Condutto Residences. Our tiny room in Oia, Santorini

Many of my friends have ask me about our hotel we had in Oia, Santorini. So here comes a review of our stay in early september at Condutto Residences.

Before deciding for Santorini I told David that if we can’t wake up with an amazing view of the sea from a traditional caves houses for what Santorini is so famous….we are not going!!

As always we had a very tight budget and Santorini is famous for being expensiv if you absolutely want to eat and sleep with a caldera view. So I knew I had a difficult task infront of me. For two weeks I was comparing prices and places loosing my mind and loosing my hope of finding a place to stay for under 100€/night with the perfect location and view! Finally at ( they are at airbnb aswell) I found Condutto Residences. It’s a “new” opened hotel so they had a promotion. For 90€/night in the heart of Oia we could have a small studio with a terrace overlooking the sea. So I booked for 8 nights. Since it was new and there was no reviews I was nervous before leaving!

So here are some good and bad points of our stay at Condutto Residences. Note that this a review of the studio we had!

For more information : Condutto Residences

I give Condutto Residences: ❤️❤️❤️❤️?

+ Good points:

 The view

OMG! The view from our terrace is beautiful! When I was daydreaming of our view in Santorini I had exactly this is my mind!

A dream really came true!

The studio terrace

Condutto Residences has 2 maisonettes, 2 apartements and one studio. They all have a terrace but personally I think  our terrace was the most unique and because of we were higher up we had a better view of the surrounding! We spent many many hours on that terrace!

 The location

I divide Oia in three sections.

The luxury side, with all the very expensiv hotels.

The traditional side, with more tradional caves houses.

The sunset side, where you can have the sunset.

Condutto Residences is located where I exactly wanted to be…on the tradional side. In the heart of Oia! But where ever you stay in Oia, you are near to everything because Oia is small. The best part is to have Oia all for yourself in the morning!

Three hours later!

We loved the early mornings when there were hardly anyone on the street. Just wait in a few hours, the only thing you will see are tourist!

The price

Since it was a promotion we had the studio for almost 90€/night. I don’t know how much you normally pay for it but for 90€ with that terrace, that view and that location in the middle of Oia!  I couldn’t find better quality/price!

- Bad points :


The service

There is no hotel reception. You just have to contact a person by calling or e-mailing. This person we had was very distance and very brief. Doing what he had to but not much more.

 The room

The studio we had was cosy but aswell very old and rusty so I don’t think our studio is “new”! The studio could have been perfect with a bit of care and love. They could for instants hang a shower curtain. A curtain for the closet where we put the clothes. And more curtain instead of the useless toilet door that was taking to much space of the mini toilet! Some flowers on the terrace would cheer up the place even more!

And why not a private pool if it’s not to much to ask!

 The cleaning

We stayed 8 nights and the studio was not cleaned once! Perhaps it was a missunderstanding because we told the lady not to clean for three days because our Mirabelle was naping. But the other days while we were out she only changed the bed sheets and changed the towels once! At the end of the week I got crazy of all the dust and hair on the floor so I was down on my knees trying to clean as good as I could.


If we could go back to the same hotel for the same price we would but not othervise!

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Mirabelle 1 years old in Oia.

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  1. Omg I would lOve to visit santorini one day!!! From what I have seen from photos. It’s just beautiful there

  2. What a view - I don’t think I could have gone all 8 days without cleaning. That’s a bit too long for a stay. The water and views are worth a stay - almost.

  3. This looks amazing - I’ve always wanted to go here fingers crossed I’ll make it next year

  4. The place is so breathtakingly beautiful and I agree with you 100% with the room. I mean, Santorini is a place people DREAM of going and with high expectations.

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