. Exactly like in the scifi-movies. Just keep in mind that some of the show might scare the little ones!

By the lake you can buy a latern for 5chf and draw your wishes on it, to later let is float on the lake. They will be picked up by the team later so none of it will litter the beautiful lake Murten.

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So what do you guys think? Is the light festival in Murten magical?

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  1. Wow I had no idea about the light festival at Murten - it really does look mesmerised. I would have the same feeling as your daughter and be completely hypnotised by the giant blue whale in the sky! The 3D light show looks unreal - I love the way the lights add a ‘star’ effect to all the buildings. What an amazing experience it would be to witness this.

  2. Light festivals are always amazing as they are full of vibrant colors, sparks and full of happy vibes. Medieval town converted into multi-colored lights under the dark sky looks like a fairy land. Everything here looks creative and artistic. Lighting arrangement is planned such a way that this town looks like an underwater town. I just witnessed Light festival in Sharjah last month and so I can imagine how you must be feeling. Lovely photographs!

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